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5/10/2015TCB Council1 Navigating the FCC Online Resrouces Presented by: Chris Harvey Tim Dwyer Anne Liang.

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1 5/10/2015TCB Council1 Navigating the FCC Online Resrouces Presented by: Chris Harvey Tim Dwyer Anne Liang

2 5/10/2015TCB Council2 Agenda FCC KDB (Knowledge Database) search - Chris Submitting FCC KDB inquiries, TCB web site - Tim FCC grants/applications search - Anne

3 5/10/2015TCB Council3 FCC Website Navigation & Links: Main site: (can always navigate from here): EAS site: Knowledge Database (KDB): TCB site: Measurement Procedures: FRN Search:

4 Knowledge Data Base (KDB) The FCC Rules are very complex and yet cannot provide all the detail needed to ensure compliance of devices The FCC created the KDB system to provide additional guidance 5/10/2015TCB Council4

5 Purpose of KDBs (and disclaimer) The staff guidance provided in the KDB is intended to assist the public in following Commission requirements and does not constitute rules. The guidance is not binding on the Commission and will not prevent the Commission from making a different decision in any matter that comes to its attention for resolution. 5/10/2015TCB Council5

6 FCC KDB System Knowledge DataBase (KDB): Today there are approximately 175 ‘active’ KDBs (may be more) Most are numbered using 6 digits + no rhyme or reason to numbering There are groups of KDB’s under single number with Document numbers (D01, etc.) Versions/revisions change regularly (i.e. D02 v02r05) 5/10/2015TCB Council6

7 FCC KDB System Historically… (before KDB’s) searching for FCC ‘policy’ was very difficult many interpretations from FCC were not public Today… Searching is much better Most interpretations are public Could still use some improvement 5/10/2015TCB Council7

8 KDB Major Guidance List 5/10/2015TCB Council8 Groupings: Application Administrative Guidance Application Technical Guidance Labeling Information RF Exposure TCB/Test organizations Test Methods

9 KDB – Advanced Searches There are 274 possible first categories Many do not have any interpretations 5/10/2015TCBCouncil9

10 KDB Searches – Basic Search 5/10/2015TCB Council10

11 KDB Search efficiency My preference is using the Basic Search: Basic Search on UNII produced 20 items Advanced Search on UNII category produced 6 items Is it better to have more hits? 5/10/2015TCB Council11

12 KDB Searches – Keyword Selection How do you find the right words to use in a search? comes from experience and knowing the Rules Example: You want to find requirements for WiFi device, but WiFi is not an FCC term. Try synonyms: 802.11, DTS, NII, WLAN 5/10/2015TCB Council12

13 How to find information Example Basic search on similar terms WiFi – 2 hits WLAN – 3 hits DTS – 11 hits NII – 13 hits 802.11 – 22 hits! So how do you find the information you want? 5/10/2015TCB Council13

14 How to find information Using FCC terms from Rules i.e. UNII, DTS, FHSS Start General then to specifics If you get too many hits, narrow your search If you don’t get enough or the right hits, adjust your search terms Persistence pays-off 5/10/2015TCB Council14

15 How to find information (2) You are likely to need to review/search more than one KDB to get the complete picture: i.e DTS test guidance in 558074 D01 RF Exposure in 447498, 248227 + others MIMO in 662911 D01 5/10/2015TCB Council15

16 KDB Example Searches – lets try Cell Phone Composite Tx issues WiFi Channel 12&13 issues SAR requirements for Notebook Computer Simultaneous Transmission SAR Push-to-Talk (PTT) Radios Garage door openers Others? 5/10/2015TCB Council16

17 Draft KDB’s New Drafts open for Public comments: Archives of Draft KDB’s: There are no archives of final KDB’s… Possible project for TCB Council? 5/10/2015TCB Council17

18 KDB Updates TCB Council Members receive monthly email (sometimes more often) listing and linking KDB Updates 5/10/2015TCB Council18

19 KDB Inquiry If additional guidance is needed beyond what is publically available in the KDB Search you can submit a private KDB Inquiry and receive a private response from FCC Sometimes the FCC will see benefit in scrubbing the private KDB to provide general guidance to the public 5/10/2015TCB Council19

20 KDB Inquiry – sharing Currently FCC does not want private KDB’s shared Private KDB replies are for specific situations/configuration/devices Information may not apply to another device/situation TCB Council Working with FCC to find a way to generalize private KDB’s for sharing 5/10/2015TCB Council20

21 5/10/2015TCB Council21 FCC grants/applications search Web Link: Live searches

22 FCC DFS Master Approvals FCC DFS requirement FCC-06-96A1 went into effect on July 20, 2006. KDB443999 D01 interim policy published on Oct 14, 2010. DFS master applications must go through the FCC for approval. DFS testing at the FCC OET lab is required. 5/10/2015TCB Council22

23 5/10/2015TCB Council23 FCC Approved DFS APs in 2014

24 5/10/2015TCB Council24 SDR Approvals KDB442812 D01 SDR Apps Guide v02r02 (10/31/2013) TCBs are permitted to approve SDR(s) subject to a Permit-But-Ask (PBA) procedure prior to an initial or a Class III permissive change application.

25 5/10/2015TCB Council25 SDR Approvals issued by a TCB

26 5/10/2015TCB Council26 Dismissed Grants Reasons for dismissals Voluntary withdrawals (product never been sold or marketed) Product name or FCC ID wrong To protect confidentiality (grant was issued before the deferred grant date) To improve performance; Product end of life Dismissed by the FCC Measurement issues (applicable modes not tested; inconsistency in device configuration and output power; SAR not properly addressed). Grant issued without filing a PBA inquiry

27 5/10/2015TCB Council27 Dismissed Grants in March 2014

28 5/10/2015TCB Council28 Thank You

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