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LA BEOC Built Through Public – Private Collaboration.

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3 Built Through Public – Private Collaboration

4 Disaster Lab Technology, Information and Decision Making ResearchTrainingSimulation

5 Disaster Lab Technology 1.Learning Management System (LMS) 2.Exercise Management System (EMS) 3.Geographical Information Management System (GIS) 4.Risk Management System 5.Information Assurance (cyber security) 6.Case Management System 7.Business Intelligence 8.Donation Management System and Grant Management System 9.Business Continuity Planning 10.Cloud Computing 11.Logistics 12.Disaster Recovery Technologies

6 Outreach to Small Businesses in Louisiana Mission Inform small businesses owners and non-profit organizations in Louisiana about hazards and risks to which they are vulnerable and ways in which those hazards and risks can be reduced or mitigated.

7 The Facts Annually 74% of small/medium businesses report cyber attacks in past 12 mos. at an avg. cost of $188,242 (source: FCC) 1 in 20 e-mails are infected with malware 42% of small/medium businesses surveyed by FCC reported loss of confidential or private data over past 12 mos. Roughly 1 in 3 computer users has been a victim of viruses, spyware or phishing 47% of small businesses do not back up data (source: FCC)

8 Thank You!

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