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Spring Sowing Liam O’Flaher By Danyun Xu 中山大学南方学院 1.

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1 Spring Sowing Liam O’Flaher By Danyun Xu 中山大学南方学院 1

2 Content  1. Introduction  2. About the Author  3. About the Story  4. Language focus 2

3 Questions for Discussion  What does SPRING mean to you? (2 adjectives)  Are there any impressive moments of spring in your memory? 3

4 Group discussion continues…  A survey by the Twiter 1/27/twitter- poll_n_2200710.html#slide=1811449  What kind of spouse are your looking for? (List top 3 qualities) 4

5 2.1 About the author  One of the most significant and important modern Anglo-Irish authors.  His themes stem from his experiences growing up in a poverty-stricken society on the island of Aran.  The naturalistic, mystical, romantic, and realistic styles. 5

6 2.2 Main works  Thy Neighbour’s wife  The Black Soul  The informer  The Assassin  Shame the Devil  Famine 6

7 3.1 About the Story  ‘Spring Sowing’ is taken from the author’s first collection of short stories which bears the same title published in 1924.  The story describes the first day of the first spring planting of a newly-wedded couple against the background of a traditional agricultural country. 7

8 Continue…  In Ireland at that time, most people still depend on farming for a living, and the main crop was the potato. Modern science and technology had not yet caught up with the land, there was little machinery.  Practically, everything was done by hand. A typical farmer believed in traditional virtues: hard work, simple living, discipline, and above all, a strong sense of responsibility, responsibility for the happiness of your wife/hushand, parents and children.  In spite of their almost primitive living and working conditions, however they also had their joys and love, their longings for the future. 8

9 Text Structure  Part 1(paras. 1-8) The young couple’s preparation for the first day of their spring sowing.  Part 2 (paras.9-23) A detailed description of the spring sowing.  Part 3 (paras. 24-26) The young couple’s yearnings of the spring sowing. 9

10 Language Focus 4.1 Synonym 1 4.2 Synonym 2 4.3 The Usage of ‘As’ 10

11 4.1 Synonym 1  lie vi. lay lain lying 躺  lie v. lied lied lying 撒谎  lay vi. laid laid laying 放;下蛋 11

12 Bob had been____on a meadow sprinkled with dandelion for a long time before he sat up. (2011 TEM 4) A. laid B. lying C. lain D. laying B 12

13 4.2 Synonym 2 1. scatter 指人或物向四处散开,或把物随 意撒开 含有利用武力或某种力量驱散之义。 2. disperse 多指把一群人或物等彻底驱散。 3. spread 指一直延伸、蔓延,侧重遍及。 4. diffuse 指光线、声音或气味等在空中传送 或散布,强调覆盖面积与物质分布相对密度 之间的关系。 13

14 The police scattered the crowd. 警察驱散了人群。 The crowd was dispersed in all directions. 人群 四散离开了。 The line of the police spread out to search the city. 这队警察散开来在城里四下搜索。 14

15 Y2009, cloze Scientists around the world are racing to learn how to rapidly diagnose, treat and stop the spread of a new, deadly disease. 15

16 The thieves ____ the waste paper all over the room while they were searching for the diamond ring.? A. spread B. scratched C. scattered D. burned c 16

17 4.3 The Usage of ‘As’  wenjianku/200537/101ktb/ynjd/yncevm0b/yn cevm0b.htm wenjianku/200537/101ktb/ynjd/yncevm0b/yn cevm0b.htm 17

18 THE END ! 18

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