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Kennedy Assassination Cutting through Conspiracies.

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2 Kennedy Assassination Cutting through Conspiracies

3 November 22, 1963 JFK was in Dallas trying to get support for next year’s election. Dallas had an unfriendly reputation towards politicians.

4 Lee Harvey Oswald Shown here in Oak Cliff, Texas. Tried to defect to the Soviet Union and Cuba.

5 School Book Depository LHO got a job in this building. He would eventually shoot JFK from the sixth floor.

6 6 th floor

7 Sixth Floor of the School Book Depository

8 Sniper’s perch This is Lee Harvey Oswald’s view from the 6 th floor of the School Book Depository


10 As the presidential limousine drove along Elm St in Dealey Plaza, at least three shots were fired. Kennedy was hit at least twice. One shot struck him in the upper back, exiting through his neck. Another shot struck him in the head and killed him. At least three shots were fired from the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository building. After this, the controversy begins.

11 Zapruder’s film was the most famous evidence


13 He was filming from here.

14 3 rd shot 1 st shot Sniper perch

15 This plaque sits next to where he was fatally shot.

16 Kennedy was rushed to Parkland

17 Oswald fled the scene He checked into his boarding house on 1026 Beckley. Officer J. Tippit stops on the street to talk to Oswald. Oswald shoots him 4 times to death

18 Lee Harvey Oswald walked 8 blocks to Texas Theatre on Jefferson Blvd.

19 Arrested The Cops beat him up after Oswald resists arrest at the theatre.

20 LBJ was sworn in at Love Field

21 The new president, Lyndon Johnson, set up an investigation into the assassination. The man in charge was Chief Justice Earl Warren. His report concluded that that only three shots were fired that the second and third of these hit Kennedy the third shot to JFK’s head was fatal the shots were fired from the Book Depository by Lee Harvey Oswald, who worked there. there was only one gunman and, therefore, no conspiracy.

22 LHO was being escorted to another jail.

23 Oswald transferred to another jail. Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner, shoots Oswald on live TV. LHO will never go on record why he did what he did. He is now dead.

24 LHO killed “You killed the President, you rat!”

25 Case Closed? Oswald fired 3 shots (missed the first one) The assassination was filmed (Zapruder) The government investigated the murder for years and concluded that Oswald acted alone. Virtually no witness at that time gave indication that more than 3 shots were fired at Kennedy. However....

26 80% of people today believe JFK was killed by someone else!!!!

27 Composite Conspiracy Story JFK was killed by a conspiracy of high government officials with LBJ working with the CIA, the mafia and anti-Castro Americans who all want revenge for Kennedy’s lack of support in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. At the same time (in contradiction), Castro killed JFK with Russia’s help. Jack Ruby killed LHO so he wouldn’t talk. Ruby died with a deep, dark secret!

28 Let’s keep in mind Many people thought Elvis was alive for decades after his death. Many people think Tupac Shakur is alive. Many people think that NASA never landed on the moon. Many think Bush let 9-11 happen on purpose.

29 To make matters worse... Oliver Stone made a movie called JFK in 1992. The movie is full of errors, lies and bad science.

30 Stone’s JFK helped advance these falsehoods about the assassination: Oswald could not have shot JFK from the sixth floor in less than 6 seconds. Kennedy was shot from the front by gunmen on the grassy knoll. Jack Ruby killed Oswald on orders from the mafia to keep Oswald quiet about everything.

31 Could Oswald have made those shots? Yes! Oswald was a sharpshooter trained by the US Marines. He scored a 212 out of 250 on a 200 yard shooting range. JFK’s car was only 50 yards away from the sniper’s nest and moved 10mph

32 Jack Ruby Conspiracists believe Jack Ruby was a mobster who killed Oswald to silence him. Ruby died in jail a couple of years later, supposedly with some deep dark secret.

33 However... Jack Ruby knew gangsters but was not one. (He knew lots of cops too!) He was a night club owner. Those that knew him said he couldn’t keep a secret for 2 minutes!

34 Ruby Ruby’s assassination was not planned. Ruby left his dog and his girlfriend in the car when he left to shoot Oswald. No conspiracy here from Jack Ruby!

35 Was Kennedy shot from the front? 2 nd assassin? Zapruder

36 Back and to the left? Many assume based on JFK’s bodily motion and blood spray that he was shot from the front.

37 No witnesses reported gunshots that day! 2 nd assassin? Zapruder wall

38 All witnesses that day described shots from where Oswald was Witness described people but no shots behind fence Oswald

39 Picket fence

40 View from behind fence (x marks the spot) 3 rd shot

41 Picket fence shooter theory There were plenty of witnesses in that area. None reported hearing shots. A few attention seekers claimed they did years later. The witness behind the fence died in a single car crash 2 years later, festering conspirators' ideas. Many witnesses have been accused of being a part of the conspiracy, including Zapruder (born in Russia).

42 Autopsy Kennedy was hit in the back of the neck, not the front. He was hit in the back of the head, not the front. A shooter could not have hit JFK from the fence without hitting Jackie or her area.

43 Magic Bullet? Oliver Stone argued that a single bullet could not have hit JFK and Governor Connally the way reported.

44 Magic Bullet? Using the bullet wounds, Stone used this diagram to convince people that one bullet could not hit JFK and the governor the way reported. Notice both heads are level with each other.

45 JFK sat elevated above Connally wrong

46 Single Bullet Theory Once their seats are properly aligned, the single bullet theory appears to be valid!

47 Umbrella Man? Some say there was a mysterious man fanning an umbrella right as Kennedy was shot. Oliver Stone said he was signaling to shoot JFK. here

48 Umbrella Man Not much mystery here. The man was questioned and identified. He was trying to heckle JFK with his umbrella in a way that he himself did not quite understand. One guy told me he was a Soviet agent. here

49 Badge Man? Was there a mysterious man wearing a badge near the fence? Again, no shots were fired from this area. JFK’s entry wounds were in the back of his neck and head.

50 Motives? Everybody seemed to have a reason to kill JFK if one thinks about it hard enough.

51 Lyndon B. Johnson Supposedly, JFK wanted to withdraw from Vietnam. LBJ had him killed so he could continue the war (supposedly).

52 LBJ Kennedy gave no clear evidence of exiting Vietnam. LBJ showed no desire for escalating this “bitch of a war.” (LBJ’s words).

53 The Mob? The mob supposedly wanted to murder Kennedy.

54 Sam Giancana connections Supposedly upset about JFK’s lack of support for killing Fidel Castro.

55 Mob continued The mob was upset about Robert Kennedy’s pursuit of organized crime. RFK was the Attorney General (top cop)

56 The mafia did not kill JFK The FBI had the Chicago mafia’s phone tapped and their offices tapped for years before 1963. No evidence was heard. The mafia had no real interest in JFK. Maybe his brother Robert, but not the President.

57 Did Mob control Oswald and Ruby? Oswald was a lone actor, just as he acted alone in an attempted murder of a General Walker. Ruby knew mobsters, but he was not trusted by them.

58 Did Castro Kill JFK? Motive: The CIA tried several times to kill Fidel Castro. Operation Mongoose considered poisoned cigars, poisoned diving suits, mafia rub out.

59 Did Castro kill JFK? Castro did not have the means to do so. Castro wanted the US to leave Cuba alone. An assassination would have led to an invasion. (Castro said this.) Oswald was refused entry into Cuba.

60 Did the Russians kill JFK? Motive: The USA was a serious rival in the Cold War. Killing JFK would provide instability in the military and government.

61 Russians killed JFK? Why would the Russians risk nuclear war? Having LBJ as President would not have benefited the Soviets.

62 OR………..


64 This drawing is also clearly wrong. The entry wound to Kennedy’s neck on the drawing on the left is both too high and too much to the side.

65 The post mortem or autopsy photo on the right shows the actual location of the bullet entry wound, as opposed to the official drawing on the left, which places it too high on the neck.





70 A drawing of the impact of the second shot fired – according to the Warren Commission. This would not have been a fatal wound.


72 Kennedy’s shirt.






78 Criticisms of the Warren Commission Many accused the Warren Commission of a cover-up, claiming that: it ignored dozens of witnesses who claimed they heard at least one shot from the grassy knoll Oswald could not have fired such a poor quality weapon so accurately in such a short time (8.5 secs) ‘the magic bullet’ could not have caused such extensive wounds to JFK and Connally and suffer so little physical damage there must, therefore, have been a second gunman firing at Kennedy from the grassy knoll. two gunmen means there was a conspiracy

79 The Zapruder film head shot. The spray of ‘particulate matter’ (brain tissue) is clearly moving forward – suggesting that it is reacting to the impact of a shot from the rear…

80 Who could have been involved in a conspiracy to kill Kennedy? Top of the list of those who wanted Kennedy dead is the Mafia. Kennedy’s brother, Robert, had started a very successful campaign to destroy the Mafia in America. With JFK dead, Robert would lose all power. Southern racists violently objected to Kennedy’s support for Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. Top generals in the US army who believed that Kennedy was ‘soft’ on Communism and should have invaded Cuba in 1962. Aliens involved in a failed attempt to abduct Kennedy to put an implant in his brain….

81 In 1977 the US Senate set up another enquiry into the assassination because so many people believed that the Warren Commission had done a bad job. The Senate’s Select Committee reported in 1979. It agreed with Warren that Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots which killed Kennedy. However, it also said that it was likely that another gunman had fired and missed from the grassy knoll and, therefore, there had been a conspiracy. The Report concluded that it did know the identity of the second gunman. Check this website for more information: home.htm

82 Assassinated by a lone gunman or by a conspiracy, John Kennedy was still the father of two young children. John Junior died in a plane crash in 1999.

83 Conclusion People (including me) believe what they want to believe. Some want to believe JFK was not killed by some lone nut. Some enjoy being in the minority opinion.

84 Let’s let celebrities die in peace!



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