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Exploring Ireland’s Rich Potential July 2013. This presentation does not constitute or form part of any offer for sale or solicitation of any offer to.

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1 Exploring Ireland’s Rich Potential July 2013

2 This presentation does not constitute or form part of any offer for sale or solicitation of any offer to buy or subscribe for any securities in Connemara Mining Co plc nor shall it or any part of it form the basis of, or be relied on in connection with, or act as any inducement to enter into, any contract or commitment whatsoever. No reliance may be placed for any purpose whatsoever on the information or opinions contained in this presentation or on any other document or oral statement or on the completeness, accuracy or fairness of any such information and/or opinions. No undertaking, representation, warranty or other assurance, express or implied, is made or given by or on behalf of Connemara Mining Co plc or any of their respective directors, employees or advisers, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions contained in this presentation, and (save in the case of fraud) no responsibility or liability is accepted by any of them for any such information or opinions or for any errors, omissions, misstatements, negligence or otherwise contained or referred to in this presentation. The contents of this presentation have not been approved by an authorised person within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. This presentation does not constitute an offer to the public as referred to in section 85 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (as amended) of the United Kingdom and accordingly has not been nor will it be approved by any competent authority in the United Kingdom. This presentation is not a prospectus within the meaning of the Prospectus (Directive 2003/71/EC) Regulations 2005 of Ireland and therefore has not been approved by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authorities being the competent authority for the purposes of Directive 2003/71/EC in Ireland. This presentation is not an offering document for the purposes of section 49 of the Investment Funds, Companies and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2005 of Ireland. This Presentation has been prepared by the Directors of Connemara Mining Co plc and is being issued solely to and directed at persons who have professional experience in matters relating to investments falling within Article 19(1)(a) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (as amended the "FPO") or (b) high net worth entities and other persons to whom the presentation may otherwise lawfully be communicated, falling within Article 49(1)(a) of the FPO (all such persons together being referred to as "Relevant Persons"). In consideration of the receipt of the presentation each recipient warrants and represents that he or it is a person falling within that description. Delivery of this information to any other person or reproduction, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of Connemara Mining Co plc is prohibited. This information is being supplied to you, in whole or in part, for information purposes only and not for any other purpose. In particular, the distribution of this document in jurisdictions other than United Kingdom or Ireland may be restricted by law and persons into whose domain this document comes should inform themselves about, and observe, any such restrictions. Any failure to comply with these restrictions may constitute a violation of laws of any such other jurisdictions. 2 Disclaimer

3  Connemara Mining is actively exploring on 24 licences in Ireland  Focus on zinc and gold  Connemara has on-going Joint Ventures with Teck (2) and Hendrick Resources  ExchangesAIM (LSE)  TickerCON  Shares in Issue35,739,711  Market Cap£1.88 m  Shareprice 5.25p Company Snapshot 3 Share Price – 1 Year Significant Shareholders Corporate Information James Michael Finn11.28 John James Teeling11.25 Statestreet Nominees Limited 9.96 Trampus Limited6.79 Jack Teeling4.7 Emma Teeling3.36 Stephen Teeling3.36

4  John Teeling Executive Chairman 40 years experience in mineral exploration. Established Connemara in 2004. Is chairman of a number of AIM resource companies  Jim FinnDirector 20 years resource company experience. Holds qualifications in finance and accounting. A director of a number of resource and industrial ventures. Has led the listing procedure for ten AIM companies.  Vivian ByrneNon-Executive Director Technical Director of SLR Consulting Ireland, 40 years experience of the international minerals industry, former senior executive European exploration RTZ. Consultant to European and World Bank programmes in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific  Graham ReidTechnical Director Graham Reid is a geologist with over 30 years experience including extensive international experience in mineral exploration and site investigation fields. Graham is a founder of B.R.G. (Geotechnics) Ltd, a junior exploration company, to whom the Company has contracted its selection of prospecting licences and its field exploration Executive Team: Experienced and Successful 4

5 Company Strategy 5 Utilise our existing geological data to cost- effectively expand our mining portfolio in Ireland Refine our exploration to better understand our assets and move closer to realising asset value Utilise the management team’s considerable network and experience to identify and realise value in Ireland and abroad Enter into Joint Ventures with partners to explore and develop our mining portfolio Shareholder Value

6  Primarily used to galvanise thin sheet metal to protect against corrosion, particularly for the construction & automotive industries  Extensive use in die casting parts for a wide variety of uses including white goods and automotive  Consumption growing at 4% pa due to increasing demand from Brazil, Russia, India, and China.  Current prices are profitable for Irish zinc producers.  Sluggish supply towards the middle of the decade with the closure of several large mines. Almost 1 million tons of supply expected to be lost to the system.  Very little exploration in the last 30 years and mines are running out. Zinc Zinc in Ireland Ireland is the most prospective country in the world for zinc Ireland produces 25% of Western Europe’s zinc The Boliden/Tara mine is the largest zinc mine in Europe and 6 th largest in the world. The Vedanta mine at Lisheen is in the top 12 worldwide Over 20 international firms are exploring in Ireland Three significant discoveries have been made in the last few years: Teck/Connemara, at Stonepark in Limerick Xstrata, Limerick – bought out junior partner, Minco for $19.4m in 2011 Lundin Mining, Clare – high grade results 6

7  Fundamentals look good. Uncertainty stimulates demand  Growing uses in jewellery and electronics  Gold was mined in Ireland over 1000 years ago  In 1796 a Gold Rush in Avoca with estimated 9000oz Au extracted  Recently there has been a revival —Galantas operating a small mine near Omagh, County Tyrone —Dalradian have a 2.7m oz deposit in Tyrone, can proceed with underground development without Environmental Statement —Conroy has extensive low grade mineralisation on the border region —Significant discoveries in the Wicklow/Wexford area by 3 companies but nothing commercial to date.  The principals of Connemara have been involved in gold exploration since the 1980’s Gold 7

8 Licence Summary 8 BlockLicencesResourceLatest News Limerick – Joint venture with Teck. 6Zinc & Lead Teck review completed 3000m of drilling to end 2012. Oldcastle – Teck committed to spending €1.35 m to earn 75% 5Zinc & Lead Joint venture with Teck. Significant exploration programme planned for 2013. Possible drilling in Q4. Wicklow/Wexford Block (JV with Hendrick Resources who must spend €1 m to earn 75%) 5Gold Positive results from Airborne Geophysics & soil sampling have been detailed & extended. Follow up is being planned Thurles 3Zinc & Lead Licence extensions to 2014. Newcastle West 5Zinc & Lead Joint Venture partners sought.

9 Licence Summary 9

10  Connemara has two Joint Ventures with Teck – Canada’s largest diversified resource company – Third biggest producer of zinc in the world  JV in Limerick; Teck have spent €5.7m, Connemara €1.7m. Teck control 76.2%. Connemara have the option to dilute by not subscribing  JV in Oldcastle, Teck spending €1.35 m to earn a 75% interest Joint Venture Agreements 10  Joint Venture with Hendrick Resources, a private Canadian gold company  JV exploring five licences held on Wicklow/Wexford border – 130km 2. Hendrick is earning a 50% interest in the licences for €500,000, rising to 75% for €1 million

11  Comprises of six connecting licences in County Limerick  23.8% owned by the Company, 76.2% owned by Teck Ireland Ltd. €7.4m spent to date  Located 5km away from the Xstrata Pallas Green zinc discovery  Three significant zones of zinc mineralisation (Appendix 1 and 2) all of which remain open: – Stonepark (discovered 2007) – Stonepark North – High Grade (2009) – Stonepark West (2011)  Principal issue for Teck is whether there is 30m mineable tonnes at sufficient grade  Xstrata is completing a pre-feasibility study on Pallas Green. They need more ore.  Connemara will not participate in the 2013 budget so will own 23.5% by end of 2013  Teck focus moved to north Irish midlands Limerick Area: Teck JV: Zinc/Lead on Stonepark/Monaster 11 The Stonepark Discovery Key:

12 2012 Limerick Status 12 Untested area in Limerick Syncline – depth to target >1500m. Large hydrothermal breccia system (6x14km) with multiple zones of Zinc and Lead mineralization Hydrothermal breccias and 35% Zn+Pb over 2.0 m, remains open to the northwest – still largely untested Deep hole failed to reach top of target horizon

13 Oldcastle Block – Joint Venture with Teck: Zinc/Lead 13

14  Geologically and structurally analogous to the setting of the >100 Mt Navan deposit just 30 km to the east  Offers the prospect of large tonnage – like Tara  Consists of 5 licences covering 130 sq kms  An 11 hole drilling programme carried out by Connemara in 2008 proved up extensive low grade Zn/Pb mineralisation related to significant NE- SW striking mineralising faults at Drumlerry  Teck has completed a seismic and virtual drilling programme with targets currently being evaluated  Drilling could to commence by Q4 2013  Teck must spend €1.35 m to earn a 75% interest. Oldcastle Block – Target Area 14 Target Area Oldcastle Block

15 Oldcastle Block – Reflection Seismics 15 Seismics Reflection Lines 2013

16  Five prospective licences obtained in this area which has a long gold history  Recent high grade discoveries by IMC on adjacent ground  Extensive database from previous exploration held by Connemara and others  Gold has previously been discovered at Tombreen and Knocknalour with grades of up to 18.6g/t  An airborne magnetics survey has revealed a number of hotspots  Recent soil sampling producing positive results  Detailed target follow-up to possibly to include deep overburden sampling/trenching/detailed IP  No cost to Connemara as Hendrick is spending €1m to earn a 75% interest Wicklow/Wexford: JV Hendrick Resources: Gold 16 Mine River Block

17 Wicklow/Wexford: Magnetics & DTM 17 Digital Terrain Model – Airborne 2012 Total Field Magnetics– Airborne 2012 Knocknalour Tombreen Caim

18 Wicklow/Wexford: Highlights 18 Mineralised Highlights TitleZoneDescription CM Caim Mine Pb, Ag Mined intermittently from 1815 to 1846. Mined an estimated 2245 tons Pb + associated Ag. Minor Au in recent drilling KR Knocknalour Au Geochem, trenching, Drilling - 7 Holes. Best Results: 2554-1 (18.89g/t Au over 0.3m), 2554-2 (19.9g/t Au over 0.4m) TN Tombreen Au Geochem, trenching, Drilling - 6 Holes. Best Results: TBD-1 (11.65g/t Au over 0.4m), 2558-3 (18.4g/t Au over 0.5m) MR Mine River Au Geochem, trenching, Drilling - 3 Holes. Best Results: 2552/2 (0.28g/t Au over 1.75m) BY Boley Au Geochem Prospecting/Drilling - 1 Hole. Best Results: Float Qtz 8g/t Au. 12-2551-4 (354g/t Au over 1.5m) PL Primrose Hill Au Geochem Pionjar - Best Results: Float 4.8g/t Au, DOB 127ppb Au KH Kilrush Au Bedrock Gold- Best Results: 4 g/t Au in qtz veined chloritic schist KM Killoughrum Au Geochem Float - Best Results: Float phyllite 500ppb Au BW Ballinstraw Au Geochem Stream/soil - Best Results: 950ppb Au in Stream pan concentrate, 17ppb in DOB GH Gibbet Hill Au Soil at over 480ppb Au

19 Wicklow/Wexford: Tombreen & Knocknalour 19 Tombreen Detail Knocknalour Detail

20 Wicklow/Wexford: Tombreen & Knocknalour 20 Best Trench Results Knocknalour Detail

21 Wicklow/Wexford: Tombreen & Knocknalour 21 Tombreen Trench 1 Knocknalour Trench 1

22  Licences were chosen for their proximity to the Lisheen Zinc Mine – (22.79Mt, 12.04% zinc / 2.05% lead)  And the Galmoy Mine – (9.9Mt, 12.8% zinc / 1.3% lead).  Similar host lithologies to both mines, interesting regional structural trends and relatively sparsely explored nature  Target blocks were chosen from available geological/geochemical and geophysical databases  4 drill holes completed for a total of 1200m (Red dots)  No mineralisation encountered but positive structural indicators  Licence extension obtained Thurles Block: Zinc 22 Target Blocks Thurles Block

23  Teck returned this 10 licence block to Connemara in Q4 2012  Located approx. 20km southeast of Stonepark area  14 drill holes completed totalling 3228 metres (Red stars)  Intercepts from on-trend mineralisation include: – 5.3m grading 9.6% Zn, 2.1 %Pb – 4.5m grading 12.3% Zn, 1.6% Pb  Connemara has identified 5 high potential areas on the block  5 Eastern licences surrendered in April Newcastle West Block: Zinc/Lead 23 Newcastle West Block

24 Newcastle West Block: Sole Venture: Target Areas 24

25 25 Newcastle West Block: Sole Venture: Targets Area A On the northern side of a major ENE trending linear that extends from the Kilmeedy inlier and stops against NW-SE trending gravity ridge – a possible fault offset. Much of this zone is untested by recent geochemical soil sampling, so this could also be extended. There are relatively high Zn soil values in the northern part of this area. Area B This area is on the eastern side of NW-SE trending gravity linear, with a weaker ENE linear to the south. High Pb soil values in the area. Area C This is an area of elevated Zn soil values and lies to the east of a NW-SE trending gravity linear. Area D This area lies to the east of a NW-SE trending gravity and topographical linear. There is minor brecciation in the target testing drillholes on PL1943 to the west, which would be worth lithogeochemical sampling. Area E A weak NW-SE trending magnetic linear to the west of this area, with high magnetic intrusives to the east frame this area. This is also on a NNW trending high gravity ridge and with generally high Pb*Zn values. Area F This area lies on the northern edge of a ENE trending gravity high, and generally high Cu/Pb/Zn soil values.

26 Appendices

27 Appendix 1: Stonepark Intersections 27 Hole IDFrom (m)To (m)Thickness (m)zinc (%)lead (%) TC-2638-103264.152683.855.351.38 Including: TC-2638-103264.15265.351.212.414.66 TC-2638-100276289130.140.04 TC-2638-099244.82527.26.372.17 Including: TC-2638-099244.8247.472.6710.884.03 TC-2638-095248.8250.8211.620.49 TC-2638-091381.2383.62.44.470.21 TC-2638-086 3 382.53852.54.164.37 TC-2638-074220228.658.657.722.19 Including: TC-2638-074224.45227.32.8517.413.98 TC-2638-064273276.13.11.920.56 TC-2638-071260.32621.73.010.09 TC-2638-06429028821.090.01 TC-2638-60292.7315.1522.451.240.07 Including: 310.85312. TC-2638-055195199.94.910.573.05 Including: 196.75199.52.7516.475.26 TC-2638-053209.4216.256.8510.473.68 Including: TC-2638-053212.8215.552.7519.766.99

28 Appendix 1: Stonepark Intersections – continued 28 Hole IDFrom (m)To (m)Thickness (m)zinc (%)lead (%) TC-2638-051221.4228.957.554.881.49 Including: TC-2638-051224.05225.05121.97.26 TC-2638-045209.1216.557.4519.248.52 Including: TC-2638-045211.85216.14.2526.6412.3 TC-2638-038251.4253.21.85.650.91 TC-2638-036202.7208.055.3513.223.18 TC-2638-032207.6215. Including: TC-2638-032214.05215.41.3510.42.16 TC-3638-026216.05223.357.213.072.23 TC-2638-017327.45328.450.9527.6912 TC-2638-016348.25361.913.652.230.12 Including: TC-2638-016349.05350.51.454.350.24 TC-2638-016354.2357. TC-2638-016360.9361.914.920.01 TC-2638-008550.1557.456.55.021.17 Including: TC-2638-008556.2557.451.116.193.07 TC-2638-007394.85410. Including: TC-2638-007394.85397.72.812.180.75 TC-2638-006460.7461.150.452.261.54 TC-2638-004372.75374.051.36.850.3 TC-2638-004376.1380.1411.623.46 Including: TC-2638-004378.95380.11.1528.614.17

29 Appendix 2: Stonepark Discovery History – 2007 29 TC-2638-004 – 4m @ 11.62% Zn & 3.46% Pb from 376.1m 10Mt @ 12% Zn+Pb

30 Appendix 2: Stonepark Discovery History – 2008 30 TC-2638-007 – 14.9m @ 3.25% Zn & 0.33% Pb from 394.85m Incl. 2.8m @ 12.18% Zn & 0.75% Pb TC-2638-008 – 6.5m @ 5.02% Zn & 1.17% Zn from 550.1m TC-2638-012 – 0.95m @ 2.37% Zn & 4.73% Pb from 203.15m 14Mt @ 12% Zn+Pb

31 Appendix 2: Stonepark Discovery History – 2009 31 17Mt @ 10.2% Zn+Pb TC-2638-026 – 7.2m @ 13.07% Zn & 2.23% Pb from 216.05m TC-2638-032 – 7.8m @ 5.18% Zn & 2.68% Zn from 207.6m

32 Appendix 2: Stonepark Discovery History – 2010 32 24Mt @ 9.2% Zn+Pb TC-2638-036 – 5.35m @ 13.22% Zn & 3.18% Pb from 202.7m TC-2638-045 – 7.45m @ 19.24% Zn & 8.52% Zn from 209.1m TC-2638-053 – 6.85m @ 10.47% Zn & 3.68% Pb from 209.4m

33 Appendix 2: Stonepark Discovery History – 2011 33 19Mt @ 10.3% Zn+Pb ? TC-2638-074– 8.45m @ 7.72% Zn & 2.19% Pb from 220m 33 TC-2927-009– 0.62m @ 7.01% Zn & 0.82% Pb from 246.5m TC-2927-008– 1m @ 1.49% Zn from 468m TC-2927-004– 0.59m @ 1.39% Zn From 401.16m TC-2638-099– 7.2m @ 6.37% Zn % 2.17% Pb from 244.8m

34 Appendix 2: 2011/2012 Stonepark Status 34 Untested area in Limerick Syncline – depth to target ~1000m Large hydrothermal breccia system (6x14km) with multiple zones of Zinc and Lead mineralization


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