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Drumchapel High School Edrington Group business study November 2011.

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1 Drumchapel High School Edrington Group business study November 2011

2 Page Purpose 3 Who we are 4 What we do 9 The world we work in13 Financial highlights15 Current issues18 Contents 2

3 Purpose The Edrington Group has been invited by the Scottish Food & Drinks Federation (‘SFDF’) to assist Drumchapel High School in its curriculum of business management. This assistance will comprise development of practical or ‘real life’ teaching lessons to complement the existing curriculum. The key objectives of this exercise are: To provide insight into how a local business operates To tie curricular learning to practical, real-life examples To convey the opportunities which exist in the Scottish food & drink industry across learning disciplines This presentation provides an introduction to The Edrington Group and covers what the business is, does and how it is affected by external factors. The overview will give context to the more specific areas of study which reconcile to the topics included in the curriculum. 3

4 Who we are 4

5 Group profile The Edrington Group is a private, Scottish company engaged in the distillation, blending and bottling of Scotch whisky and rum. It is owned by the Roberston Trust, a charitable organisation established in the 1960’s by the grand daughters of William Robertson, the company founder. The Robertson Trust donates the profits it earns from Edrington to a variety of causes across Scotland. The group employees over 2,000 people worldwide including almost 500 in Drumchapel. Our operating principles reflect those of our founder – namely the 4i’s: Independence, integrity, involvement and innovation. 5 controlling interest

6 Group history W A Robertson begins business in Glasgow 1860’s1930-60’s 1880’s Key elements founded: -Clyde Cooperage -Clyde Bonding -North British Distillery -Highland Distilleries Highland acquires Grouse and Highland Park Highland acquires Macallan 1990’s 2000’s Edrington acquires Highland 6 Edrington acquires Brugal and Cutty Sark Robertson Trust created

7 Group structure 7 Executive Board Human Resources Sales & Marketing Operations Finance & Admin Whisky OpsSupply chain Brands IT Finance Legal Compliance Commercial Innovation Distillation Bottling Logistics Purchasing Laboratory Blending Cooperage

8 8 Geography Dominican Republic Scotland

9 What we do 9

10 The whisky process 10 Barley WashbacksMash tunGrist mill GristMalting process

11 The whisky process 11 Fermentation GristMalting process Distillation Distillation again! Blending Maturation - at least 3 years Bottling

12 The whisky process 12 Logistics On-trade Selling Off trade … we also make rum!

13 The world we work in 13


15 Financial highlights 15

16 Financial highlights – Performance 16 Steady growth in revenue and profitability Driven by performance of existing business and by new acquisitions Strong performance in light of current market conditions

17 Financial highlights – Profile 17 Steady growth in net asset value of business Growing levels of stock to meet increased demand Higher level of debt to fund expansion – capital expenditure and new acquisitions

18 Current topics 18

19 In the news just now… 19

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