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Marijuana legalization By Alyssa Kaminski Hour 2.

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1 Marijuana legalization By Alyssa Kaminski Hour 2

2 I have been doing extensive research on this topic since the 22 nd of November when we started our projects. This is something that people should know about the country we call home that is changing each and everyday.

3 Names for marijuana from A to k A. Ace, Acapulco Gold, Acapulco Red, Afgani Indica, African, African Black, African Bush, African Woodbine, Airplane, Angola, Ashes, Assassin of Youth, Astro Turf, Atshitshi, Aunt Mary. B. Baby, Baby Bhang, Babysitter, Bad Seed, Bale, Bamba, Bambalachacha, Bammy, Bar, Bash, Belyando Spruce, Bhang, Binky, Black, Black Bart, Black Ganga, Black Gold, Black Gungi, Black Gunion, Blanket, Blaze, Block, Blond, Blonde, Blowing Smoke, Blue de Hue, Blue Sage, Blue Sky, Blunt, Bo, Bobo, Bo Bo Bush, Bohd, Bomber, Boo, Boo Boo Bama, Boom, Bowl, Broccoli, Brown, Bubble Gum, Budda, Buds, Bullyon, Burnie, Bush, Butter, Butter Flower. C. C.S, Cam Trip, Cambodian Red/Cam Red, Can, Canadian Black, Canamo, Canappa, Cancelled Stick, Cannabis, Cannabis Tea, Carmabis, Catnip, Cavite All Star, Cest, Charas, Charge, Cheeba, Cheeo, Chemo, Chicago Black, Chicago Green, Chira, Chocolate Thai, Christmas Bud, Christmas Tree, Chronic, Chunky, Churus, Citrol, Climb, Cochornis, Colas, Coli, Coliflor Tostao, Colorado Cocktail, Columbia, Columbia Red, Columbian, Colombo, Columbus Black, Cosa, Crazy Weed, Cripple, Crying Weed, Cryppie, Cryptonie, Culican. D. Dagga, Dajja, Dank, Dawamesk, Dew, Diablito (Spanish), Diambista, Dimba, Ding, Dinkie Dow, Dipped Joints, Dirt Grass, Dirties, Dirty Joints, Ditch, Ditch Weed, Djamba, Do A Joint, Domestic, Don Jem, Don Juan, Dona Juana (Spanish), Dona Juanita (Spanish), Donk, Doob, Doobee, Doobie, Dope, Dope Smoke, Doradilla, Draf, Draf Weed, Drag Weed, Dro, Dry High, Dube, Dubie, Duby, Durong, Duros (Spanish), Dust. E. Earth, El Gallo ("Rooster"), Elephant, Endo, Esra. F. Fallbrook Redhair, Fatty, Feeling, Fine Stuff, Finger, Finger Lid, Fir, Firewood, Flower, Flower Tops, Fraho/Frajo, Freefo, Fu, Fuma D'Angola (Portugese). G. Gage/Gauge, Ganga, Gangster, Ganja, Garbage, Gash, Gasper, Gasper Stick, Gates, Gauge Butt, Geek, Geek-Joints, Get a Gage Up, Get High, Get the Wind, Ghana, Giggle Smoke, Giggle Weed, Gimmie, Go Loco, Goblet of Jam, Gold, Gold Star, Golden, Golden Leaf, GOM (Good Old marijuana), Gong, Gonj, Good Butt, Good Giggles, Good Stuff, Goody-Goody, Goof Butt, Gorge, Grass, Grass Brownies, Grasshopper, Grata, Greek, Green, Green Buds, Green Goddess, Greens, Greeter, Gremmies, Greta, Griefo, Griefs, Grifa (Spanish), Griff, Griffa, Griffo, Grogged, Gunga, Gungeon, Gungun, Gunja, Gunjah, Gyve. H. Haircut, Hanhich, Happy Cigarette, Happy Stick, Harsh, Has, Hash, Hawaiian, Hawaiian Black, Hawaiian Homegrown Hay, Hay, Hay Butt, Haze, Headies, Hemp, Herb, Herb and Al, Herba, Hit, Hit the Hay, Hocus, Homegrown, Honey blunts, Hooch, Hooter, Hot Stick, Hydro, Hydrogrows. I. Illies, Illing, Illy, Indian Boy, Indian Hay, Indian Hemp, Indica, Indo, Indonesian Bud, Instaga, Instagu, IZM. J. Jamaican Gold, Jamaican Red Hair, Jay, Jay Smoke, Jane, Jim Jones, Jive, Jive Stick, Johnson Grass, Joint, Jolly Green, Jonjem, Joy Smoke, Joy Stick, Ju- Ju, Juan Valdez (Spanish), Juanita (Spanish), Juice Joint, Juja, Ju-Ju, Jumbos. k. Kabak, Kaff, Kalakit, Kali, Kansas Grass, Kate Bush, Kawaii Electric, Kaya, KB, Kee, Kentucky Blue, Key, KGB, Khayf, Ki, Kick Stick, Kief, Kif, Kiff, Killer, Killer Green Bud, Killer Weed, Kilter, Kind, Kind Bud, King Bud, Kona Gold, Krippy, Kryptonite, Ktutchu String, Kumba.

4 Names for marijuana L - Z L. L.G. (Lime Green), L.L, Lace, Lakbay Diva, Laughing Grass, Laughing Weed, Leaf, Leak, Leno (Spanish), Lid, Liesca, Light Green, Lime Green, Light Stuff, Lima, Liprimo, Little Smoke, Llesca, Loaf, Lobo, Loco (Spanish), Loco Weed (Spanish), Locoweed, Log, Loose Shank, Love Boat, Love Leaf, Love Weed, Lovelies, Lubage. M M.J, M.O, M.U, Macaroni, Machinery, Macon, Maconha, Mafu (Spanish), Maggie, Magic Dragon, Magic Smoke, Manhattan Silver, Mari, Mari Jane, Marimba (Spanish), Mary, Mary & Johnny, Mary Ann, Mary Jane, Mary Jonas, Mary Warner, Mary Weaver, Mary Worner, Matchbox, Maui Wauie, Maui Wowie, Meg, Megg, Meggie, Messorole, Mexican Brown, Mexican Green, Mexican Locoweed, Mexican Red, Mez, Mezz, Mighty Mezz, Mo, Moahsky, Mocoha, Modams, Mohasky, Mohasty, Monte, Mooca/Moocah, Moocha, Mooster, Moota/Mutah, Mooters, Mootie, Mootos, Mor A Grifa, Mota, Mother, Moving the Lawn, Mow the Grass, Mu, Muggie, Muggle, Muggles, Muta, Mutah, Mutha. N. – O. Nail, Nigra, Northern Lights, Number. Oboy, O.J, Oit. P. - Q P-dogs, P.R, Pack, Pack A Bowl, Pack Of Rocks, Pakaloco, Pakalolo, Pakistani Black, Panama Cut, Panama Gold, Panama Red, Panatella, Paper blunts, Parsley, Pasto (Spanish), Pat, Philly Blunts, Pin, Pine, Pocket Rocket, Pod, Poke, Pot, Potlikker, Potten Bush, Prescription, Pretendica, Pretendo, Puff. Queen Ann's Lace R. Ragweed, Railroad Weed, Rainy Day Woman, Rangood, Rasta, Rasta Weed, Red Bud, Red Cross, Red Dirt, Reef, Reefer, Righteous Bush, Rip, Roacha, Rockets, Root, Rope, Rose Marie, Rough Stuff, Rubia, Rugs. S. Salad, Salt And Pepper, Sandwich Bag, Santa Maria, Santa Marta, Sasfras, Schwagg, Scissors, Scrub, Seeds, Sen, Sess, Sezz, Shake, Shrimp, Siddi, Sinse, Sinsemilia, Skunk, Skunkweed, Smoke, Smoke A Bowl, Smoke Canada, Snop, Spliff, Spliffy, Splim, Square Mackerel, Stack, Stems, Stick, Sticky Icky, Stinkweed, Stoney Weed, Straw, Stuff, Sugar Weed, Super Grass, Super Pot, Swag, Sweet Lucy. T. Taima, Takkouri, Tea, Tex Mex, Texas Pot, Texas Tea, Thai Stick, Thirteen, Thumb, Tin, Toke, Torch, Trauma, Tray, Trees, Triple A, Trupence Bag, Tustin, Twenty Six Red, Twist, Twistum. U – V. Unotque, Viper Weed W. Wake and Bake, Wacky Tobaccky, Wake and Bake, Weed, Weed Tea, Whack, Whackatabacky, Whackyweed, Wheat, White Russian, White-Haired Lady, Woo Blunts, Wooz. Y Yeh, Yellow Submarine, Yen Pop, Yerba (Spanish), Yerhia, Yesca, Yesco, Ying. z. Zambi, Zig Zag Man, Zol.

5 Surveys of students smoking  83 million Americans over the age of 12 years old have tried marijuana at least once, and over 12 million has used the drug in the month before another survey which is constructed yearly includes students from 8 th, 10 th and 12 th grade.  In 2001 the survey showed 20 percent of 8 th graders have used marijuana at least once, and by 10 th grade 20 percent are current users (that is used within the past month). Among 12 th graders nearly 50 percent have tried marijuana/hash at least once and about 22 percent were current users.

6  Marijuana has not been shown to cause mental illness; marijuana use has not been shown to increase in cancer and marijuana has been proven helpful for treating the symptoms if a variety of medical conditions.  Marijuana is an anti-depressant, cures cancer and it has had ZERO deaths in history. Marijuana helps those with ADD/ADHD, it also prevents Alzheimer's. Death by drugs… Alcohol 85,000 Prescription drugs 18,675 Caffeine 5,800 Aspirin/ibuprofen 7,600 Cocaine 2,390 Heroin 2,147 Marijuana 0

7 Uses for marijuana Many people smoke weed for medical reasons but others smoke weed just to get high. Currently, there has been a change in the perception of Marijuana. The legalization debate is heating up. I would like to inform you of the current situation of this.

8 States that have legalized marijuana  The 21 states that have marijuana legalization is Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Washington D.C, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.  When it comes to marijuana legalization there is a residency requirement, 18 to 20 states require proof of residency to be considered a qualifying patient for medical marijuana use. Only Oregon has announced that it will accept out of state applications, the Illinois law doesn’t appear to have residency requirement but it is unknown whether the program rules will address matter.  There is a patient registration as well, affirmative defenses which protect from conviction but no arrest are or maybe available in several states even if patients doesn’t have an id card: Rhode island, Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and in some circumstances Delaware, Hawaii also has a separate choice of evils defense patient id cards are voluntary in Maine and California but in California they offer the strongest legal protection in Delaware the defense is only available between the patients submits a valid application and receives their id.

9 Requirements of medical marijuana  The states with no protection unless you're registered: Alaska except for that even nonmedical use is protected in ones home due to state constitutional right to privacy Arizona, Connecticut, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Mexico, New Jersey, Washington D.C also requires registration.  Some or all patients and or caregivers can cultivate in 15 to 20 states. Home cultivation is not allowed in Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, new Hampshire, new jersey, or district of Columbia and a special license from new Mexico. In Arizona patients can only cultivate if they live 25 miles or more from a dispensary when they applied for their card, in Massachusetts patients can only cultivate if they have a hardship waiver.  In Nevada patients can only cultivate if they live more than 25 miles from a dispensary if they’re not able to reasonably travel to a dispensary or if no dispensaries in the patients countries are able to supply the stains they need in additional Nevada patients who were growing by July 1, 2013 may continue until March 31,2016.

10 Marijuana is…..  A cancer killer, it leads to brain cell growth, suicide rates are lower where medical marijuana is available.

11 Did you Know???

12 Sites….  Date used 11-19-13, 11-20-13  ‎ 20/comprehensive-medical-marijuana- bill-introduced-wisconsin/ Date used 12-2-10

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