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2 Introduction In this power point I will be talking about gaming in general and how it has developed over time and what we are expecting in the future. I will also talk about current gaming and what we have at the moment. I will talk about the past gaming about what we used to have and do not play much any more or not played at all. I picked this topic because I like gaming and I play on game consoles myself. I have also picked it because there is a wide amount of games and consoles you can play and they are always developing though time.

3 Example of a timelines

4 Changes In Gaming In gaming it has changed a lot as now you can play a wide range of games online and can now buy games online and not have to have a disk and you will not break it or loss it. People play online all the time and make new friends online and can play together. Since the old gens the quality of gaming has gone up and the speed of it has gone up. In game you can use a aux headphone for a mic so you can use normal headphones and make new friends.

5 Uses for gaming People mainly use gaming for social or learning but people use gaming to compete against each other. Others use gaming as a job, they make gaming videos or they compete in a torment and win some money

6 Past The last decade has seen plenty of gaming failures—Nokia N-Gage anyone— but for every step back, there have been two forward. PM presents a timeline of the top 15 gaming milestones over the last 10 years. Athena, an assassin, starts the game tied to a post in Sanctuary, with Lillith and a firing squad holding her at gunpoint. They want to know why Athena was trying to assassinate Mordecai and Brick, and why she was on Pandora. As Athena starts the story, you enter character selection and begin the story. The Lost Legion has seized the Hyperion corporation’s station Helios, and is threatening to destroy Pandora’s moon Elpis, with Handsome Jack being the unlikely person trying to stop her. It’s interesting to see Jack play a “good guy,” though his motives are highly questionable.

7 Current Games development, being a multidisciplinary field; innovations are widely spread out. Recent advancements in mobile device technologies, app stores, social networks and freemium business models have resulted in drastic shifts in the gaming industry, says Annand Bhutan, who teaches Game Development at School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS). He goes on to explain each in detail. Virtual Reality immerses a physical presence within a computer-simulated environment, either in the real world or that of imagination. With increased hardware capabilities in technological advancements, Virtual Reality gets back to the main stream to provide immersive gaming experience.

8 What you can do in gaming currently In gaming currently you can access a wide range of games witch most games can access online features and play co-op mode and play with your friends. When playing online with friends you can use a mic to speak to your friends and make new ones. On the latest generations of gaming you can record game play and share it with all your friends on social media. Also you can watch films and watch videos as you can access the internet on current consoles. The impact of having these is that people do not want to go out side and socialize, kids doing this can also result in bunking school. Also an impact is that people get fat cause they just want to stay and play games. If technology did not exist I think that people would not go to other country's as they could not get there.

9 Future With the first full year of the new generation now firmly in the rear-view mirror, the general consensus is that 2014 was something of a tepid year for video games. While the last 12 months saw their fair share of AAA franchise blockbusters mingling with indie smashes and new IPs, there wasn’t one moment in the year gamers could point to that truly electrified either the gaming industry or its massive audience. That having been said there are reasons to be optimistic about the year ahead. Not only is the upcoming release calendar chock full of titles (most of which were announced over a year ago), but gaming hardware is set for a shake-up, both on the console and PC platforms. Furthermore, it looks like 2015 communities and audiences in gaming are set to balloon.

10 Legal, ethical, social issues One legal issue is that people copyright games so they can get the game for free and sell it on to get more money. Violence within Video Games due to a debate which has been going on for as long as I can remember. Violence can be defined as an act where a character or player in a video game causes harm to another character or even causes death. Whether this actually effects young individuals who play video games is controversial, there are scientific studies that prove it can effect the young community which have existed for quite a long time now. People who are addicted to gaming encounter situations like this all the time; situations in which they have to choose whether to interact with the real world or continue living in their virtual one. Sadly, the real world rarely wins.


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