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INTRODUCES In collaboration with Xian Saming Technologies Co. Ltd. HD Shield.

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1 INTRODUCES In collaboration with Xian Saming Technologies Co. Ltd. HD Shield

2  Accidental deletion of files  Accidental shutdown  Intentional manipulation of data  Accidental formatting of hard disk (in DOS)  Corruption by Viruses and Trojans  Badly behaved applications  Frequent change of settings by users Do we have to remind you of the head aches you endure with the above?...

3  Fall in credibility and reliability with customer  Irreparable data loss  Several hundred productive man hours lost  Hundreds of Hours lost in service  Unproductive man hours aplenty We know that you are not too happy with the above too!

4  Unauthorized deletion of files  Unauthorized writing of files  Hacking  Formatting of hard disk  Viruses playing havoc with data  Software related service calls How would you like a computer in your organization or home, that eliminates …

5 Are you able to VISUALIZE … How much you could SAVE ? the translation into business PROFITS ?

6 Presenting The ultimate in System Recovery and Data protection Know more >> HD Shield

7 What is HD Shield is a software that restores your Hard Disk to the original working condition in less than 3 to 10 seconds.... even if you do an accidental format of your disk in dos mode... Hard to believe? HD Shield

8 Food for thought  You switch on your PC one morning, and found that someone has deleted all your files.  You experiment with the installation of some downloaded software and it results in a badly damaged registry with tons of spy ware.  You accidentally delete a few files and also delete them from your Recycle Bin.  You clicked on something you don't know, and this activated a deadly virus. With HD-Shield simply Restart your PC. Done!

9 Technical Specifications Operating Systems Supported Slot Type HDD Type Dynamic Buffer File Systems Supported Base PC Requirements Support Any HDD Size Installation Extra Management Tools Data on Card CMOS Data Restoration Plug & Play Aware IRQ & I/O Port ROM Address Space Supports all BIOS types Supports all Chipset types ROM Address Select No. of Partitions supported Administrator Password Auto Restore Intervals Copy over network Speed of Restoration Uninstall Feature Title Menu FCC/CE Approved Legacy DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/ Vista/Linux PCI 32bit IDE / E-IDE / SCSI / ATA33 / 66 / 100 Yes FAT16, FAT32, NTFS IBM Compatibles 8486 & above, PCI Bus Yes Less than a minute Yes None / Full Restore Yes IRQ 9 to 11 (any available) 15K by default Yes C8000H Up to 8 Yes Every Time / Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Manually Yes Instant Yes Yes (Class B)

10 HD-Shield System state is stored securely, accessible using password only. Uses up to less than 1% of HD space and only 5% system resources, maintaining fast computer performance. Image updates are done with a simple press of a button and a reboot. Instant recovery in seconds regardless of the capacity of the drive. Computer downtime is zero. Full protection/recovery for CMOS data. Not visible to end-users therefore greatly reducing possibility of intentional damage. Supports an upgraded OS instantly, without having to install any software. PC Guard Compared to Software products Software Products Cloned image is susceptible to crashes, viruses, deletion, tampering, misuse or other hazards. Often uses up to 50% of HD space and heavy system resources, slowing down computer operation and productivity. Complicated procedure for routine image updates or rollbacks. Recovery time dependent on image and HD size, waiting for service and cloning time. Average of 2-3 hours. No prevention of computers downtime. No protection/recovery for CMOS data. Visible to end-users and runs high risks of tampering. OS dependant software requires new patches or software to operate after upgrade.

11 HD-Shield HD image is securely stored on each computer. Hardware solution has no gateways for malicious code to enter within the system. Compared to Software products [contd.] Software Products Library of hundreds of HD images need to be maintained. Software can be rendered inoperable by malicious code; exposed to various hackers threats. What’s holding you now from trying out an HD-Shield ? PC Guard

12 There is no better product other than HD-Shield for the purpose anywhere on planet Earth. Its Good-Bye to all your maintenance issues that have plagued you this long. HD-Shield

13 Kindly see a demo to believe the product. HD-Shield

14 Contact Us Contact us:- COMPUTER AID C-8 Butlar Plaza Bareilly (U.P.) Call – 983730225, 0581-2455085, 9258032134 E-Mail :-

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