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2 SE7EN NARRATIVE  The general narrative of this OTS is that it shows the antagonist of the film carrying out tasks that will lead to their evil and disturbing acts later on-they’re planning their murders. As a viewer you’re faced with disturbing images such as someone cutting the skin off their fingers (to avoid fingerprints when they commit a crime) and images of torture tools and techniques.

3 SE7EN SHOTS  The beginning shot is a close up of the pages being turned of an old tattered book. This immediately causes a disorientating effect on the viewer as you’re instantly face to face with an unknown image from an unfamiliar angle. The majority of the shots shown are close ups, this shows how you as an audience will need to piece together many small aspects in order to reveal the larger picture (much like the detectives in the film). This also means that the antagonist’s face is never revealed- a common theme in many Thriller films. The images themselves appear to be tinted a dirty brown/grey, which enhances the messy, murky images of the antagonist’s location as being downtrodden and sinister. The images (an example being when you see a hand writing in a book from the side) sometimes repeat themselves in the shot as if you’re dizzy and you’re seeing double. Some of the shots are also layered adding to the idea of trying to uncover the different layers of a villain’s plan.

4 SE7EN FONT  The fonts used resemble scratched words on a wall or chalk on a blackboard. The titles are jumpy and often flicker in and off the screen (showing how everything about this villain and film will leave the viewer uncertain and unsure of what could happen next). The words are often angled slightly. The lack of any of the titles being on a set straight line (excluding the title SE7EN) suggests that the words are unbalanced and unstable- mirroring the mental state of the antagonist. The colour of the font is white, often against a black background. This could suggest the idea of good (the white) trying to fight against evil (the darkness). The title of the film SE7EN repeatedly flashes up at random intervals disorientating the audience.

5 SE7EN SOUNDTRACK  The soundtrack is an unpredictable beat with an uncertain rhythm. Some of the sounds that make up the track sound like metal grinding and slicing noises which have the same effect as nails on a chalkboard on a person’s ears. It puts you on edge and makes you feel uncomfortable. This unpredictable soundtrack is also emphasized by the large use of jump cuts between shots. Finally the sound occasionally sounds as though it’s being filtered, as if you’re hearing noises but there’s something in between you and the source of the sounds (like listening to people talking in another room by placing a glass on a wall).  Towards the end of the OTS the pace of the sound track increases and the time the shots are on screen decreases (so the jumps cuts are faster). This creates the idea of the OTS being a miniature version of the whole film- an insight into some aspects of an antagonists plan, then as more and more clues (represented by the different shots in the OTS) appear it leads to a gradual build up to a villains plan, finally causing a climax as you’ve nearly pieced together what’s happening. But it’s at this point that the tiles end leaving you to watch the film and find out what antagonist is planning through doing so.

6 THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 NARRATIVE  The main narrative of this OTS is showing the busy city life of New York during the daylight hours. However whilst showing these shots we see a range of suspiciously dressed men who immediately are recognised to be villains to the audience. This is due to the choice of costume (dark clothes, sunglasses, hats to hide their identity).  The OTS shows their journey to the subway station (which is to be their target for the crime they are planning to commit).

7 THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 SHOTS  The first thing you see is a small rectangle containing an establishing shot of a city and it’s skyscrapers. It is in the middle of a black screen and gets slowly larger and larger (like an approaching train).  You see the head villain, dressed in all black, black hat and black shades (hiding their identity). You also see a close up of their tattoo on their neck (this could symbolize being tough, living on the edge, not being afraid of anything).  The sign SUBWAY flashes up in yellow and there are images of the underground as well helping to establish where the film is going to base itself around.  There is also a range of shots (people walking in the street, the subway, the villains running down steps etc.).  Jump cuts are used to transition these shots from one to another which adds to the representation of the fast busy lifestyle in New York and also the speed at which the antagonists are carrying out their plan.

8 THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 FONT  The titles start by coming onto the screen by a black moving bar (like a train). They then morph into the background (sudden like how a train rushes past you).  The font of the opening titles is an electric pale blue which could have been done to resemble the electrical sparks of a subway train track.  The job title is a smaller font than the name of the individuals whose job it was (differentiation). This is because attention wants to be drawn to the NAME of the person in order for them to gain more recognition.

9 THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 SOUNDTRACK  The first sounds you hear are train horns (diegetic sounds of a city life on the subway).  Music then suddenly plays loudly (like being suddenly hit by the music/a train).  It is a remixed track, featuring Jay Z (99 problems), it contains heavy drums and guitar sounds.  The music is fast paced, jumpy and styled to represent the streets the camera shows; a fast paced beat for a fast paced New York lifestyle.  The use of diegetic (train sounds) and non-diegetic (music) linked together creates the impression of the lives of the people in the city having a set rhythm- much like the antagonist's plan.  The fast paced music from the OTS also draws the viewer in immediately because the film jumps straight into the action.

10 VANTAGE POINT NARRATIVE  The screen starts of black, then a faint red dot (which could have been done to represent a red laser used to aim a gun) slowly runs across the screen subtly. A triangular shaped cut is made through the black revealing part of the setting (this could be a reference to how the truth (represented by the image) is not easy to find). The entire opening title sequence is the establishing shots being pieced together, shattered and reassembled. It’s more of an abstract OTS as no storyline is immediately visible.  However the shattering of the establishing shots could be a metaphor for the disequilibrium in the film (something balanced being broken such as an assasination).

11 VANTAGE POINT SHOTS  There is an orange tint on the image, this could imply how society is manipulated to see things a certain way (from one point of view).  The orange warm colour could also symbolise fire and the destruction it can cause. This could be a metaphorical warning about a threat (e.g. a gunman).  Smooth straight lines are also shown (this could refer to the straight shot a professional gunman must have to get their target) to cut across the main image.  A majority of the shots are high angle, this could have been done to show the camera as representing a hunter’s viewpoint- the same way a bird of prey flies high when searching for it’s prey.  Furthermore these high angles make the audience feel slightly more uncomfortable as it’s not a natural point of view to look from.

12 VANTAGE POINT FONT  The tile of the film is revealed by the words being shattered and impossible to read (referencing concepts in the film about how the trust is never clear) then the pieces of the title linking into one.  The font of the opening titles is simple, straight and harsh looking which again supports the films as having themes of a serious nature. It suggests the film containing characters that want things well thought out and planned. For example an assassin planning to murder someone would want everything perfect, defined and structured in order for their plan to succeed.  The use of a simple font could also suggest the film is focusing more on the narrative of the story to draw viewers as opposed to how many effects they use.

13 VANTAGE POINT SOUNDTRACK  The soundtrack is purely instrumental (sounds similar to beeps and bells). This links with the narrative of the film as it concerns itself with an assassin going after someone in connection to politics. Classical music is something often associated with more “serious” individuals such as politicians. For example playing heavy metal music with a shot of an actor playing the president may not have the same connotations a classical piece would (e.g. calm and controlled; these are qualities that are more likely to be associated with a serious political figure).  The music also slowly builds up volume then moves back down again subtly which could mimic the idea of anticipating an attack and constantly being on edge and nervous as you are unable to predict what going to happen next (e.g. a bodyguard thinking about an assassin’s next move).  Although the soundtrack is mostly instrumental there are some diegetic noises resembling beeps than can be heard. These could represent something -like a weapon- being put together/assembled. For example the beeps could symbolize a bomb being assembled or a rifle.


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