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Monetizing Unserviceable Customers Brian Young & Dan Turak.

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1 Monetizing Unserviceable Customers Brian Young & Dan Turak

2 How many unserviceable customers do you turn away every…. A Common Problem for WISPs Who’s selling and servicing these customers if you aren’t? YEAR

3 Is it… Unserviceable customers Do you know how much this costs you?

4 5 unserviceable customers over one month at $60/ARPU Lost Revenue & Profits -$300/ month -$3,600 over 1 year (for JUST those 5 customers!)

5 Classic 10 Business Model Sample Achieve 53% Gross Margin on Service Plan If you’re unable to service JUST 4 new customers every month (@$60 per month) 1 st year LOST REVENUE - $19.5K 3 rd year LOST REVENUE - $67.5K At 53% gross margin after 3 years that’s > $30K in lost profits!

6 These previously unserviceable customers don’t have to represent lost profits any longer! Don’t say “no” to customers who called you seeking a quality broadband solution! Don’t say “sorry– no line of site available at your home today” Sell and serve more customers Expand your market Increase your profits Eliminate Lost Profits

7 WISP Reseller Program Specifically developed by CTI and ViaSat for WISP’s Quality, proven, affordable high speed plans Happy, satisfied customers Offering a unique solution for unserviceables while creating a new, incremental profit opportunity for WISPs The Solution is Available Now!

8 ViaSat is the parent company of the Exede service brand Satellite Communications Company – Government, Residential & Commercial/Enterprise – Government – Defense Dept. – Disaster Recovery - Red Cross – Oil & Gas Industry – Mobility - United and Jet Blue airlines – more to come – 651,000+ residential/business subscribers – over 35K new Gross Adds per month 3,000+ employees $1.4 billion annual revenues 28 years in business Headquartered in Carlsbad CA Satellite Services Division in Denver CO (400 Employees) ViaSat Overview (VSAT – NASDAQ)

9 SMB and Consumer Business is in Satellite Services Unit Satellite Services Satellite Networks Government Systems

10 In-Flight WiFi

11 Slow Expensive Service of last-resort for unserved markets First generation satellites Never-the-less, was able to meet demand in unserved markets WildBlue – Legacy Service

12 ViaSat-1 launched in Q4 2011 Exede service launched in Q1 2012 World record for highest-capacity satellite – At the time of launch, it had greater capacity than all of the other satellites covering North America added together Bronze winner for the 2013 Edison Awards ViaSat-1 – A New Satellite

13 More than 80% of the population in the U.S. lives in areas served by our highest speed Exede 12 service through the ViaSat-1 satellite. Exede Speeds

14 Residential Plans & pricing differentiate by data plans, not by speed – Classic – Classic + Evolution – Freedom Exede Retail Service Plans

15 Exede Retail – Classic + Evolution

16 Exede Retail – Freedom

17 *Retail prices do not include $9.99/mo lease fee charged to customers by ViaSat. Exede 5

18 FCC Ratings – Delivering on Advertised Speeds 2 nd year in a row – Exede rated #1 in delivering on advertised speeds! Government-based (FCC) study, inclusion was voluntary for providers Fiber, cable, DSL and satellite – Some of the participants: AT&T, CenturyLink, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Verizon, Windstream


20 Download Speeds as a Percentage of Advertised, by Provider FCC – Broadband Provider Comparisons Source: Measuring Broadband America 2014 Report, FCC, Chart 1: Average Peak Period and 24-Hour Sustained Download Speeds as a Percentage of Advertised, by Provider – September 2013 Test Data

21 Enabling WISPS to resell Exede to unserviceable customers Program Benefits: – You own the customer – Choose your high speed Exede service plans – You set the pricing – You do the billing – Use your own brand or Option for Co-Brand – Excellent margins Exede Reseller Program

22 Showroom Accounts for Demo Customizable marketing materials available through Armstrong and Lorex Marketing Support

23 Hardware Fulfilled by ConVergence Sold in 4 Packs 12 month warranty managed through ConVergence Variety of Accessories Antenna (ODU) / Dish (28” x 26”) Modem (IDU) Coaxial Wired WISP can sell customer wireless router, VoIP, and other Value Added Services

24 Installation Options

25 Maintenance & Installation Tool for Exede app Works on Android and Apple Allows for precise pointing, peaking, and troubleshooting MITe Installation App

26 Office personnel – Order entry and online portal training – ViaSat Central – Approx. 1.5-2 hours Tech certification – Online course 3-4 hours – ViaSat Central – Instructor-lead webinar 3-4 hours Offered 2-3x each week Training Free comprehensive training – including free demo service for store or office

27 WISPs customer has access to “MySatellite Portal” to check usage and buy more data WISP has admin functionality to this portal Customer Support

28 Access customer information including service and modem status – Access onsite or remotely – Can be used before, during and after a service call – Assists in trouble-shooting and validating service quality eSVT – Enhanced Service Visibility Tool


30 Exede Business & Exede Continuity Exede Business is tailored to the unique needs of businesses that require a more robust Internet service plan or that are outside of the service area of high-speed cable or fiber. Exede customers include businesses with single or multiple locations requiring greater bandwidth and business class services as well as small to medium-sized companies that have multiple users of a company network. Launching Soon! Exede Continuity is an ideal solution with a national footprint for businesses requiring a diverse access backup or redundant Internet connection readily available in the event their primary service goes down. MADE FOR BUSINESS: Exede Business and Exede Continuity come with fast speeds, large data allowances, priority maintenance and persistent IP addresses. FAST DOWNLOADS: Get up to 15 Mbps of download speed. FAST UPLOADS: Up to 4 Mbps upload speed. Quickly send files, share photos, or video- chat with Skype.

31 Exede Business *Includes lease fee

32 New Exede Business Plans Coming May 2015 Exede Business Plans – Designed to “fill in the gaps” by providing quality high speed broadband primary service in unserved & underserved markets where cable/telco’s can’t or won’t go – Speeds 15 Mbps down by 4 Mbps up – Includes persistent IP – ViaSat will be enhancing our current 30GB plan and adding new, additional plans – Eliminate data limits or caps – Multiple plan options with competitive price points serving small, medium and large data usage customers

33 Exede Business Continuity – Diverse access, back-up or redundant service – National Footprint – High Speed – Low Cost – Uncapped usage – Persistent IP included – Pooled data – Attachment Opportunity for primary cable & Telco sales New Exede Business Plans Coming May 2015

34 Complete and execute reseller agreement with ViaSat (process administered by CTI) Include insurance certificate Enroll and complete training programs – Office personnel portal training – Tech certification Order equipment from CTI Obtain customizable marketing materials Begin selling your unserviceable customers! Next Steps… Getting Started

35 Classic 10 Business Model Sample Achieve 53% Gross Margin on Service Plan If you’re unable to service JUST 4 new customers every month (@$60 per month) 1 st year LOST REVENUE - $19.5K 3 rd year LOST REVENUE - $67.5K At 53% gross margin after 3 years that’s > $30K in lost profits!

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