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The Road to WWI According to Mr. Moss. M ilitarism A lliances N ationalism I mperialism A ssassination.

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1 The Road to WWI According to Mr. Moss

2 M ilitarism A lliances N ationalism I mperialism A ssassination

3 Total Defense Expenditures for the Great Powers [Ger., A-H, It., Fr., Br., Rus.] in millions of £s. 187018801890190019101914 94130154268289398 1910-1914 Increase in Defense Expenditures France10% Britain13% Russia39% Germany73%

4 Industrialization = New Weapons

5 France loses Alsace-Lorraine after the Franco- Prussian War

6 Alliance Systems Otto von Bismarck (German Chancellor) Bismarck knew France was going to be gunning for Germany, so he wanted some friends to back him up: 1873 Three Emperor’s League (Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary). 1879 Dual Alliance between Germany and Austria. 1882 Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Italy). 1894 Franco-Russian Alliance 1907 Triple Entente (France, Russia, and Great Britain).


8 Family Feud Kaiser Wilhelm II poses with his 1 st Cousin Czar Nicholas II

9 Quick Rundown Germany = Crazy Kaiser wanting colonies and to prove that Germany can hang with the big boys. A very unified people with the best trained army in Europe. Austria-Hungary = A crumbling empire in desperate need of a boost. The empire is made up of many different nationalities who are starting to think about rebellion. Russia = Not very industrialized and a diverse population. Handles any talk of rebellion with violence, HUGE army but it is disorganized, poorly trained, and poorly equipped. Serbia = Russia’s baby brother, mad at Austria for ruining their dreams of a unified Slavic state. Lots of talk about nationalism, but no real army to speak of. France = Angry with Germany about losing Alsace-Lorraine after the Franco-Prussian War. Will be counting on Russia to take pressure off of German invasion. Great Britain = Has the most money and best navy, but scared about the rising power of Germany. Warns Germany not to mess with Belgium.

10 Nationalism Nationalism is extreme pride for one’s country. Why and where would nationalism be causing problems??



13 Germany’s “Place in the Sun.”

14 Moroccan Crisis of 1905 Kaiser wants to test the alliance made between France and G.B. He travels to the disputed territory of Morocco and starts talking all crazy about WAR! Rather than breaking up the alliance, it is strengthened and Russia hops on board too = EPIC FAIL

15 And then……….



18 Get to Know an Assassin Gavrilo Princip 20 year old Serbian Member of the Serbian nationalist group: The Black Hand Died April 1918 from tuberculosis in jail


20 The Austrian Ultimatum 10 demands including the suppression of all hostile news, arrest accused rebels, allow an AUSTRIAN investigation, and an apology.

21 The Schlieffen Plan


23 Allied Vs. Central France Russia Great Britain Latecomers: Italy U.S.A. Japan Germany Austria-Hungary Turkey (Ottoman)

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