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FCC Validation and DMLSS

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1 FCC Validation and DMLSS
2012 Navy Medicine Audit Readiness Training Symposium FCC Validation and DMLSS RE-W-3-C

2 Context: Audit Readiness requires database alignment for workload (CHCS/AHLTA), personnel (DMHRSi), facility/supplies/equipment (DMLSS) and financial accounts (STARS-FL/SMART/EAS). Purpose: Educate audience on the FCC Validation Tool improve DQ and EAS reporting. Outcome: Audience will take corrective actions to align data bases and/or comply with policy. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

3 FCC Validation Created 2011 to highlight system alignment issues.
Upgraded 2012 to include - minimum workload requirement highlights, - Job Order Number details. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

4 FCC Validation Published quarterly on the DQ SharePoint.
The tool provides multiple filters to enable users to focus on the relevant source system relationships, minimum workload, square footage, JONs, and database synchronization. Sites will correct the issues that are flagged before the next update. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

5 FCC Validation Each Quarterly FCC Validation is on the DQ SharePoint FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

6 FCC Validation FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Quarterly Validations
Validation reference contains explanations of the fields FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

7 FCC Validation Demonstration, Explanation, Discussion and Questions on FCC Validation How to address the “I’m special” communities FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

8 DMLSS Items of Interest
Myth Busters: Myth 1: DMLSS doesn’t have anything to do with MEPRS. Fact: MEPRS receives DMLSS financial transactions via STARS for supplies, pharmaceuticals and equipment purchased via DMLSS How are these purchases tracked? The JONs on each Catalog Item contain the transactions that are sent to STARS FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

9 DMLSS Items of Interest
Myth 2: DMLSS Customer Number must contain the 4th Level MEPRS code. Fact: This has been a convention with many sites but is NOT required. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

10 DMLSS Items of Interest
Myth 3: Resources Shop doesn’t have anything to do with DMLSS. Fact: The Customer ID table contains MEPRS code and Expense Center. The Expense Center is the JON. Resource Shop is responsible for ensuring these data are correct. Additionally, each catalog has JONs that must be maintained. Failure to properly maintain JONs in the catalogs results in supplies being ordered all under one OPTAR/MEPRS code. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

11 DMLSS Items of Interest
Myth 4: MEPRS Coordinator plays no part in DMLSS. Fact: MEPRS Coordinator has a vested interest in working with DMLSS staff to ensure 1. The correct MEPRS codes are on each room on the blueprints for the facility, to ensure accurate square footage, AND 2. The capital equipment (depreciable equipment) has the correct MEPRS code., to ensure depreciation is calculated correctly. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

12 DMLSS Items of Interest
DMLSS Tables of Interest to MEPRS Coordinators, Catalog – JONs, Room Inventory MEPRS codes – Square Footage, Equipment Inventory MEPRS codes – Depreciation. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

13 DMLSS Items of Interest
An upcoming addition to DMLSS will include DMIS ID, which will make obtaining reports for square footage and capital equipment easier to sort into core facility and branch clinic FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

14 DMLSS Customer Detail Customer ID contains MEPRS code

15 DMLSS Equipment Record
Equipment record contains Customer ID, which contains MEPRS code FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

16 Customer Catalog Expense Center is the JON, which contains MEPRS code

17 Customer Catalog Record
Catalog Record – select Edit to see the JON (expense center) FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

18 Catalog Record Job Order Number (Expense Center)
Validate Catalog JONs and ensure they are the correct ones for the Customer ID FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

19 DMLSS Room Inventory Each room must have the MEPRS code entered

20 Square Footage Reporting

21 Points of Contact Colleen Rees, Randy Van Nostrand, ext. 602 Kate Burchess, ext 104 Bonnie Rehbein, ext. 603 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY


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