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Financial Code BLUE Saving the Doctor. Patients as Consumers Customers of Healthcare Preparing for the Paradigm Shift.

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1 Financial Code BLUE Saving the Doctor


3 Patients as Consumers Customers of Healthcare Preparing for the Paradigm Shift

4 con·sum·er n. One that consumes, especially one that acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than for resale or use in production and manufacturing

5 The Faces of a Consumer

6 What’s happening to healthcare… What is moving us along this paradigm…

7 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Decrease the number of uninsureds Reduce the cost of healthcare Cover all applicants Offer same rates regardless of gender or pre- existing conditions

8 Health Insurance Exchange Primarily what the health insurance exchange will do is bring together private health insurance companies along with a government health insurance option to compete for business among individuals and small businesses. To be in the health insurance exchange the health insurance policies offered cannot exclude someone for pre-existing conditions. *Source:

9 "The Marketplace will offer much more than any health insurance website you've used before," HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wrote in a blog post. "Insurers will compete for your business on a level playing field, with no hidden costs or misleading fine print."blog post

10 Insurance executives are gearing up…

11 CDHP: Consumer Driven Health Plans


13 Insurance is changing…

14 The New Paradigm Patient Consumer Customer

15 The old days…

16 …the new days

17 Definition of a Customer cus·tom·er noun \’kəs-tə-mər\ Definition of CUSTOMER 1: one that purchases a commodity or service 2: an individual usually having some specified distinctive trait Examples of CUSTOMER She is one of our best customers. She's a pretty cool customer. Origin of CUSTOMER Middle English custumer, from custume First Known Use: 15th century *

18 What is a customer?  Advocate  Apathetic  Assassin * Satisfaction: How Every Great Company Listens to the Voice of the Customer, 2006, Chris Denove and James D. Power IV

19 Why are customers important? It is six to 10 times more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. A satisfied customer only tells five other people. An unhappy customer tells approximately 20 other people. It only takes 30 seconds for a customer to form an opinion * Customer Service in Health Care: A Grassroots Approach to Creating a Culture of Service Excellence, June 2004, Anne Lindstrom Coe

20 Let’s look at things differently…

21 Customers Drive Products and Service





26 Products are easy… What about Healthcare…I don’t think patients are ready for this stuff…

27 Customers Drive Products and Service


29 Hoots Memorial Hospital - Yadkinville RP-VITA, or Remote Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant

30 Healthcare Service…Meeting customer needs

31 Why do all of this… The landscape is changing fast! What’s causing the erosion…

32 Social Media…Yes, I said it. 7 missed opportunities of not creating an online presence –http://www.ama- Patients want to use social media tools to manage health care –http://www.ama- 4 ways social media can improve your medical practice –http://www.ama-

33 Technology


35 More smartphone points of interest… 31% of mobile-phone owners used it to look up health information 19% of Smartphone owners have a health app on their phone 18-29 were much more likely to use it than those over 65

36 Tech giants split over government plan to create a free nationwide Wi-Fi network VS

37 Drive Thru Medicine? The Virtuwell site offers treatment for about forty conditions, including urinary tract infections, sinus infections and conjunctivitis. Using algorithms, the program makes patient and clinician phone interactions available 24/7 and uses nurse practitioners or physician assistants to provide diagnoses, treatment plans, and prescriptions. Source:

38 What’s possible… IBM’s Watson interns at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Source: memorial-sloan-kettering/

39 HITECH ACT/ ARRA Infrastructure shift opportunity Difficult to make change in organization Upfront investment with payback from the Government The cost of doing business…

40 Electronic Medical Records – Practice Perspective Utilize this opportunity to better understand your patients and their needs Patient safety, quicker delivery of results, organized and standardized Mine the data Be proactive…stratify the database, provide information, help them know what they need Let them have access to their information and participate in their healthcare

41 Electronic Medical Records – Patient Perspective I want to be involved in my healthcare decisions. I want instant results. I believe it is safer. I believe it is faster. Patient’s believe that the practice is up-to- date, prepared and efficient. Perception is reality…remember, 30 seconds to form an opinion.

42 mHealth Apps Part of the solution for Stage 3…active patient involvement/interaction…

43 Marketing/Branding

44 Retail Clinics and Walk-In Clinics… Nearly 1,400 stand alone retail health clinics…double from 5 years ago PLUS 8,700 Urgent Care Centers According to Rand study...patients are 67% less likely to go to the doctor the next time after visiting a retail clinic Similar quality…lower costs –average visit running about $50 less, at around $110 as opposed to $166

45 Simple ideas

46 Don’t forget about first impressions! The Appointment –Is it easy? –Is it professional? The Waiting Room –Is it Friendly? –Is it neat and organized? The Greeting –What’s behind the window… * Source:

47 Ideas for Retention…why do you keep…? -Why do you bank at…? -Why do you eat at…? -Why do you get your teeth cleaned at…? -Why do you buy your groceries at…? -Why do buy your books online? At a bookstore? What happened to the library? -Where do you go for your mammogram? -Where do you take your kids for a check up? -Who does your hair? -What church do you attend? Why?

48 Reality in the practice… We have always talked about this but… Healthcare is changing very, very rapidly. Preparation is no longer an option, it will be a requirement for future success. Hanging out a shingle is no longer the only requirement for success.

49 Cam’s Random Ideas…

50 A Daycare Center Online Clinic Millennial Generation Telemedicine Visit Video

51 Assisted Living Facility Tattletale Pills Assisted Living Facility Staff Measure of Physician’s effort to continue work Accountable Care $

52 Ancillary Service (Mammogram) Internet Search Engine Online practice schedules First available appointment Consumerism/Retail

53 Peter’s Laws The Creed of the Sociopathic Obsessive Compulsive 1.If anything can go wrong, Fix it! (To hell with Murphy!) 2.When given a choice -- Take both! 3.Multiple projects lead to multiple successes. 4.Start at the top and work your way up. 5.Do it by the book...but be the author! 6.When forced to compromise, ask for more. 7.If you can't beat them, join them, and then beat them. 8.If it's worth doing, it's got to be done right now. 9.If you can't win, change the rules. 10.If you can't change the rules, ignore them. 11.When faced without a challenge, make one. 12."No" simply means begin again at the next highest level. 13.Don't walk when you can run. 14.Bureaucracy is a challenge to the be conquered with a righteous attitude, an intolerance for stupidity, and bulldozer when necessary. 15.When in doubt: THINK! 16.Patience is a virtue but persistence to the point of success is a blessing. 17.The squeaky wheel gets replaced. 18.The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live.

54 Do this…not that.

55 Thank You MSOC Health (866) 347-0001 200 Timber Hill Place Suite 221 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Thank You

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