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John F. Kennedy Assassination. JFK Assassination History Friday November 22, 1963 JFK was assassinated while riding in a motorcade through Dallas, TX.

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1 John F. Kennedy Assassination

2 JFK Assassination History Friday November 22, 1963 JFK was assassinated while riding in a motorcade through Dallas, TX. He was in Dallas to promote his campaign for reelection in 1964. As he was riding through Dealey Plaza he was shot in the head and fatally injured. It is believed that he was struck by one bullet.

3 History Cont. Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald who was in the Texas School Book Depository. He was taken immediately to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he died. Governor John Connally was also struck by the bullet in the hand and chest. Oswald was arrested shortly afterwards.

4 Oswald Before he could be tried he was fatally shot by Jack Ruby while he was being transported by the police. There are two groups appointed in investigate the assassination… –Warren Commission –House Select Committee on Assassinations. –These two groups come up with very different conclusions. (more later)

5 Controversy Around Assassination There are some people (conspiracy theorists) who believe that there is secret information about the assassination that we don’t know. Some theorize that there may be a covert group behind the assassination. Why would they believe this? Here are some facts…

6 Facts HSCA found that Oswald did not work alone but never identified anyone as a possible 2nd suspect. Said that it was probable that there was some kind of conspiracy. Kennedy himself was nervous about security and safety in Dallas. –Senator attacked a few weeks prior.

7 Facts Motorcade route was altered after they landed and changed last minute…not as much security. Secret Service denied having extra Dallas Police Officers staged around the route for added protection. Some witnesses say they saw shots fired from the book depository.

8 Facts Some say the bullet clearly came from in front of the President. Bullets in the car matched those in Oswald’s rifle. Oswald had many better opportunities to shoot JFK while he was approaching the building but waited until the last second. Had a MUCH harder view.

9 Facts Many reputable people including Secret Service and officers claim that President was clearly shot from the front. There was a significant lack of security on that day…fewer CIA, SS, and police. Oswald denied killing president…uncharacteristic of assassin. Single bullet theory extremely unlikely.

10 Smells fishy… Car was immediately cleaned and renovated on the orders of LBJ before it could be investigated. JFK’s body was immediately removed and sent to Washington before it was investigated by the coroner in Texas or anyone else. Governor Connally’s hat and cufflink disappeared.

11 Smells fishy… Oswald’s Marine Corps record was destroyed shortly after assassination. JFK’s brain was “misplaced” somehow in Washington so could never be analyzed for entry or exit wounds. Even though HSCA said definitely more than one shooter was never investigated to find out who it could be.

12 What is a conspiracy theory? The belief that a covert organization is responsible for an unexplained event. Idea that there is or was a specific cover-up or plot by a secret group to commit an action.

13 Why a Conspiracy Theory? Evidence challenges Oswald Conflicting eyewitness accounts Discrepancies in autopsy reports Unlikely bullet path All suggest multiple gunmen American public bought the government’s story until…

14 Writers take a stand Many books were published on the topic even in Europe. 1975 Zapruder film made public by Life magazine and people believe it looks like he was NOT shot from behind. HSCA concluded in 1979 that Oswald WAS the gunman but that he had an accomplice on the grassy knoll who shot and missed.


16 Specific Conspiracy Theories LBJ - –Power as Vice-President was limited. –Believed he may not be selected as JFK’s running mate in next election. –He was being investigated in 4 different issues before assassination…afterwards they all disappeared. –Fingerprint in book depository belonged to an associate of LBJ also a known murder. – He disagreed with Kennedy’s stance in Vietnam and changed things once in office.

17 Reasons to Reasons not believe to believe Johnson sealed certain records until 2039 Ordered the limo cleaned and refurbished Chose all members of the Warren Commission He may have been ambitious but not a killer There isn’t any concrete evidence to support his involvement

18 CIA - –Had complete power under Eisenhower. –Known to have conspired with Mafia on assassination attempts. –Kennedy blocked their power after the Bay of Pigs invasion failed. –CIA director Allen Dulles who Kennedy fired served on Warren Commission. –One of Kennedy’s mistresses was married to CIA official and was murdered in 1964. – Also believed to possibly be linked to MLK and Robert Kennedy.

19 BelieveNot Believe CIA was the one group who could pull it off. Govt. had little control over CIA during 60’s. While in Marines Oswald was stationed at the largest CIA station. Oswald always wanted to be CIA spy. CIA withheld untold amounts of info for years on JFK and Castro. No evidence that Oswald was involved with CIA Trust that CIA wouldn’t kill one of it’s own no matter how bad it was.

20 Organized Crime Mafia was reacting to increasing crackdowns by government. Mad that JFK turned against them (had helped him get elected). Also mad at AG. Robert Kennedy. Were working with CIA to kill Castro. James Files a hit man for Chicago family confessed to the assassination saying he was working with others. During Congressional investigations of mob and CIA many HEAD mobsters died Johnny Roselli who had told others that Ruby was sent to silence Oswald was found killed as well.

21 BelieveNot Believe HSCA believed it was definite possibility. Hoffa said wanted to kill JFK and RFK. FBI agents and others say were told that they were going to “hit” president (1962) Oswald had ties to mob. Ruby also had ties to Capone, and Hoffa and others. Two days before assassination a prostitute and drug addict said she hitched a ride with 2 Italians who were on their way to Dallas to kill the President. Also said heard he would take a mob bullet and that Ruby and Oswald were friends. HSCA had no direct evidence. FBI listened to hours of mob tape and heard nothing about the assassination.

22 Other ideas FBI - Hoover wanted to avoid retirement which Kennedy would have forced him to do at 70. LBJ made him exempt. Possible Plots –Knew of plots and did nothing –Oswald was an informant who killed Kennedy on orders from the FBI –Oswald warned FBI only to be framed and then silenced by Ruby. Ruby worked as FBI informant, FBI man who had done investigation shot before could testify. Oswald dropped off a note to FBI officer Hosty day before assassination but was destroyed the day before he died. Never knew what was in it.

23 Castro - Wanted to get back for all his own assassination attempts. –Oswald admired Castro –Castro said in interview that US leaders should not feel safe. –Sept. 1963 Oswald visited Cuban consulate in Mexico City. Called himself a “friend of Cuban Revolution” –Autulio Ortiz testified he saw a folder labeled “Osvaldo-Kennedy” at a Cuban intelligence facility.

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