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Electronic Media Regulation: Broadcast and Cable.

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1 Electronic Media Regulation: Broadcast and Cable

2 Broadcast: Essential Cases and Laws Meredith Corp. v. FCC 809 F. 2nd. 863 (1987) N.B.C. v. United States 319 U.S. 190 Red Lion Broadcasting v. FCC 395 U.S. 367 (1969) Radio Act of 1927 Communications Act of 1934 Telecommunications Act of 1996

3 Titanic: The call for radio regulation

4 1.Broadcasting is a unique medium: not a common carrier 2. Spectrum: Use, but not the ownership thereof: Public Interest, Convenience, and Necessity (PICON) 3. Equitable Distribution 4. Federal power to regulate is discretionary, not absolute 5. F.R.C. (1927) Radio Act of 1927 Communication Act of 1934 F.C.C. (1934)

5 Issues in Broadcast Regulation 1. Networks/Affiliates (NBC v. US) 2. Licensing: Brinkley v. FCC Metro v. FCC 3. Ownership 4. First Amendment Fairness Doctrine: Red Lion,Meredith Section 315 (Equal Time) Section 312 (a) (7) “Reasonable Time” Indecency

6 Broadcast Indecency 1. “Filthy Words:” Pacifica v. FCC 438 U.S. 726 (1978) 2. The “safe” harbor (or “How to get around Section 326”) Howard Stern KUSC-FM “The Jerker” and KPFK (Pacifica)

7 Cable Television Policy CATV/Cable as TV retransmission (1965 -- FCC authority over cable programming) Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 Telecommunications Act of 1996

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