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FCC Experimental Licensing

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1 FCC Experimental Licensing
Anthony Serafini FCC/OET January 2015

2 Experimental Operations
Regulated under Part 5 of the FCC rules Administered by the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology (OET), Experimental Licensing Branch Experimentation in scientific or technical radio research and communications essential to a research project across all radio services Each application reviewed on a case by case basis Operations are on a non-interference, unprotected basis

3 Cube Quest Where to file – Form 442 using ELS system
When – file early What Administrative information Technical specifications – frequency, power, bandwidth, emission Description of the project and operation of the space station Things to consider IARU coordination (if using amateur frequencies); Orbital Debris and end of mission disposal; and Any special designs

4 Frequency Considerations
Satellite – FCC Part 25 bands Existing space service bands may be candidates for consideration Must not interfere with existing licensees Amateur frequency bands Still requires a Part 5 Experimental license Some bands are heavily used by amateur licensees and are not recommended Requires IARU coordination, see Part 15 bands Some bands are heavily congested

5 Example: CubeSat licensing

6 Contacts General questions Nancy Hey 202-418-2432 ELS system help
Douglas Young Experimental process questions Nnake Nweke, Chief, Experimental Licensing Branch Tony Serafini

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