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DIR Telecom Forum June 27, 2013 Todd M. Early Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC) Deputy Assistant Director, Law Enforcement Support Division.

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1 DIR Telecom Forum June 27, 2013 Todd M. Early Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC) Deputy Assistant Director, Law Enforcement Support Division Public Safety Communications Service - Texas Department of Public Safety 1

2 2 Lesia Dickson LTE Outreach & Education 512-517-7445

3 3

4 What is Public Safety Broadband mobile data network An LTE mobile data network that will be built for the express use of Public Safety: EMS, Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Management & more Public Safety LTE Goal: Provide public safety responders with the RIGHT INFORMATION in REAL-TIME to save lives and property. 4 North Texas Tornadoes 2013


6 Government “App Stores” Coordinated response tools GPS tracking, mapping tools ICS forms on handheld Shared applications Real Time video Facial recognition Field reporting / Database queries Infrastructure information (i.e. blueprints) Public works Transportation Child welfare Education 6

7 Exclusive for Public Safety – Middle Class Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act of 2012 – Band Class 14 – Implemented nationally by FirstNet, a national organization under the NTIA and FCC and working in coordination with the Dept of Homeland Security Ubiquitous Interoperability – Federal, State, local and tribal responders Self-sustaining funding model – $7 Billion initial funding – Allowed users will buy access from NPSBN instead of carriers Data network based on the 3GPP LTE standard that commercial carriers currently use…but different! 7

8 8 Carrier LTE Mobile Data Network All users are basically equal No pre-emption No prioritization

9 9 Public Safety LTE Mobile Data Network Dynamic Prioritization of bandwidth Event based User based Application based

10 10

11 11 Harris County Hurricane Evacuation

12 12 Texas has faced far more catastrophic incidents than even the second place state, California.

13 Comal County Floods Amarillo Ice Storms Texas Wildland Fires Fertilizer Plant Explosion, West, Texas

14 14

15 15 Evacuation Transportation Hubs Hubs are loading points for tens of thousands of evacuees Typically in convention center or mall parking lots Extremely susceptible to cellular overload 23,500 1,100 2,128 3,000 400 Bus Staging Ctr

16 16

17 Harris County began planning for PS LTE in 2009 Funded system efforts through Port Security grant program and local contributions Texas was one of the initial 21 waivers issued by FCC 17 In partnership with Harris County ITC, the State aggressively pursued authorization to operate – Since the Texas Waiver, DPS has filed over 1800 pages and over 70 filings with FCC Represents original waiver entities

18 FCC approved Texas Interoperability Showing, v9, on July 31, 2012 allowing operation for 31 days FCC granted Texas STA for 14 sites for Harris County on August 31, 2012 (12-1432), allowed use of all 20 MHz of spectrum. First operational system in the Nation. 18 Super Bowl Ice Storm Dallas 2011 FirstNet delegation visited Texas on January 17 th In March 2013, Texas applied for 6 month Special Temporary Authority (STA) renewal

19 FirstNet was created in February 2012 as part of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012. FirstNet is a 15 member board comprised of members with commercial carrier, public safety, and information technology experience The act also allocated an additional 10MHz of spectrum (the “D Block”) to the Public Safety Broadband Network 19

20 P AGE 20 PS LTE PS LTE Public Safety now has 20 MHz of Band 14 Spectrum – Frequency Ranges: 758 – 768 MHz, 788 – 798 MHz v3

21 14 PS LTE E-Node-B sites completed by end of this month Additional sites ready for installation pending frequencies Baytown Police and Fire live on the system today 21 Jurisdictions in varying stages of PS LTE: City of Pasadena City of Webster City of Houston Harris County Port of Houston Authority All of Brazoria County …and others

22 Federal Users Elected Officials Tribal Nations Local Agencies Emergency Management State Agencies Public Safety Broadband Network 22

23 23 Illustration is conceptual, not all connections are shown. Broadband Interoperability Gateway Network (BIG-Net) Distributed EPC components for operational efficiencies BIG-NET Vehicular-based system using Vehicle Subscriber Modem (VSM) Port of Houston area cameras EPC connected to Harris County PSAN EPC connected TxWARN P25 to LTE PTT service Initial applications include: – video, PTT, database inquiries, and intranet access

24 24 Nationwide Commercial 3G Coverage Commercial EVDO (3G) Design allows coverage throughout region, but is not optimal – 3G not as robust, delivers fewer features and control mechanisms BC14 Harris County Coverage Operating on BIG-Net BC14 Operating On Verizon Currently no connection between networks

25 25 LMRLTE AvailableToday Standards evolution 3GPP, TIA, OMA Feature development R&D Investment Feature rollout Test, trial, & deploy ~500ms group communications setup, low latency One to Many Site & zone trunking, failsoft, IP path re-routing Network Resiliency High velocity, ruggedized, environment, accessories Mission Critical Devices Subscriber continuity, out-of-network coverage Direct Mode Console control & interrupt, agency partitioning DispatchDispatch 95%+ guaranteed geographic coverage, in-building CoverageCoverage LMR networks, legacy applications & services InteroperabilityInteroperability Subscriber ID, location, remote monitor, pre-emption EmergencyEmergency Individual, group, jurisdictional, agency, voice PriorityPriority E2E encryption, key management, access control SecuritySecurity LMR will continue to provide Mission Critical communications for the foreseeable future!

26 26

27 HEY…..It’s a DATA network… …But a MISSION CRITICAL data network Security, security, SECURITY… Thinking about WIFI across your city?… You might want to think again…. Cost model promotes multiple users… Not just “traditional” public safety Private sector responders too 27

28 Regional application stores Interoperability and Local control Authentication and trust across agencies Public Safety focused applications – This is a team sport! – The right information, right now! …. But HOW is that determined and WHO determines it? – How much is TOO MUCH information? 28

29 What new skills sets will be needed? – Half IT Geek / Half Dispatcher – Quick to filter and synthesize – Focused – Compensated Where will personnel gain these new, intermingled skill sets? How will best practices be determined? 29

30 30 West Fertilizer Plant 2013 Establish Stakeholders and state advisory group Establish Outreach & Education Program Sign up to receive information concerning the Texas Public Safety Broadband Network (TxPSBN): Tell your co-workers and friends to sign-up too!

31 View the Texas LTE website at: Email us at: Sign up to receive information concerning the Texas Public Safety Broadband Program (TxPSBP): 31

32 32 Lesia Dickson LTE Outreach & Education 512-517-7445

33 Thank You! 33

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