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André Perpey, Geoloc systems

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1 André Perpey, Geoloc systems
SIS28 : Opening the market to C-ITS through the deployment in cities C-ITS deployment initiatives in Bordeaux André Perpey, Geoloc systems

2 Short presentation of Geoloc systems
SME created in 1999 and specialized in the development of Traffic Management Systems, C-ITS and transport of goods platforms and android applications PRISM : Management of patrol cars, snow-ploughs, road assets and structures Bordeaux pilot site leader in COMPASS4D and CO-GISTICS SIS Helsinki

3 C-ITS deployment initiatives in Bordeaux
Compass4D : Deployment of Cooperative Safety and Energy Efficient Services CO-GISTICS : Cooperative Logistics for Sustainable Mobility of Goods MobinetIP : Internet of Mobility – Making online travel services simple : Deployment of connected vehicles and 300 Road Side Units throughout France including Bordeaux SIS Helsinki

4 Compass4D : Pilot sites Bordeaux Copenhagen Helmond-Eindhoven
Newcastle Thessaloniki Verona Vigo Compass4D pilot sites Geographical distribution of Compass4D partners

5 Compass4D : Piloted and deployed services
Road Hazard Warning (RHW) Red Light Violation Warning (RLVW) Energy Efficient Intersection Service (EEIS) SIS Helsinki

6 Compass4D Urban Bordeaux deployment
SIS Helsinki

7 Compass4D Bordeaux Inter-Urban deployment
SIS Helsinki

8 Compass4D : Emergency vehicle priority
6 ambulances and fire trucks Broadcasted warning to all C-ITS equipped cars Traffic light emergency vehicle strategy SIS Helsinki

9 Compass4D : GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advice)
15 Road Side units 80 vehicles Qpid real-time data link SIS Helsinki

10 Compass4D : Idling stop support
15 Road Side units Qpid real-time data link 40 vehicles SIS Helsinki

11 Compass4D : Road hazard warning
RSU in range Number of others vehicles in range Current speed Go to preferences Radar view 22 Road Side units Bordeaux ring-road info from CEREMA 80 vehicles All Datex2-Denm compatible messages SIS Helsinki

12 Compass4D : Road warning hazard
SIS Helsinki

13 Exemple 22/01/2014

14 C-ITS deployment add-ons
Mobinet open platform Green Light Optimal Speed Advice Traffic light priority, traffic priority for emergency vehicles CO-GISTICS platform C-ITS 3G communication C-ITS traffic and travel time information SIS Helsinki

15 C-ITS deployment add-ons
15 Road Side Units on the ring road of Bordeaux C-ITS security management Part of the 2000 private cars deployment in France Part of the road operator vehicles deployment Potential mutualisation of the C-ITS platforms SIS Helsinki

16 Bordeaux C-ITS deployment in numbers
2014 22 RSU (15 urban, 7 inter-urban) 80 vehicles (40 trucks, 6 emergency vehicles, 34 light vehicles) 2015 15 RSU on the ring-road 64 vehicles (4 patrol cars, 60 trucks) light vehicles 2016 6 RSU in urban Bordeaux 90 trucks SIS Helsinki

17 Deployment challenges
Interoperability between C-ITS stations Interoperability between Traffic Management centers Infrastructure must be fail proof Be ready to accept demos from other C-ITS station providers and car manufacturers SIS Helsinki

18 Demonstration pre-application
Main title Electronic answer (survey monkey) Link on the official congress website Questions : Content

19 Thank you for your attention

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