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Community Learning Trust Responsiveness Fund Or - funding opportunities.

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1 Community Learning Trust Responsiveness Fund Or - funding opportunities

2 What is it? The funding is for the delivery and benefit of training and learning for adults returning to learning. ( adult is anyone 19 years or over on Aug 31 st 2013) open to organisations to deliver a needs led project within Staffordshire. There is £250,000 available in total, with £130,000 for voluntary and third sector organisations only and £120,000 available for all adult learning providers. All projects will need to comply with Skills Funding Agency rules. Decisions on funding will be made by the Community Learning Trust Board Sub-Group based on: Funding priorities based on evidenced local needs An even geographical distribution of funds Alignment to the Business, Innovation and Skills New Challenges, New Chances Community Learning objectives Alignment to the Adult and Community Learning Service Commissioning priorities – local and countywide

3 Projects should: be delivered to adults 19 years and over have clear learning aims that will result in adults being better prepared to move on to further learning, work or volunteering be delivered by tutors with appropriate teaching qualifications They also: can have an aim of improving the local community can be centred on improving volunteers’ skills and qualifications can be accredited to level 1 if the course is not able to be funded through the Adult Skills Budget

4 Programmes should be targeted at one or more of the following groups: Adults aged 19 years and over who are one or more of the following: Unemployed Economically inactive local residents in any Staffordshire district People with no or low qualifications. Adults with learning difficulties/disabilities. Adults from ethnic minority groups. Adults experiencing mental and/or physical health issues. Older people. Carers. Homeless adults and adults living in hostel accommodation Lone parents Volunteers

5 Completing the application form: First read the guidance – it’s there to help you. Read the question Answer all the questions – we really do need all the information we ask for If in doubt – ask – 01785 278771 07800626536

6 What not to forget: UKPRN number – costs nothing and takes seconds BUT Skills Funding Agency rules say all subcontractors must have one - Join your Locality Working Group – Policies and insurance – why do we ask for professional indemnity? Do complete the accounts section – it’s a quick reference to check solvency Complete tutor TEACHING qualifications

7 Completing the detailed sections Section 3 The Project Please describe the evidence of need for your project (NB no projects will be approved without clear evidence of community need including evidence from local consultation) (Word count 200 to 500 words) What do we mean by evidence?

8 Some Examples MSM wishes to apply for funds to repeat a money management course that was delivered during June and July 2013. The original application made the argument that through our own research we found that the majority of our clients said that they found managing their money to be a very real and on-going problem. The evidence of community need that was derived form a survey carried out amongst our clients remains the same as it was previously. On the previous course we have recorded where one learner made changes to her spending and had already saved £45.





13 What are we looking for here?

14 Examples Short but it says a lot



17 Monitoring Your Delivery Information and advice to you as a provider Staffordshire County Council - Provider Information And the systems we need you to use! Why are we asking this of you?

18 Who have we funded so far this year? Pulse for Music – deliver short music song writing and making computerised music tracks. Mainly in East Staffs but can deliver at any local venue Chesterton Salvation Army (Newcastle) – First Aid, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling Landau – Chatterbox, Made of Money, Cookery skills, crafts in Newcastle area Staffordshire Care Farm Development – variety if activities designed to increase confidence of mental health adults plus volunteer training in Sudbury and Lichfield area Dyslexia Association – dyslexia awareness for parents in Stone Mid staffs Mencap – budgeting in Stafford West Chadsmoor Family Centre – crafts, confidence building, BSL, stress busters to name a few in Cannock Changes – Advance – course for adults recovering from mental health issues across the district Media Climate – Photography, music, food hygiene and cooking in Cannock but can bring learners from elsewhere

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