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THE MASTER AND MARGARITA A character guide… because I love you.

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1 THE MASTER AND MARGARITA A character guide… because I love you.

2 The characters can be split into three main groups: Contemporary Russians Satan and his posseCharacters from the Master’s Novel

3 The Contemporary Russians Mikhail Alexandrovich Berlioz Berlioz Head of Moscow literary association called Massolit Last name shared with the French composer Hector Berlioz who wrote The Damnation of Faust

4 The Contemporary Russians Ivan Nikolaevich Ponyrev “Bezdomny” “Homeless” Employed by Beroliz to write an anti-religious poem

5 The Contemporary Russians Stephen Bogdanovich Likhodeyev “Styopa” Last name derived from the Russian word for “malfeasant” Director of the Variety Theater Berlioz’s roommate

6 The Contemporary Russians Ivan Savelievich Varenukha The house manager at the Variety Show From man to creature of darkness to man again! “Varenukha”

7 The Contemporary Russians George Bengalsky The master of ceremonies at the Variety Show Loses his head for a bit and then joins the crew at the hospital “Bengalsky”

8 The Contemporary Russians Grigory Danilovich Rimsky “Rimsky” The financial director of the Variety Show

9 The Contemporary Russians Nikanor Ivanovich Bosoy House Chairman of No. 302-b, Sadovaya Street (where Beroliz lived) Greedy, greedy… bad idea when you’re dealing with the devil.

10 The Contemporary Russians The Master A trained historian with a mysterious past who speaks five languages We meet him in the psych ward We know that his life had no meaning until he met Margarita An author who wrote a novel about Pontius Pilate meeting Jesus of Nazareth

11 The Contemporary Russians Margarita Nikolayevna “Margarita” The Master’s lover, trapped in a loveless marriage Serves as hostess of Satan’s Grand Ball on Walpurgis Night Named after Faust’s Gretchen

12 Satan and his posse Professor Woland “Satan” Claims to be a “foreign professor” Purported purpose in Moscow? To put on a black magic show. Obviously.

13 Satan and his posse Koroviev Fagot/Fagotto, ex-choirmaster Woland’s assistant Capable of all sorts of magic!

14 Satan and his posse Behemoth The giant black cat In Russian, his name can literally translate to “hippopotamus” (as well as the Biblical figure) Has a deep love for chess, vodka, and pistols. Why not?

15 Satan and his posse Azazello Has a fang jutting out of his mouth A messenger and assassin; maybe one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse? Name could be a reference to Azazel, a demon or scapegoat in Hebrew text -also- in the book of Enoch, the fallen angel who teaches people to make weapons, jewelry, and the sin of wearing makeup

16 Satan and his posse Hella The Devil’s Lady Friend “…perfect, were it not for a purple scar on her neck…” Is she a vampire?

17 Characters from the Master’s Novel Pontius Pilate The Procurator of Judea, Hegemon We’ll talk more about this guy in a minute…

18 Characters from the Master’s Novel Aphranius The mysterious hooded figure Turns out he’s the head of the Roman Secret Service in Judea

19 Characters from the Master’s Novel Yeshua Ha-Nozri Translated: Jesus of Nazarene

20 Characters from the Master’s Novel Mark Rat-Killer A Centurion Rather large and unattractive

21 Characters from the Master’s Novel Joseph/Yoseph Kaifa Ciaphus Head high priest in Jerusalem

22 Characters from the Master’s Novel Judah/Yehudah of Kiriaf/Kerioth We might think of him as Judas Paid by Kaifa to suck at life and ruin everything

23 Characters from the Master’s Novel Matthu Levi / Levi Matvei The author of the Gospel of Matthew He’s been following Yeshua around, writing things down on parchment when we first hear of him

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