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Rhetorical Vocabulary (Word Play 3-5) “Word Doctor” Dr. Frank Luntz

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1 Rhetorical Vocabulary (Word Play 3-5) “Word Doctor” Dr. Frank Luntz
AGENDA Rhetorical Vocabulary (Word Play 3-5) “Word Doctor” Dr. Frank Luntz Nov. 5

2 Rhetorical Vocabulary
Word Play 3-5

3 Dr. Frank Luntz Frank Luntz an American political consultant, pollster, and Republican Party strategist.[1] His most recent work has been with the Fox News Channel as a frequent commentator and analyst, as well as running focus groups after presidential debates. Luntz's specialty is “testing language and finding words that will help his clients sell their product or turn public opinion on an issue or a candidate.”[2] He is also an author of business books dealing with communication strategies and public opinion. Luntz's current company, Luntz Global, LLC, specializes in message creation and image management for commercial and political clients. Source: Wikipedia

4 “Not what you say, it’s what people hear”
What’s behind winning campaign slogans and career-ending political blunders? Why do some speeches and advertising campaigns resonate and endure while others are so quickly forgotten? The answers lie in the way words are used to influence and motivate, the way they connect thought and emotion. In his speeches, based on his New York Times bestselling book “Words that Work,” Dr. Frank Luntz not only raises the curtain on the art effective language, but also offers priceless insight on how to find and use the right words to get what you want out of life. Luntz’s engaging, interactive and humorous presentation shows you how to transform simple ideas into an effective language arsenal for the war of perception we all wage each and every day.

5 Focus Writing “Imagine the day when…” “I fear the day…”
“My dream is to…”

6 AGENDA Review Synthesis Essay and expectations for source gathering
Compare/Contrast JFK and Obama Inaugural Speeches Nov 5

7 Synthesis Essay Write an essay in which you develop a position on how an individual’s values impact their decision making.

8 JFK Inaugural Address The inauguration of John F. Kennedy as the 35th President of the United States was held on January 20, 1961 (51 years ago)The inauguration of John F. Kennedy as the 35th President of the United States was held on January 20, The inauguration marked the commencement of the term of John F. Kennedy as President (which lasted until his assassination two years, ten months, and two days later on November 22, 1963) and Lyndon B. Johnson as Vice President. In his campaign, Kennedy promised to “get the country moving again,” a new ideal that comforted many Americans because they found a sense of hope and optimism[neutrality is disputed]. In 1960, Kennedy gained the Democratic Party’s nomination for President and millions watched his televised debates with Richard M. Nixon, the Republican candidate[citation needed]. Kennedy won by a narrow margin in the popular vote and became the youngest man elected President and the first Roman Catholic President. His inaugural address encompassed the major themes of his campaign and his short presidency, which was ended on November 22, 1963 by an assassin’s bullet.[2]

9 JFK Inaugural Address Read and analyze Pair/share findings

10 Obama’s Inaugural Address
The inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States took place on Tuesday, January 20, The inauguration, which set a record attendance for any event held in Washington, D.C., marked the commencement of the four-year term of Barack Obama as President and Joe Biden as Vice President. Based on the combined attendance numbers, television viewership, and Internet traffic, it was among the most-observed events ever by the global audience. "A New Birth of Freedom", a phrase from the Gettysburg Address, served as the inaugural theme to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth year of Abraham Lincoln. In his speeches to the crowds, Obama referred to ideals expressed by Lincoln about renewal, continuity and national unity. Obama mentioned these ideals in his speech to stress the need for shared sacrifice and a new sense of responsibility to answer America's challenges at home and abroad. ~Wikipedia

11 Obama’s Inaugural Address
Watch and analyze Pair/Share with new partner

12 Compare/Contrast Contrast Compare Kennedy used… :
Both presidents used…: Contrast Kennedy used… : Obama used…: CONSIDER EFFECTIVENESS OF RHETORICAL SCHEMES

13 AGENDA Letters to the Troops! Pre-writing for “Eating Environment”
Nov 6

14 Letters to the Troops! Gratitude Comfort while away from family
Cannot: Be politically or religiously charged Use gel ink (Do Not) seal the envelope

15 Eating Environment List a few of your “eating environments”
Describe setting (five senses) List typical company of people Describe those around Purpose of visit Satisfy hunger, social, etc.

16 “Eating Environment” Reflect upon on a certain “eating environment” of which you are familiar. Then, prepare a brief (no more than one paper f  b) but purposeful essay on the subject.

17 AGENDA Half Day! Analysis of “Eating Environment”
Assign one-page analysis (in replacement of FQ #7) SSR/SSW Nov 7

18 “Coriatachan in Sky” Samuel Johnson’s essay “Coriatachan in Sky” (18th century prose) features the reflections and ruminations of an Englishman in connection with his 1773 journey to remore Western Islands of Scotland. Food and travel are Johnson’s featured subjects. Corriechatachan (Gaelic for “corrie of the wild cats”) is a farmstead (now ruined), lying at the foot of Beinn na Caillich, near Broadford, Scotland. (Source: Wikipedia)

19 “Coriatachan in Sky” Analysis
Read the passage carefully, asking yourself “what’s remarkable?” about it as you annotate it. Then analyze how 18th century English author Samuel Johnson develops his attitude toward the inhabitants of Coriatachan in Sky by representing aspects of Scottish dining.

20 Writing Plan Read and annotate text Determine and provide:
his attitude toward the inhabitants of Coriatachan in Sky Support using rhetorical devices, tone, purpose, etc. as to HOW these support his attitude toward the inhabitants of Coriatachan in Sky

21 Homework Typed/ printed when coming to class MLA format
Double-space, MLA heading Attach rubric to front with name

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