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Thank you to the 2015 Virginia Emergency Management Symposium Sponsors.

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1 Thank you to the 2015 Virginia Emergency Management Symposium Sponsors

2 Emergency Management Meets Incident Management Team: Conducting a Multi-Agency Full Scale Exercise Virginia Emergency Management Symposium March 18,

3 Agenda National Disaster Medical System Overview – Components – Phases – History in County 2014 NDMS Exercise – Planning Team Make up – Week of Exercise – Day of Exercise Critical Concepts (Lessons Learned) 3

4 NDMS Overview National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) – Combines Federal and non-Federal medical resources into a unified response system – Also serves to expand medical support for military casualties that may exceed the capabilities of DoD and VA resources 4

5 NDMS Overview Three Primary Components – Response Teams (Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT), Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT), NMRT, NVERT, etc.) – Patient Movement and Reception (Department of Defense (DoD), TPMRC-A, Federal Coordinating Center (FCC)) – Definitive Medical Care (participating local NDMS hospitals) 5

6 Puerto Rico Hawaii NDMS Federal Coordinating Center (FCC) Locations Army Navy Air Force Veteran’s Affairs 6

7 NDMS Overview - Chesterfield NDMS Plan - Annex of the County’s EOP – Coordinating Agency Emergency Management – Cooperating Agencies Fire and EMS – Operations and EMS Police, Sheriff General Services (Airport) Public Affairs Public Schools (Transportation) Health, Social Services, Mental Health Area NDMS Participating Hospitals 7

8 Other guiding documents – FCC NDMS Plan – Old Dominion Emergency Medical System Alliance (ODEMSA) Mass Casualty Plan – CFEMS - Emergency Medical System Policy #07 Mass Casualty Incidents 8 NDMS Overview - Chesterfield

9 NDMS Phases of Activation Alert / Standby: 72 hours to 24 hours prior to arrival – Event has occurred – Potential need for assistance – No patients expected within 24 hours – FCC contacts hospitals for bed counts Local Actions – Fire & EMS notified of potential for activation – Airport notified to begin process of getting hangar 9

10 NDMS Phases of Activation Activation - 24 hours prior to arrival – Funds authorized – Patient Manifest sent to Emergency Management and shared with VCU Hospital (Medical Control) for patient hospital assignments Local Action – Fire & EMS notified of expected arrival time – Activate the County NDMS Plan and the ODEMSA Mass Casualty Plan 10

11 NDMS Phases of Activation Full Activation –Arrival – Triage and Transport units set up on scene – C-130 lands at airport with ~ 50 patients – Patient condition reevaluated via triage according to Mass Casualty Plan – Patient Tracking – Transported to predetermined hospitals based on assignments by Medical Control 11

12 NDMS Exercise Designated receiving site since 2005 – Chesterfield County Airport (Richmond Executive Airport) NDMS Federal Coordinating Center (FCC) requires exercise every 3 years – FCC is at McGuire Veteran’s Hospital 12

13 NDMS Exercise History 2005 – Deputy Chief and EM at airport with FCC Coordinator 2008 – Plane (C-130) landed. Simulation of deplaning and triage for transport to local hospitals – Picked up where 2008 left off with patients triaged and ready to be transported. 13

14 2005 FCC Director EM, EMS Director & Deputy Fire Chief 2008 C-130 Patient Triage 2011 Patient Transport OPS out of BC vehicle 2014 Patient Transport Full IMT support 14 NDMS Exercise History

15 2014 NDMS Exercise June 7, 2014 – Same scenario as 2011 drill Two “planes” with patients to be transported 10 local hospitals participating – Based out of Civil Air Patrol Hangar at Airport – Exercise paid for by NDMS (~ $20,000) Food Staff time Transport Units 15

16 2014 NDMS Planning Team Chesterfield Fire and EMS – Emergency Management – Emergency Medical Services Division Federal Coordinating Center / McGuire Hospital Army National Guard Unit Central Region Hospital Coordinator Chesterfield Health District General Services / Airport VCU Medical Center 16

17 NDMS Exercise

18 Resources Utilized - EMS Agencies 18

19 2014 NDMS Exercise Resources Utilized – Chesterfield County Public Schools Buses 19

20 2014 NDMS Exercise Resources Utilized – 2 Army National Guard Black Hawk helicopters 20

21 Ended up with 150 people to manage the day of the exercise – 50 volunteer “patients” – 50 Evaluators, Controllers, Observers and other exercise staff – 50 Players – IMT, CFEMS Ops, Sheriff – PLUS - media NDMS Exercise

22 Critical Concepts Check In 22

23 Critical Concepts Check In 23

24 Critical Concepts Communications 24

25 Critical Concepts Briefings – Exercise Brief v. Incident Command Brief v. Ops Brief 25

26 Critical Concepts Volunteers 26

27 Critical Concepts 27 Triage Group

28 Critical Concepts Transportation Group 28

29 Critical Concepts Transportation Group 29

30 Critical Concept Patient tracking (Volunteer Management) 30

31 Critical Concept Patient tracking (Paper Patients) 31

32 Questions? 32 Contact Information: Michelle Oblinsky, Chesterfield County Fire & EMS Deputy Coordinator, EM Bryan Swanson, Chesterfield County Fire & EMS Battalion Chief

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