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2093 (Working Title). Setting Year 2093 World is run by vast corporations, the biggest being OmniGlobal The world is split between those who work for.

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1 2093 (Working Title)

2 Setting Year 2093 World is run by vast corporations, the biggest being OmniGlobal The world is split between those who work for the corporations, and those who don’t Those who work for the corporations live in luxury, those that don’t are forced to live in slums

3 Locations – New York Location of OmniGlobal headquarters Richest city in the world Home of the wealthiest

4 Locations – Boston Slum, housing those relocated from other major cities after the stock market crash Destroyed by fire, and cordoned off by OmniSec, OmniGlobal’s security forces

5 Locations - Cuba 98% owned by OmniGlobal Now used as a testing ground and research facility, for projects illegal in the US

6 Story Player takes the role of a test subject for OmniGlobal’s new cybernetic implants After another subject, OmniSec’s computer expert Adrian Jacobs, discovers encrypted files detailing assassinations, murders and widespread corruption throughout OmniGlobal, he leads a group of subjects in an escape, in an attempt to meet up with the rebels.

7 Characters - Reynolds Affiliation: OmniGlobal Acting head of OmniSec, he has taken control of the hunt for the rebels, and personally commands the remaining cybernetic subjects

8 Characters – “Jackal” Affiliation: OmniGlobal OmniSec’s best assassin, the man known only as “Jackal” was a natural choice to undergo the cybernetic testing. Made arrogant by his new abilities, he is an unpredictable foe

9 Characters – Subject 19: “Zeus” Name: Unknown Affiliation: OmniGlobal Test subject who underwent a unique upgrade process, grafting him to his weapon, a prototype electrical cannon. Wears a strength enhancing suit, as his weapon drains his own energy

10 Characters – Oliver Deimer Affiliation: OmniGlobal OmniGlobal’s leading surgeon, he was the driving force behind the cybernetic upgrade program, as well as being Subject 01. After some of his subjects left the facility to join the Rebels, he entered a fit of depression at he deems to be his biggest failure.

11 Characters – ‘Alvarez’ Affiliation: Rebel A Cuban patriot, who joined the fight against OmniGlobal after he was forced from his home during their takeover of Cuba. At 22, he is one of the last people to have been born and raised in Cuba

12 Characters - Beck Affiliation: Rebel Rebecca was another of the cybernetic subjects who left OmniGlobal with Adrian to join the Rebels. Originally a researcher for OmniTek, she puts her skills to use maintaining the decaying Rebel base and its equipment

13 Characters - E Affiliation: Rebel The third test subject who left OmniGlobal, Edward was a high ranking OmniSec officer, whose world was shaken to its core when he learnt the truth of a company he had dedicated his entire life to was far from what it had seemed

14 Characters - Jacob Affiliation: Rebel A hacker that first leaked anti-OmniGlobal videos, he was captured and imprisoned, but was rescued by the Rebels. OmniGlobal covered this up by announcing his death. He is the character that lead Adrian to discover the truth about OmniGlobal

15 Gameplay - Factions The player must choose whether to fight for or against OmniGlobal, which will greatly effect how the game pans out OmniGlobal affiliated characters have access to advanced OmniSec equipment, as well as easy access to the cybernetic upgrades Rebel characters must scavenge equipment, using mainly current day weaponry, taken from abandoned armouries, and access to upgrades is harder

16 Gameplay – Upgrade system The game features an upgrade system rather than a traditional levelling system, in which players upgrade their characters using cybernetic implants. Implants have 3 levels, which get progressively stronger or give further abilities Implants are associated with a body part (head, torso, arms or legs), only 3 upgrades can be implanted into a specific body part Implants are powered by a power cell, which must be recharged, either by items or through abilities

17 Gameplay - Combat The game is a blend of First Person Shooter and Role Playing Game, similar to games such as STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, as well as Fallout 3 Combat is based on the player’s skill, rather than a stats system Some weapons degrade and jam through use, making the use of a worn weapon risky Weapons can be aimed ‘down the sights’ to improve accuracy

18 Gameplay - Choices Rather than a bespoke morality system, the game features a system where the various choices you make effect the way the game progresses Choice of faction Choice of upgrades Playing style

19 Gameplay - Inventory The game’s inventory system is based on a carrying capacity, which the player can not overfill, similar to that seen in STALKER, Deus Ex and Dungeon Siege Different items take up differing amounts of room in the inventory, for example heavy weapons may take up a third of the inventory on their own

20 Gameplay – Hardcore difficulty The game features several difficulty modes, the most difficult being Hardcore The HUD is removed, save those features added by upgrades, making the use of iron sights essential Combat is more realistic, with both the player and enemies taking significant damage from attacks Ammunition takes up space in the inventory Ammunition can only be gauged by taking out the magazine to check the number of rounds left

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