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Katherine Gelineau, Leah Tinker, Hannah Woods, Sarah Sinclair, Georgia Nolen.

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1 Katherine Gelineau, Leah Tinker, Hannah Woods, Sarah Sinclair, Georgia Nolen

2 Background Established by Roy Raymond in the San Francisco area during the 1970s 1982 sold to Limited Brands for $4 million now worth over 1 billion dollars By the early 1990s the largest American lingerie retailer Offers customers choices in clothing, accessories, fragrances, personal care, swimwear, and athletic attire

3 Background Operating more than 1,000 stores across the U.S. PINK - Founded in 2004 over $1billion in sales in 2010 International Expansion Canada, Middle East, United Kingdom, and Caribbeans Business primarily conducted in the Columbus, Ohio area

4 Traditional Communication Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS fashionshow-tv-commercial/ Markets through nationwide retail stores Distributes Victoria’s Secret Catalogue Buys commercial spots on major networks Organizes and publicizes special events

5 Online Communication Facebook-Over 15 million Twitter-Over 300,000 Followers!/victoriasSecret YouTube-2,584,739 Views iPhone, iPad, and Android App

6 Need for Social Media Monitoring Strong presence on social media -Twitter -Facebook -YouTube Younger Audience Blogs Monitor Competition (Playtex)

7 Methodology Keywords – VS Pink – VS Fashion Show – VS Angels – Lingerie – Bras Addict-o-matic, Social Mention, Moniterr Twitter, Blogs, Google Trends Source Credibility

8 SWOT Analysis

9 Strengths Advertising strategy: Catalogues - Over 390 million copies are distributed in the U.S. alone Printed Ads in Magazines & Newspapers T.V. commercials Annual Fashion Show Reaches an audience of over 1 billion people

10 Strengths Store front/interiors consistent with the Victoria’s Secret image The Supermodels or “Angels” Positive shopping experiences with customer service Direct Client Contact Centers Facebook/Twitter Contests

11 Weaknesses Established target market – Not open to growth Response to consumers – Need to be more present in the “conversation” online

12 Opportunities Annual Fashion Show -Utilize social media more -Blends in, not separate

13 Threats Public and the media criticize VS for promoting unattainable thinness with the prestigious “angels” Fashion show provokes numerous complaints about it being indecent or obscene and could get fined by the FCC Selling a provocative image that could offend certain people

14 Recommendations On Twitter and Facebook they should directly respond to their fans/followers on a more regular basis. Redesign VS home page to make the Facebook link more prominent and visible, rather than in the bottom right hand corner. Create a blog dedicated to directly communicating with customers to answer questions, solve issues in store and online, etc. Let customers know about coupon scams that spread through social media and how they can spot fake discounts. Participate in the conversation with influential bloggers who talk about Victoria’s Secret.

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