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PEACE MAKER BY: TAE GUN IM. Gandhi is a leader of the "Indian nationalism when India was ruled by England. Gandhi was the person who freed the India from.

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2 Gandhi is a leader of the "Indian nationalism when India was ruled by England. Gandhi was the person who freed the India from England. One of the special things about Gandhi is that he does not use violence. Gandhi opened his eyes, it's still dark outside. “Well I should get to work" It was very cold so he quickly went to the dressing room to change his to clothes. Gandhi has been working on what quote he should say to the people of India. Gandhi was tired of doing this, he wanted to do something more special to fix this world, then after the flowers and trees grew and after they dried out and died. Gandhi has finally to brings peace in India, but this wasn't enough, he needed to bring peace in the past, so there won’t be any war at the future, but there was no way to go back to the past. One day he found this ball, in the ball there was a city from the middle ages. “I wish I can go to this place to bring peace in earth” said Gandhi Then a bright light started to come out from the ball. When Gandhi blinked his eyes, he wasn’t in India; he was at the middle ages. He was very happy to come to the past. “Yes! I finally came to the past!” But Gandhi didn't know what to do, since the present and the past was different. He thought how he can bring peace to this place. “Maybe talking to the king about how you can talk about something rather than having war. If I go to the king right away I can finish my duty faster but I am risking my life since I don’t if he is a good king or a bad king. Maybe if I become more famous he will want to talk with me, but how can I do that? I need more information I should go to the town to find more information” So should Gandhi: Go talk to the king? Or Go to the town hall to get information?

3 “Ok I think it will be better to just go to the king and tell him about how war is a bad thing” said Gandhi to himself He went up to the highest place in this city, because he has heard from other people that the king lives on the high place in this city. “Our king is very sick so you can’t meet him right now” said the guard “But I need to talk to him now, the might kingdom is in big danger " said Gandhi with a serious face “But how can I trust you? You can be assassin, who wants to kill our king, now go away before I put you in jail!" So Gandhi had no choice but to go back and think of another (smart) plan, then he heard a whisper. “Hey you over there" said a man with a whispering voice “Are you talking to me?" said Gandhi "Yes, you want to go talk to the king right?" “Yes" "I can help you" “Really?" “Yes, follow me" "Wait" said Gandhi Gandhi thought about this choice. He can follow him but he might be robbed since the people in the middle ages are very poor, so… “Hey you over there! Our king said he wants to talk to you about this 'peace' so follow me" said the guard from the castle Should you Follow the man Or Follow the guard

4 “Since you don’t trust me, guard! why should I follow you?” While you talk, you slow move closer to the man. You can smell his sweat getting stronger and stronger every time you take a step. “Good thinking old man follow me” said the man guard You take a path to the man’s hideout. You can smell the coldness of dead around you. You start to regret that you followed this man. After the long creepy walk you come to this sewer hole. “After you” said the man You look in to the hole, it’s very dark and doesn’t have any ladders “Are you sure it’s…” “Yes it’s, fine it’s not a big drop” You prepare your mind for the fall, but it looks like the man doesn’t have patience because he pushed you inside the hole. While your falling down you see skulls stuck on the side of the holes. You smell this very foul smell. You fall to the ground and start to have a unsettled stomach, then the man comes down. “You alright?” “Yes, it’s just that briggg!” “Yuck” said the man “Take this shot it will make you feel better.” You take the shot, your feel sleepy, your eye lids are slowly closing. You wake up you feel very ill. You start to cough, then you see blood on the hand that you coughed. “What is wrong with me?” “Ah finally the medicine is working” said the man “What are you saying?” Then the man says “I gave you the plague and now you are going to be my specimen” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Should you… Kill yourself Or Just be the specimen

5 “I will rather die than be your specimen!” You see a bone next to you. you break the bone into half with your teeth, in the process you break 3 teeth. The bone was broken into 2 sharp pieces. You stab yourself continually in your heart. You fall to the ground, you see blood everywhere. “Hate the sin, love the sinner” Then you go into a cold sleep You (close the eye forever), died but did nothing for the middle ages THE END Go Back To The Beginning Go To Citations

6 10 years later Dear Diary That man is still doing experiments on me that I can’t explain in words, but still I will still have hope… You start to cough a lot of blood than usual, then you fall to the ground. You feel very sleepy. “The longest sleep I will have” you say to yourself After you close your eyes you see yourself talking to the people of India “Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well!” You hear the people of India cheering for you. You smile then go to sleep. After 5 year from that day. The antidote for the plague was made and because of this antidote people could have lived peacefully. You have made peace to this world by sacrificing yourself, but was it worth it? THE END Go Back To The Beginning Go To Citations

7 You and the guard goes to the path of the castle but then the guard (suddenly) change the direction you was walking to a small farm, then the guard in front of the farm. It looks like no one lives here. You feel very uneasy “I thought the way to the king lived in that castle” said Gandhi “I am sure you are a assassin or a burglar” said the guard The guard calls the some guard that were hiding in the abandoned farm “Now tell the truth” “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent” “That is your prove? Well we don’t trust you” One of the guard stabs you in the stomach You fall to the ground, you feel your vision fading, but just before you die you say one more sentence that you wanted to say to the people of England. “In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth.” Then you close your eyes THE END Go Back To The Beginning Go To Citations

8 “Of course it’s better to go get information!” said Gandhi So you walk around town to find information. You hear that the king is very sick, and has order anyone who comes to talk him to put him in jail. The king is finding a very wise adviser. So you go to the one of the royal guards and ask them that you want to be a candidate. But there were any other candidate so you easily become a adviser “The king is waiting for you, go this way” said the guard and pointed to a very fancy and big door You open the door, you see the king on the bed, he looks very white and pale. “Come sit next to me my adviser..” said the king with a very small and sick voice “Yes my king” “What do you think I should do to win this war” “You must retreat my king, The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong, so forgive the kingdom that you are fighting with and make peace my king” “Ah.. Very wise advise my adviser, why didn’t I think of this before” The king raises his arm to call the commander, you see a big black lump on the king’s armpit “My king, I know this disease” said Gandhi “Really? Do you know how to cure it?” “Yes it’s called the black plague, but first… Should you Become the king to make peaceBecome the king to make peace (Persuade the king to bring peace back to the soicety) Or Just help the king

9 “You must give me the throne!” said Gandhi “What why would I do that?” said the king “If you don’t give me the throne I won’t cure your sickness” “All right I will give you the throne” So you become the king and bring peace to this place, but you let that old king die. Suddenly you want more land, money, and people working for you. You attack the other kingdoms to take their people and land. you have became one of the evilest kings in the world THE END Go Back To The Beginning Go To Citations

10 Of all you must clean your kingdom your people are in great danger.” “All right I will hire some cleaners to clean my kingdom” The king followed what you said and made the kingdom very clean so the kingdom didn’t have any plague, also you have brought peace to this place. But the king died after a week. Everyone thanks you for saving this city so they ask you to become the king. You become the king make peace with all of the other kingdoms THE END Go Back To The Beginning Go To Citations

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