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Abel’s Island Digital folder by: Joel. The Picnic onions black caviar olives quail eggs pot cheese watercress champagne.

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1 Abel’s Island Digital folder by: Joel

2 The Picnic onions black caviar olives quail eggs pot cheese watercress champagne

3 Literary Devices personification “thoughtless weather” p 6 “angry thunder” p 7 “its whim was to fling him against a huge nail” p 10 “confident of it’s own splendor” p 76 Metaphor “the bright day was his only witness” p 23

4 Abel’s Inventions a boat (board and nail) rudder (tree bark) sailboat with rudder (jacket) catamaran (sticks and grass lashings) idea of tunnel under river (didn’t build it because he didn’t want to drown or the tunnel to collapse on him) rope tied to rock hollow log (house) stone bridge hammock (grass fibers) fire (smoke signals) clay bowls glider (sticks and leaf)

5 Abel’s Inventions; Continued sculptures shutters (bark) mats and curtains (grasses) thorns (held up curtains) stone tablets snowshoes shovel spear (pocket knife)

6 Words to Remember caviar parasol hurricane gauze caromed marooned cherry birch writhing revulsion ingenuity catamaran botany mundane brambles foisted extracted predicament eon fibers frivolous bola stubborn prolonged equinoctial melancholy obstinate poignant ecstasy proliferated wrought indulgent despondent surmised stalwart frigid

7 Words to Remember; Continued bestirred harbingers somnolent meditative speculated reptilian vocation trifle

8 All About Abel Likes fancy clothes Loves Amanda Likes to look nice Is selfish Likes to be clean Has rodent teeth Does not part with Amanda’s scarf on the island so he will remember her He was being very stubborn to try and get back to Amanda Was being creative and resourceful with what he had to make inventions to get back to Amanda He is going mad as he does not get any human (mouse) contact

9 All About Abel; Continued was rich likes dry clothes becomes uncivilized while he is on the island

10 Abel’s Rodent Teeth Abel found that his rodent teeth helped him make his inventions At first Abel thought he was crazy using his teeth to make grooves in his inventions

11 The Island The island has rocky shores, raspberry bushes frequently. There is also Abel’s house, a hollow log, and his favorite lookout, a cherry birch tree.

12 The Owl The owl also known to Abel as “dealer of death” or “winged assassin” or “sentinel of hell”. Abel also considered the “winged assassin” to have a “bone chilling sharp beak” and the “terror” of the “grappling talons”

13 Retelling 1 Scene: Abel going after Amanda’s scarf Told by: The scarf I knew I should have stayed home instead of going on Amanda’s neck to those two lovebirds picnic. When Amanda bought me she was single but when she married this Abel I knew I wasn’t going to get much attention. While Abel was picking a flower for Amanda, I was to busy reading Amanda’s book with her to feel that a storm was coming in my “bones.” From the beginning I knew there was shelter nearby but I didn’t know if Abel and Amanda could make it.... Once Abel and Amanda got to that little cave I was quite relieved. When that dang hurricane blew me off Amanda’s neck I knew I had spoke too soon. After Abel jumped out and caught me I had

14 Retelling 1; Continued no idea where I was going to be stuck and for how long I was going to be stuck with that fancy –pants Abel. Right at that moment I regretted that I agreed to come with Amanda. Well, now that Abel and I are marooned on this big island I’m kind of sleepy from being tossed and turned during the river rapids ride so nigh-night.-The scarf

15 Retelling 2 Scene: Abel finding his home, the log Told by: The Log When I saw that little dot (Abel) walk up the island shore I became very curious. I was even more surprised when Abel made me his home. Although it was nice having company I think I have a couple bruises from Abel stomping in me from when he was stressed that he couldn’t get off the island. I felt like a real house when Abel put curtains and mats in me, even though it did hurt when he hung the curtains up with the thorns. Anyway, I enjoyed the company. Speaking of it I hadn’t had anybody even see me for years.... When Abel left and said he’d come back I really hope he keeps his

16 Retelling 2; Continued promise and comes back. I mean I’ve been really lonely the past years. I haven’t seen anybody since those bears came. Alright, I have to stop talking to you, I’m starting to cry....- The Log

17 Retelling 3 Scene: The cat encounter; Told by: The river When Abel got to the other side of me I knew that trouble was just around the corner for him. I’d seen that cat lurking around before, matter of fact that dang cat had drank from me. At first sight I knew he was a mouse eater. With my water and my friend the wind I made myself into rapids so Abel couldn’t get across, but when that drought came I knew Abel was doomed. Although I do think he was a little foolish hiding under that rock where the cat could reach him, as I always say expect the unexpected. Once that cat got Abel I don’t know what that stupid cat was doing but lucky for Abel the cat kept dropping him and picking him up and finally Abel was able to make a run for up my good old land buddy Mr. Tree. Abel obviously didn’t realize cat’s can climb trees too but Abel still had the upper hand being lighter weight. When Abel got to the very tip of Tree the

18 Retelling 3; Continued cat was still a couple feet away from Abel when it got to its highest. Now, Mr. good old Tree could see me just as well as I could see him and by the look on my face he knew I was a part of it. Lucky for me and Abel that old tree broke his arm for us. When that cat walked on Mr. Tree’s arm, Tree just snapped his arm off. Now, I don’t know if that dang cat was knocked out or just plain dead but it gave Abel enough time to get away. –The River

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