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The Birth of Shaka Oswald Joseph Mtshali.

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1 The Birth of Shaka Oswald Joseph Mtshali

2 The life of Shaka Mother was Nandi Born fatherless 1816 became leader
Half brothers assassinated him

3 Oswald Joseph Mtshali Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal Attended Wits University
Colombia University

4 His baby cry When Shaka was born, he cried

5 was of a cub Metaphor: He sounded like a cub (baby lion), he cried

6 tearing the neck The cub is tearing at the neck of the lioness. It is an aggressive baby.

7 of the lioness The lioness is his mother Nandi.

8 because he was fatherless
The poet suggests the baby knew he was fatherless and that is why he cried so desperately.

9 The gods Not Christian, pagan
The gods planned his life, he was an important person from birth. The gods knew he had potential.

10 boiled his blood There is a saying: his blood boiled – which means the person is angry. The poet suggests Shaka became aggressive and more determined because of this action.

11 in a clay pot of passion The clay pot relates to the Zulu custom of making food and beer in clay pots. Shaka had more traditional passion.

12 to course in his veins. If passion courses in his veins, he is very passionate

13 His heart was shaped into an ox shield
Metaphor: his heart is as strong as an ox shield. An ox shield is a traditional defensive shield. This means Shaka would be protected

14 to foil every foe Alliteration: f. His enemies would be fooled.

15 Ancestors forged Ancestors are very important in Zulu culture. Ancestors determine the prosperity of a family because they intercede in the spirit world. Forged: when you make metal hot and hit it into a certain shape.

16 his muscles into

17 thongs as tough Alliteration: t Thongs: leather strips.
Metaphor: His muscles is as strong as leather strips. Simile: His muscles that are as strong as leather strips is also as tough as water bark

18 and nerves as sharp as syringa thorns
Simile: his nerves is as sharp as syringa thorns. The syringa has no thorns. It is poisonous to humans and the berries make birds drunk. Maybe Shaka was

19 and nerves as sharp as syringa thorns
Simile: his nerves is as sharp as syringa thorns.

20 His eyes were lanterns Metaphor: His eyes were as bright as lanterns, seeing into the future.

21 that shone from the dark valleys of Zululand
Dark valleys: Zulus lived there. Not enlightened by Western civilization Contrasts with white swallows

22 to see white swallows Metaphor: white swallows. Europeans coming from Europe. A swallow is a bird that migrates from Europe to Africa and the Europeans came from Europe to Africa

23 coming across the sea The Europeans came by sea

24 His cry to two assassin brothers:
Shaka was assassinated by two of his half brothers

25 Lo! you can kill me

26 but you'll never rule this land!"
They were never as great a leader as Shaka.

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