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27.3 Popular Culture in the 1950s

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1 27.3 Popular Culture in the 1950s
Lesson Objective: To understand the various pop culture and countercultural movements of the 1950s. Essential Questions: Why do counter cultures and subcultures develop?

2 Quiz /2 What are means of communication that reach large audiences? What does the FCC regulate? Jack Kerouac was a icon of the ___________. Rock ‘n’ Roll was rooted in what genre of music? “The King” of Rock ‘n’ Roll was _______________.

3 Key Terms Mass media Federal communications Commission (FCC)
Beat movement Beatnik Rock ‘n’ Roll

4 The New Era of the Mass Media
The Rise of Television % of American households % of American households Rapid growth in industry stations in 1956 up from 108 in 1952 Most programming was comedy I Love Lucy News and children’s programs also became popular See it now Person to Person Mickey Mouse Club

5 TV reflects the “Affluent Society”
Women mostly appeared in stereotypical roles Housewives and mothers Honeymooners Most characters were male African Americans and Latinos were very rare If they appeared was rarely a positive portrayal Television was a portrayal of ideal white American Completely ignored issues of poverty, race, or political conflict Growing concern with violence in the media Westerns were popular shows and movies

6 Movies TV cut the number of movie goers nearly in half!
Movies had size, color, surround sound- higher quality entertainment Smell-O-vision; 3D Many classic movies are made Epics Alfred Hitchcock North by Northwest James Dean- dies at 24 Only appears in 3 movies Epitomizes the youth culture of the time

7 African Americans in Pop Culture
Rock ‘n’ Roll opened up African American Culture to White America Many African Americans became famous during 1950s Actors Singers Musicians Nat King Cole given first show for an African American American Bandstand integrates crowd in 1957 Acts weren’t integrated until 1960s Radio stations aimed at African Americans thrived Doo-wop The Drifters

8 Subcultures Emerge The Beat Movement Rock ‘n’ Roll
Counter cultural- what does that mean? Nonconformist- mostly made up of artists Lived lives with little structure- artwork expressed that Literary works such as On the Road and Howl Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg Helped start the counter culture of the 1960s! Rock ‘n’ Roll Electric instruments mixed with Blues & Country What kind of music is blues? Elvis, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley Marketed directly to teens Adults generally opposed to it 600 million in record sales in 1960

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