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Interpreting Political Cartoons

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1 Interpreting Political Cartoons

2 Why is Theodore Roosevelt considered a Progressive President?

3 Teddy Roosevelt Early Career
Roosevelt was determined to end corruption and protect the public interest. By 26, he was serving in the NYS legislature. Served on the Civil Service Commission. Head of the NYPD and assistant secretary of the navy. He was a war hero in the Spanish-American War.

4 Teddy Roosevelt Progressive Governor Progressive governor of New York.
Reformed New York government and tried to end corruption. He was nominated to run as Vice President with William McKinley. In September 1901, an assassin shot President McKinley. At age 42 Roosevelt became the youngest President.

5 after the McKinley Assassination
Roosevelt became the Youngest President after the McKinley Assassination

6 Theodore Roosevelt & Big Business
Taking on the Trusts Roosevelt continued McKinley’s pro-business policies. Believed that there were good trusts and bad trusts. Good trusts were efficient and fair-- the government should leave them alone. Bad trusts cheated workers and the public--they needed government regulation. He broke up Standard Oil, American Tobacco, among others. Roosevelt became known as the “Trustbuster”

7 Theodore Roosevelt & Big Business
Support for Labor TR forced an agreement between miners and mine owners in the Pennsylvania coal strike. Prior presidents used the army to break strikes and support management. TR threatened to use troops to run the mines which meant that workers wouldn’t get paid and owners wouldn’t make any money. TR’s actions resulted in an end to the strike & a fair deal for workers & owners He gained the support working men and women.

8 Theodore Roosevelt’s Square Deal
In 1904, TR ran for president and promised a Square Deal. The Square Deal offered equal opportunity to farmers, consumers, workers and owners. Part of the Square Deal was to limit the power of railroads by setting railroad rates. The promise of a Square Deal helped TR win in a landslide victory.

9 Protecting Consumers TR was shocked at Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.
Worked with Congress to pass the Meat Inspection Act of 1906, which allowed the inspection of meat packing plants. When food and drug companies sold dangerous products, TR passed the Pure Food and Drug Act. Roosevelt’s actions made food and medicines safer for public use.

10 Protecting Resources TR was a big outdoorsman and wanted to protect America’s wilderness. TR was the first conservationist president. He believed in the protection of natural resources. He allowed some forests and mountain areas to be used for industry. He also set aside other areas as national parks (170,000 acres).

11 Conclusion Why is Theodore Roosevelt considered a Progressive President? Square Deal provided equal opportunities for all citizens. As a “trustbuster” he broke up unfair trusts & monopolies. Helped workers gain fair contracts from owners. TR made food and medicine safer for public use. Protected America’s natural resources and created the national park system for future generations to enjoy.


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