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2 My name is Gizem.I live in İstanbul.I’m a 13 years old.I like playing chess and reading.I don’t like playing volleyball.My favorite food is pizza.I have got a sister.Her name is İrem.

3 İPEK Hi, I ’ m İpek Doğan and I ’ m 9 years old. I have no pets but I really like puppy ’ s. My best friends are Gözde, Ahsen and Aleyna. My hobbies are dancing & playing tennis. I like playing with my friends but I don ’ t like arguing with them Hope to hear from you soon İpek

4 MY PROFİLE My name is ALEYNA. I am 10 years old and I have brown eyes. I have got a sister. Her name is Sena. I like dancing. I love shopping and having sleepovers with my friends. I go to Ş air Mehmet Emin Yurdakul Primary School. I like pizza and pasta. My best friend is Elif.

5 Hİ!!! My name is Ertuğrul YILMAZ. I’m 12 years old. I have got a small family I have a brother. He is 16 years old. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. I live in İstanbul. Istanbul is a beautiful city but it is very crowded. There are a lot of historical places in Istanbul. I like playing computer games,reading books and listening to music. My favourite sports are basketball, swimming and running. I go swimming twice a week. My favourite computer game is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. My favourite book is ‘Lord of the flies’ Zazz- Je Veux is my favourite song.

6 HELLOHELLO Hi,ı’m Mithat.I live in İstanbul.I’m 13 years old.I love watching the VAMPIRE DIARIES.Stefan is my favorite character. I enjoy reading Greek mythology. My favourite team is Galatasaray. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is my favorite computer game. I am a fan of Paul Wesley. So bye-bye for now!.

7 My name is Handan Başpınar.I’m 13 years old.I’m a student. I live in İstanbul.İstanbul is my favourite city. İstanbul is like a bridge between two continents. It is in Asia and Europe. My weight is 37 kg.My height is 155 cm. My favourite animal is dog. I like listening to music and playing guitar.

8 HELLO!!! My name is Ömer. I am 12 years old. I am blond and I have got hazel eyes. I’m student. I’m from Sivas. I have got a sister, her name is Ayşenaz and she is 3 years old. I live in İstanbul. İstanbul is a good city. 13 million people live in İstanbul. My hobbies are playing computer games,watching TV,reading books and listening to music. My favorite activity is running, I like to run.Ohh! My favorite computer game is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. My favorite song is Pitbuul-Rain Over Me.

9 Hi, My name is Atakan Yıldırım and I am 10 years old, my hobby is playing Rugby and I hate playing Football. I also like arts and crafts.My best friends are Doğukan,Yiğit and Eray.

10 All About Me, My name is Gülsen Kütükcü I am 12 years old My favourite sports are basketball and voleyball I go to Şair Mehmet Emin Yurdakul Primary School My favourite food is pizza I have got 2 brothers

11 My name is İlayda Beyza Eyes Colour: Blue Age:12 Song: Rihanna-California King Bed Food: Pizza and brownies Best Friends: Başak-Banu_Gizem Hometown: İstanbul Birthday: 03/10/1999 School: Şair Mehmet Emin Yurdakul Primary School Hobbies: acting, dancing, singing, playing guitar, playing voleyball

12 My name is MERT I'm 9 years old. I live in Istanbul in Turkey My favourite hobbies are listening to music, watching movies. I love travelling. Tarkan is my favourite singer

13 Name: Gizem Başak Topuz Eyes Colour: Blue Age:12 Song: Rihanna-S&M Food: Pizza and brownies Friends: Başak-Banu-Beyza Hometown: İstanbul Birthday: 28/05/99 School: Şair Mehmet Emin Yurdakul Primary School Hobbies: dancing, singing, playing voleyball Singer: Avril Lavigne

14 My name is Aleyna Büşra I am 12 years old My favourite colour is green My hobbies are reading book and cycling My best friend is Melisa I have got a brother and his name is Furkan My teacher’s name is Mrs.Eldem


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