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SEN & Inclusion Service Headteacher Briefing Spring 2015.

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1 SEN & Inclusion Service Headteacher Briefing Spring 2015

2 Changes to SEN. Local Authority to action Special Educational Needs & Disability Code of Practice:0 to 25 years June 2014 No Action required for most schools 0 – 25 age range Greater inclusion of CYP in decision making process LA to Action Transition plan for Education, Health & Care plans to replace Statements of SEN. The format of the EHC Plan Publication of Local Offer Joint planning & Commissioning of Education/Health/Social Care Ensure that parents & CYP are aware of the resources available to meet SEN needs with mainstream provision and the Local Offer Provide information on personal budgets Inform parents and CYP of their right to attend mediation and contact a mediation advisor before registering an appeal

3 SEND Assessment & Planning Queries District contacts DistrictSEND Locality Manager Contact details Newcastle & MoorlandsKate Lawton01782 297524 Stafford & South StaffsKayleigh Sargeant01785 356936 Lichfield & CannockHelen Wilkinson01543 512063 East Staffs & TamworthNaomi Hallam01283 239762

4 Changes to SEN. School to action Special Educational Needs & Disability Code of Practice:0 to 25 years June 2014 Every School is required to identify and address the SEN of the pupils they support Use best endeavours – ‘doing everything they can to meet CYP SEN’ CYP with SEN engage in activities of the school alongside pupils who don’t have SEN Designate a teacher responsible for SEN (SENCO) (National SENCo Award required) Inform parents of Special Educational Provision made for CYP Prepare an SEN Information Report (Information provided in SENIS Magazine – SEN Code of Practice – Getting Started) Member of the Governing body with Specific oversight of School arrangements (Suggested Agenda for meeting between SENCO & SEN Governor in SENIS Issue 1)

5 Changes to SEN. School to action Regular assessments of progress of all pupils and identify CYP making less than expected progress Teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of pupils in their class Pupils are failing behind or making inadequate progress should be given ‘SEN Support’ (SA & SA plus replaced with SEN Support) School should consider involving specialists (Learning Support/Behaviour Support/Specialist Centre Support- Dyslexia centres)

6 Changes to SEN. Policy & Processes Special Educational Needs & Disability Code of Practice:0 to 25 years June 2014 Where new policies and procedures may be needed and the focus of support through the SENCo Updates  The quality of teaching for pupils with SEN and the progress made by pupils should be a core part of the school’s performance management arrangements  Adopt a graduated approach of Assess, plan, do, review to identifying and meeting SEN  Schools use information systems to monitor the progress and development of all pupils  SENCO to determine strategic development of SEN policy and provision (alongside HT & GB)  Strategic approach to meeting SEN in the context of the total resources available, including resources targeted at specific groups, eg pupil premium

7 Equality Duty Special Educational Needs & Disability Code of Practice:0 to 25 years June 2014 All Schools have duties under the Equality Act 2010 towards individual disabled CYP To be compliant with the Equality Act 2010 schools need: 1.A Single Equality policy/statement 2.Equality Objectives identified (objective reviewed or progress towards objectives reviewed annually) 3.An accessibility plan 4.To publish your Equality information on your website 5.To consider training for staff and governors to ensure the whole school community (Due regard) 6.For further support with regards to Equality Act compliance please email

8 Support for Pupil Premium Recommendations from John Dunford (DfE National Champion) to facilitate cluster events to share good practice Invitation to a cluster event Termly chairs meeting 22.4.2015 Introduction of EYPP webinars and action planning workshop 2.3.2015 Optimising Pupil Premium Audit available by request through Learning support

9 Supporting SENCo CPD Welcome to new SENCos – Starts in the Autumn Term each year The National Award for SENCos run in collaboration with The University of Birmingham. Starts January each year. Email michelle.haywood@entrust- to reserve a place for next yearmichelle.haywood@entrust- Termly SENCo updates to support the leadership and management of the role Annual SENCo Conference with leading SEN & Inclusion Keynote Speakers and practical workshops to support the SENCo Role SENCO Support to cover vacant posts such as maternity leave, long term sickness and short term absence Weekly enewsletter Termly Magazine

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