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The Assassin book. Get ready for the most awesome thing you read!!!

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1 The Assassin book. Get ready for the most awesome thing you read!!!

2 Contents. Altair Ibn La’ Ahad Page1 Ezio Auditore Da Firenze Page2 Assassins from Italy page3 Leonardo Da Vinci Page 4

3 Altair the Assassin. The greatest assassin ever alive from 1165-1257 is Altair Ibn-La’ Ahad. He was born on January 11 1165 and died on 1257. He was born to assassin people that had a bad life and does bad things to other people. He was born from a Christian mother and a Muslim father. Altair father was killed after he killed a nobleman and his mother was died at Altair’s childhood. When this happen Altair was yelling and felt a lot of grief and sadness. A man named Ahmad Sofian told the nobleman’s Altair’s fathers name and what he did to a nobleman but he said it because it was forced out of him by horrible torture and the man felt responsible for his fathers death so later that year he told Altair what happen and then killed himself with a very sharp dagger. Hearing this Altair run to Al Muslim headquarters and told them what happen. The Muslim master told not to tell anybody even Ahmad son, Abbas. Altair and Abbas grew up together, studied together and then became best friends. Abbas felt grief about his father’s death so Altair felt bad to say what happen but he told Abbas what happen and his father ended up killing himself a dagger. After Altair told him what happen Abbas was crying and then turned around. The next day they did not talk to each other until Abbas told there combat trainer could they fight with real swords so they did and then they were both in mud and Abbas had his sword up Altair’s neck and yelling out that Altair is lying about his fathers death. So they were taking to the jail and they were there for a year but Abbas got in a fight so he was there for a another year but Altair escaped and then climbed up a wall then ran across the wall and then the Al master Muslim made him a assassin for running up walls without falling and Altair was 17 years old then that’s when he started his assassin training but Altair did not need assassin training because he learned his family heritage was all about assassins and Altair wanted revenge for what the Grand master of Templar’s so That’s when he got to work and stared to make the assassin weapons (Hidden blade, throwing knifes, killing sword and small dagger. The next day 100 templar knights came to the city killing people and taking them to the torture place. So Altair the new assassin took actions and killed them with the assassins tools, Hidden blade( a blade that is hidden on the palm of your hand covering the middle finger and this tool is great because lots of people can not see it but Altair cut off his middle finger and then put a sharp small dagger in the hole), throwing knifes( a small knife that is sharp and made for throwing at a distance) and his killing sword (a sword for a 1-hit kill) and a small dagger (a small sharp dagger made for quiet kills, counter kills and just kills) so the templar’s left the city. Page 1

4 Ezio the Assassin The greatest assassin ever alive from 1459-1524 is Ezio Auditore da Firenze. He was born on 1459 and died on 1524. His father name was Giovanni Auditore da Firenze and his mother name his Maria Auditore da Firenze. Ezio did not know his father and grandfather (Altair Ibn-La’ Ahad) and his two brothers (Federico and Petruccio)until the age of 17 when they where killed before his own eyes. Having no choice but to leave his birth place with his remaining family (Maria Auditore da Firenze and Villa Auditroe da Firenze) before they got killed by the New Grand master of Templar’s who ordered kill of his father and two brothers. There new home was in Monteriggioni but Ezio wanted revenge for what the Grand master of Templar’s did to his family members. Learning his assassin heritage from his uncle, Mario Auditore, Ezio began his assassin training and his quest for vengeance against the Grand master of Templar’s order, who had ordered kill of his family. During his quest Ezio found out about the codex that Altair wrote to give to the assassins, tell his life and tell them the assassin ways(Stay your blade from innocent, Hide in pain sight and be one with the crowed, Never compromise the brotherhood) and save the city of Florence, Venice and Rome for the control of the Templar’s. A few weeks later Ezio saved the of Borgia from control of the Templar’s and the people that he saved, he told them to join the assassin order and when he that the assassin word spared out at Rome and more people joined the assassin order making there team of assassin stronger. The years that followed Ezio began to rediscover the Grand assassin order. When he was done with his Grand assassin order journey he began his new journey and in this journey he started to find the seals of Altair. These seals hold a power strong enough to created power that could kill everybody from a distance of a 1,000 radar of power but it would not kill the one who put these seals together. Ezio wanted these to end the long conflicted between Assassins and Templar’s. It took 5 years for Ezio to find these seals of Altair. The years that followed Ezio fought his ways trough the Templar’s and finally was at his target, the target who killed his reaming family members, the Grand master of Templar’s. The Grand master of Templar’s thought that the Auditore family was dead because he killed Ezio’s mother, father, two brothers, two sisters and his uncle Mario(the person who showed Ezio the ways of assassin and his assassin training helper). When Ezio got to the Grand master of Templar’s castle he yelled out “The Auditore are not dead!!!!!! It is me!!!!! Ezio!!!!! Ezio Auditore Da Firenze!!!!! The Grand master was surprised that the Auditore family is not dead so he told his Templar knights to kill him at once but Ezio used his assassin skills and counter kills skills to kill them all at a fast speed. The Grand master was surprised that Ezio was this good of a assassin and when he was taking about Ezio’s body when he is dead, Ezio took his chance of killing him and he did, he stabbed him in the neck with rage. He was glad he had killed the master of Templar's.

5 Assassins from Italy Some Assassins come from lots of different places but most of them came from Italy. The two greatest Assassins (Altair Ibn La’ Ahad and Ezio Auditore Da Firenze) were from Italy and lived in Italy for a short time because Templers were taking over Italy. Anyway some Assassins are still alive from Italy like: Subject 16 (born 1984 and still alive) and subject 17 (born 1985) Page 3

6 Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci was a artist and Assassins weapon maker. He was born in 1452 and in Italy. He died on January 1512 and died in France. He painted lots of famous pictures that are in Museum in these days. He also made the Assassins weapons: Hidden blade (Altair cut his middle finger for his hidden blade) killing sword, throwing knifes and dagger. His best friend since he was a kid was Ezio.

7 Pictures of Assassins These pictures are pictures of Assassins.

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