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FCC CLI Filing AHECTA Annual Conference June 2013 Jim Irwin – Campus Televideo.

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1 FCC CLI Filing AHECTA Annual Conference June 2013 Jim Irwin – Campus Televideo

2  Create Cable Operations and Licensing System (COALS) Login.  Obtain FCC Registration Number (FRN).  LOGIN information created for COALS and FRN number will be used to access/complete the following forms:  Non-Cable Registration (AFN) Aeronautical Frequency Notification Form 321.  Fee remittance Form 159. $60 one time Fee.  Proper completion will result in obtaining a Non Cable identifier (NCID) unique to your system to be used to file form 320.  Basic Signal Leakage Performance form 320 to be submitted annually.  Email confirmation sent from FCC as applications are received and processed. FCC CLI Filing2June 2013 How Do I File?

3  COALS Login Creation o  FCC Registration Number FRN o  Aeronautical Frequency Notification Form 321: o Aeronautical Frequencies used o Frequency type o Modulation Type o Geographical Coordinates o Radius in Kilometers o Peak Power of Carriers FCC CLI Filing3June 2013 What information will be needed?

4 FCC CLI Filing4June 2013 Form 321

5  Ground base measurements o Person responsible for test o Miles of plant tested o Percent of plant tested o Dates of test o Data for all leaks >= 50 uVm o Make & model of equipment used for testing o Test frequency o Auto calculator included in Form 320  Flyover option o Flyover report can be attached o Consult your contractor if taking this route FCC CLI Filing5June 2013 Leakage Calculation Form 320

6 FCC CLI Filing6June 2013 Form 320

7  Record all Login information and passwords.  Additionally record any confirmation numbers/ reference numbers associated with each form as this information will allow for proper assistance from FCC personnel if needed.  Reference numbers can be valuable as they will allow accessing a form that has been started but not completed due to any type of disconnect / incompletion. FCC CLI Filing7June 2013 Recommendations

8  Create COALS Login  Obtain FRN  File o MVPD Aeronautical Frequency Usage form 321. o CLI calculation form 320 annually. o Results available upon proper completion in FCC Cable Search engine using systems Non Cable Identifier NCID provided. o FCC informational link: FCC CLI Filing8June 2013 Summary

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