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Mafia Theory Sammi Steele Madison Schanbacher Katie Schreiber

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1 Mafia Theory Sammi Steele Madison Schanbacher Katie Schreiber
Callie McAdoo Grant Smeyne

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3 Theory The Mafia was enraged with Kennedy after he ruined the Bay of Pigs invasion, and their last hope at getting control of organized crime back in Cuba. They were also mad at his brother Robert for trying to put an end to organized crime.

4 Motives JFK shared a mistress with a mob boss.
John and Robert were trying to put an end to organized crime Several mob leaders were upset that Kennedy had failed to overthrow Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who had closed down their lucrative casinos in Havana after he took power in

5 Mistress If rumors that JFK shared a mistress with mobster Sam Giancana are true, perhaps jealousy had something to do with Kennedy's death Giancana and Kennedy also shared a mistress, Judith Campbell Exner, with whom they were involved with at different times (Kennedy first, then the mob boss). In addition, Exner later claimed that she carried mysterious envelopes between Kennedy and Giancana

6 Robert F. Kennedy Robert Kennedy had earned the enmity of Teamster's Union boss Jimmy Hoffa, as well as other mafia members, during his probes and racketeering prosecutions Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, further had aroused their animosity by launching a high-profile probe of organized crime and aggressively pursued Teamsters Union leader Jimmy Hoffa (pictured) for alleged corruption and ties to the Mafia. Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello, facing trial and deportation, wanted to exact revenge on the mob-busting 35th president. Mafia conspiracy believers point to Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to New Orleans prior to the assassination, as well as to the mob ties of Oswald's killer Jack Ruby On Dec. 15, 1985, Marcello confessed to a fellow inmate — who happened to be an informant for the FBI ---According to an FBI memo released in 2006, he said about JFK: “Yeah, I had the son of a bitch killed. I’m glad I did. I’m sorry I couldn’t have done it myself.”

7 Cuban Connection The mob also had a Cuban connection. Before the Castro revolution, U.S. mobsters had a lucrative stake in the Hanava casinos and were doing whatever they could to get it back. Mafia families funnelled money to the Cuban exiles, knowing their payback would come with Castro deposed. It's rumored that the CIA employed mob hitmen to do away with Castro. La Cosa Nostra was understandably irritated at the shabby treatment they received in return from the Kennedys

8 Sam Giancana Sam Giancana had longtime ties to the Kennedy clan, going back to JFK's father, Joseph P. Kennedy, who was involved with Giancana in the bootlegging business during Prohibition There also have been allegations that Giancana secretly helped JFK win the 1960 West Virginia primary Sinatra (long time Kennedy friend) allegedly asked Giancana to use mob muscle to pressure local union members to vote for JFK. The request was made through an intermediate, Sinatra Giancana dispatched Paul "Skinny" D'Amato, who owned the famed 500 Club in Atlantic City, to the state to use his influence with the sheriffs who gambled in the illegal gaming rooms of Greenbrier County. His job was to get the vote out for Kennedy—any way he could. Kennedy won the May 10 primary easily, with 61 percent of the vote

9 Lee Harvey Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald's uncle, a man named Dutz Murret, was a bookie for the New Orleans Mafia. Oswald's mother was linked to several soldiers in the mob. The man who killed Oswald, Jack Ruby, had ties to the Dallas crime family, which was more or less a subsidiary of the Marcello organization

10 Conclusion Sam Giancana and Santo trafficante were both in the CIA’s plan to assassin Castro. Santo Giancana had ties and met with Carlos Marcello and Jimmy Hoffa who all had reason to kill the president Hoffa and Robert Kennedy had a hate relationship. Trafficante had a business in Cuba that he lost when Castro came into power.

11 Conclusion On 22nd November, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. Rumours began to circulate that Giancana and other gang bosses such as Santos Trafficante, Carlos Marcello, and Johnny Roselli, were involved in the crime. Hoffa had told him to take a message to Trafficante and Marcello concerning a plan to kill Kennedy. When the meeting took place at the Royal Orleans Hotel, Ragano told the men: "You won't believe what Hoffa wants me to tell you. Jimmy wants you to kill the president." When Kennedy was killed Hoffa apparently said to Ragano: "I told you could do it. I'll never forget what Carlos and Santos did for me." He added: "This means Bobby is out as Attorney General". Marcello later told Ragano: "When you see Jimmy (Hoffa), you tell him he owes me and he owes me big." Just before Kennedy was assassinated on 22nd November, 1963, Jack Ruby made contact with Marcello, and another Mafia leader, Santos Trafficante, about a problem he was having with the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA). Ruby also visited New Orleans that summer. So also did the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

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