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Section 1: Early Steps to Reunion…

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1 Section 1: Early Steps to Reunion…
Chapter 18: Reconstruction And Changing the South….

2 What was Reconstruction…
Was the re-building of the south physically, politically, socially and economically after the civil war. Postwar Problems: North: South:

3 Issues After The War… Reconstruction of the South. FREEDMEN:
Men or Women who had been slaves Nearly 4,000,000 Men and Women were now Free and Living in the South. Most had no Land, Jobs, or Education.

4 Conflicting Plans for Reconstruction…
Some people wanted to punish the southerners severely for their act of treason (secession). Others wanted what was referred to as “an easy peace”…..

5 Plans For Reconstruction…
10 % PLAN=Easy WADE - DAVIS BILL= Punitive.

6 Ten Percent Plan… Lincoln’s Plan for Reconstruction. Amnesty:
Government Pardon. # 1- A Southern State could reform it’s Government after 10 % of the State took an Oath of Loyalty to the United States.

7 Ten Percent Plan… #2: Once the New State was Formed, it had to Abolish Slavery. #3: Once Completed, the New State could Elect Men to Congress.

8 Wade-Davis Bill Required the Majority of White Men in each Southern State to Swear Loyalty to the Union, Instead of 10 %. Denied right to Vote or Hold Office for anyone who had volunteered to fight for the Confederacy.

9 The Freedmen’s Bureau…
Signed 1 month before Lee Surrendered. A Government agency to help Former Slaves. Gave Food and Clothing to them. It also tried to find Jobs for Freedmen.

10 Ford’s Theater (April 14, 1865)

11 The Assassin John Wilkes Booth

12 The Assassination

13 WANTED~~!!

14 Now He Belongs to the Ages!

15 The Execution

16 The New President… Vice President: Andrew Johnson . Tennessee.
Loyal to the Union.

17 Johnson’s Plan… Majority of Voters in each Southern State to pledge Loyalty to the United States. All had to Ratify the 13th Amendment.

18 Congress Rebels… Southern States all met Johnson’s conditions.
Approved their New State Governments in 1865. South Elected New Representatives to Congress. Republicans Outraged. Many of those elected held Office in the Confederacy.

19 Section 2: Radical Reconstruction…
Chapter 18: Reconstruction…

20 13th Amendment… Abolition of slavery.
Slavery is finally against the Constitution.

21 Black Codes… Were an attempt by the white southerners to deny African Americans their new freedom. Severely limited the rights of Freedmen.

22 Black Codes… African Americans could not: Vote. Own Guns.
Serve on juries.

23 Black Codes… African Americans were able to legally marry and own some land.

24 Radical Republicans… People in Congress who were opposed to Johnson.
Radicals are people who want to make drastic changes in society.

25 Radical Republicans… 2 Goals:
# 1: Break the power of the rich southern plantation owners. # 2: Give Freedmen the right to vote.

26 Radical Reconstruction…
Reconstruction policies put forward by the Republican Congress. Strict policy toward the south. 14th Amendment: Blacks are citizens 15th Amendment: Blacks may vote

27 Republicans Impeach Johnson…
Because Johnson opposed many of the Radical Republicans policies, they tried to have him removed from office.

28 Impeach… To bring formal charges of wrongdoing against an elected official.

29 Impeachment Process… House of Reps. can impeach a president for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Senate tries the case. 2/3rds Majority must vote guilty.

30 A New President… Election of 1868…

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