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Page 1 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadioPRO™ December 2007.

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1 Page 1 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadioPRO™ December 2007

2 Page 2 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadio® - Recognized as ‘THE BEST’ Readers of EETIMES voted Integration’s EZRadio chipset #1 (in January 2004)

3 Page 3 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO What's Next? EZRadioPRO®

4 Page 4 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadio vs. EZRadioPRO More features, and configurability to optimize system to specific application By comparison to EZRadio more complexity and therefore capability Higher Performance and cheaper BOM when compared to competitors EZRadioPRO™ EZRadio® Performance Sensitive Applications 50 Ohm type antennas High Output Power (~20dBm) High Performance: Sensitivity Selectivity Highly Flexible Register Configurations Feature Rich Requirements Antenna Diversity & TR Switch Control Built-in Temp Sensor Configurable Packet Handler 64 Byte FIFOs Cost Sensitive Applications Loop/IFA antennas Automatic Antenna Tuning Avg. Output Power (5-10dBm) Avg. Performance Simple Register Configuration Lowest Bill of Materials Single sided PCB designs Basic Feature Requirements Low Battery Detect Push Button Inputs Wake-Up Timer

5 Page 5 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadioPRO Products Transceivers – IA4430- Freq Range=900-960MHz; Output Power= +13dBm – IA4431- Freq Range=240-930MHz; Output Power= +13dBm – IA4432- Freq Range=240-930MHz; Output Power= +20dBm Transmitters –IA4230- Freq Range=900-960MHz; Output Power= +13dBm –IA4231- Freq Range=240-930MHz; Output Power= +13dBm Receivers –IA4330- Freq Range=240-960MHz; Sensitivity= -117dBm

6 Page 6 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadioPRO Specifications Main Performance Specs Frequency Range = 240-960MHz Sensitivity =-116dBm Data Rate = 1-128kbps +20dBm Max Output Power Version –Configurable +11 to +20dBm +13dBm Max Output Power Version –Configurable -8 to +13dBm Low Power Consumption –17mA Receive –20mA Transmit @+13dBm –60mA Transmit @+20dBm Power Supply = 1.8-3.6V I Sleep = 10nA General Features 20 Pin QFN Package -40°C - +85°C Temperature Range Green Lead Free Package Low BOM IA4432

7 Page 7 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Main Selling Features Extended Range!! Significant Cost Savings!! Extended Battery Life!! Exceptional Performance!!

8 Page 8 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO –+20dBm PA is only one available (External PA’s can cost ~$1) –EZRadioPRO Sensitivity = -117dBm –Able to achieve Range of over 2000m!!! –Antenna Diversity Adds 8-10dB to Link Budget XX Meters Main Selling Features Range is King!

9 Page 9 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Advanced Features Without the Premium Cost –Application Cost Saving Features Integrated Temperature Sensor Integrated General Purpose ADC Integrated Voltage Regulators High Output Power Special RF blocks help enable the use of a lower end microcontroller –Auto Frequency Calibration (AFC) –Configurable Packet Structure –Preamble Detector –TX Retransmission –GPIO’s Main Selling Features

10 Page 10 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Main Selling Features –Ultra Low Power Sleep Mode 400nA (competitor) vs 10nA (IAI) –Fast Acquisition Time 4Bytes (competitor) vs. 2Bytes (IAI) –Wake Up Timer 32KHz RC Oscillator or 32KHz XTAL –Highest Efficiency PA Available –Configurable Packet Structure, TX Retransmission, GPIO’s, AFC, etc allow for lower-end Microcontroller The Battery Life Concern

11 Page 11 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Performance Minimum Filter Bandwidth 53kHz (competitor) vs. 8kHz (IAI) –Adjacent/Alternate Channel Performance –Frequency Coverage – Continuous 240-960MHz –Sensitivity = -117dBm Main Selling Features

12 Page 12 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadioPRO™ Transceiver - IAI vs. Competitor ParameterIAI TransceiverBrand 'C' Higher Output Power +20dBm - IA4432 +13dBm - IA4430/31 Max Output Power = +10dBm Minimum Filter BW 8kHz - Will result in better selectivity narrow Bandwidth applications 53kHz - Not optimal selectivity for narrow BW applications Sensitivity-117dBm; 10 -3 BER (0.1%)-110dBm; 1% PER Features More Features - Low Battery Detector, Temp Sensor, TRSW control, and more Lower TX Current Consumption20mA at +13dBm - IA443130mA @ 10dBm Sleep Current Consumption10nA400nA TX Re-TransmissionIncludedNot Included GFSK BT Filtering Configurability IncludedNot Included FHSS 50us Frequency Change Calibration Time720us Frequency Change Calibration Time Antenna DiversityBuilt in Antenna Diversity Algorithm and Control No Built in Antenna Diversity Algorithm, must be done via the microcontroller which adds significant time (battery life) to RX preamble Min Preamble Length2 Bytes ( AGC+AFC+Clock Recovery) 4Bytes ( AGC+AFC+Clock Recovery) BOM Can use low-cost antenna and can over compensate with +20dBm PA to achieve same range. Must use expensive antenna to achieve +10dBm

13 Page 13 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Transceiver Highlight Summary FeatureBenefit Range +20dBm Output Power -117dBm Sensitivity Integrated Antenna Diversity $Savings Integrated Temperature sensor Integrated General Purpose ADC Integrated Voltage Regulators Output Power - Can use lower cost antennas and compensate with the higher output powers Auto Frequency Calibration (Allows the use of low end micros) Configurable Packet Structure (Allows the use of low end micros) Pre-amble Detector (Allows the use of low end micros) TX Re-transmission (Allows the use of low end micros) Configurable GPIO's (Allows the use of low end micros) Battery Life Ultra Low Power Sleep Mode - 10nA Fast Acquisition Time - Min. Preamble 2 Bytes Highest Efficiency PA Available Performance Adjacent/Alternative Channel Performance Continuous Frequency Coverage (240 - 960MHz) Minimum Filter Bandwidth -117dBm Sensitivity +20dBm Output Power

14 Page 14 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Why use IAI with +20dBm?? –Extended Range  2000 meters !!! –Only integrated +20dBm PA available!!! –Significant cost savings vs. purchasing an external PA –Highest Efficiency PA available  battery life –Can use low-cost antenna and overcompensate with higher output power to achieve same effective range  cost savings –Automatic ramp-up and ramp-down of PA  no spectral splatter

15 Page 15 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Implications for Using +20dBm –Different Regulatory Agencies restrict output power in certain bands. –Most applications will need to implement FHSS to take advantage of +20dBm US FCC – Can use +20dBm with FHSS 902-928MHz Will need to evaluated on case by case basis for each market

16 Page 16 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO FHSS - Huh?? What is FHSS? (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) –Carrier Frequency is changed by pseudo random sequence –More Resistant to interferers –Difficult to intercept –Most importantly allowed to transmit up to +20dBm by FCC!!!

17 Page 17 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Antenna Diversity Advantages of Antenna Diversity –Counters Multi-path Fading and Antenna Polarization (Some of you may have seen these effects within the EZRadio product line or Competitor chips) –+8-10dB Gain in Link Budget for typical system –Algorithm completely integrated –No competitor has this feature (Very cumbersome and time consuming to do over the SPI with a microcontroller)

18 Page 18 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO What is Antenna Diversity? Two antennas in system EZRadioPRO will choose the best antenna for optimal performance Gain 8-10dB in Link Budget Gain Common feature used in cell/cordless phones to avoid multipath/fading

19 Page 19 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO What is the Packet Handler?? Typical Packet Structure Shown Above Preamble, Sync Word TX Header, Packet Length, and CRC fields set through SPI registers ALL that needs to be loaded into FIFO is “Data” EZRadioPRO will automatically construct/deconstruct the packet

20 Page 20 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadioPRO Transceiver Block Diagram

21 Page 21 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Example: +20dBm System Solution Product Choice – IA4432!!

22 Page 22 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Example: +20dBm System w/ Antenna Diversity Product Choice – IA4432!! Can be done cheaply with pin diodes

23 Page 23 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Example: Brand ‘C’s approach In this Example: Same Number of components as Brand ‘C’’s Reference Design Product Choice – IA4430/31

24 Page 24 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadioPRO Transmitter Block Diagram

25 Page 25 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO Example: Transmitter System Product Choice – IA4230 / 31 IA4230 / 31

26 Page 26 CONFIDENTIAL EZRadioPRO EZRadioPRO™ Transmitter Highlight Summary FeatureBenefit Range +13dBm Output Power $Savings Integrated Temperature Sensor Integrated General Purpose ADC Integrated Voltage Regulators Output Power - use cheap antenna and over compensate with higher output power to achieve same range Auto Frequency Calibration Configurable Packet Structure TX Retransmission Integrated POR Configurable GPIO's Battery Life Ultra Low Power Sleep Mode - 10nA Wake-Up Timer - 32KRC or 32K XTAL Highest Efficiency PA Available Performance Continuous Frequency Coverage 240-960MHz Higher Data Rates Automatic of PA Ramp -Up/Dn for Clean Spectrum +13dBm Output Power GFSK Filtering for Clean Spectrum

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