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Portfolio Design Alex Pineda. Professional Identity.

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1 Portfolio Design Alex Pineda

2 Professional Identity

3 Personality Creative Technical Logical Unconventional Random

4 Areas of Specialization Web Design Graphic Design Multimedia Digital Art

5 Potential Careers Web Designer Graphic Designer Freelance Graphic Designer Starving Artist

6 Metaphor/Theme

7 Potential Metaphors Organized Chaos Geometric/Vector Art AzureSkies Synthetic Nature

8 Design Elements






14 My portfolio will feature a range of cool blues, white, and gray: –#003366 –#FFFFFF –#99CCFF –#6699CC –#CCCCCC

15 Use a mix of sans serif and ornamental fonts: –Institution –Anke Calligraphy –Avalon –Matrix –Verdana

16 Table of Contents

17 Movies/ Multimedia –Short Film: “Tag” –Short Film: “Versus” –Self-timed PPT: “The Making of Versus” –Flash Animation: “Portfolio Splash Page”

18 Sketches/Digital Art –Sketch: Self-Portrait 1 & 2 –Photo Manipulation: “Katy in the Clouds” –Digital Art: “Morrigan Moonlight Reflection” (process steps) –Digital Art: “genocidengel 2” (process steps) –Digital Art: “Assassin 2” (process steps)



21 Websites – (plus logo design) – (plus logo design) –Hambrick & Moore Photography (plus logo design) –Pied Piper Project


23 Sketches/Digital Art The Introduction…

24 In this world of technology and logic, we are constantly forced to work only the left side of our brains. This works great for solving methodical and concrete problems, but what happens when the problems require more creativity? Sometimes the solution requires a creative, right-brained approach. There is no better way to exercise creative skills than through the arts. The following pieces express that creativity and show an understanding of digital tools.

25 T&A…err.. I mean Q&A


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