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QUALITY LEADERSHIP AND ADVOCACY FOR CHILDREN IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS Copyright © 2012 Arizona School Boards Association | Private and Confidential |

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1 QUALITY LEADERSHIP AND ADVOCACY FOR CHILDREN IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS Copyright © 2012 Arizona School Boards Association | Private and Confidential | AASBO with the Numbers

2 Federal Issues - Sequestration Fiscal Cliff-Light Legislation Lowers the sequestration cuts from 8.2% to 5.1% Cuts take place March 1 st For every $1 million of federal aid districts receive, they would lose approximately $51,000. Cuts would take place in the middle of the 2013- 14 school year Impact Aid (current year funding) would be effective in March Arizona School Boards Association | 2

3 Federal Issues – ESEA Reauthorization Federal Waivers – little incentive for ESEA Reauthorization Arizona received a conditional waiver in July Teacher and Principal Evaluations – Growth A-F Labeling System – Graduation Rates Senate holds hearing on Feb. 5 th on ESEA Waivers Sec. Duncan defended waiver process; Plan B for Congress not acting State Superintendents push for quick reauthorization Republicans push on Executive overreach Arizona School Boards Association | 3

4 2013-16 State Budget Projections** Fiscal Year 2013 -- $651 million Fiscal Year 2014 -- $310 million Fiscal Year 2015 -- $25 million Fiscal Year 2016 -- ($70 million) deficit ** Do NOT include the Rainy Day Fund ending balances or the inflationary Appellate Court ruling Arizona School Boards Association | 4

5 Governor’s FY14 Proposed Budget Inflation: $9.9 million for transportation and charter school additional assistance Common Core Implementation: $61.5 million $40 million for districts and charters to use for teacher stipends for professional development, curriculum and instructional materials aligned to the new standards, and technology and equipment that support Common Core implementation. $20 million to the School Facilities Board to complete a technology needs assessment and bring schools up to the required device and software specification. $1.5 million to the Governor’s Office of Education Innovation to fund master teachers to coordinate statewide professional development in transition to Common Core and to prepare for the Partnership for Assessment of College and Career (PARCC) exams. Arizona School Boards Association | 5

6 Governor’s FY14 Proposed Budget Performance Funding – 50% based on static achievement and 50% on growth (SB 1444) $36.2 million in general fund dollars $18.1 million in district and charter reallocated dollars Capital Funding $3.8 million to build new schools that have already gained School Facilities Board (SFB) approval for new school construction: Thatcher Unified, Benson Unified, and Laveen Elementary. Repeal the Building Renewal Formula; replaces with $25 million Building Renewal Grant Program Expands district bonding capacity to 20% of net assessed value Arizona School Boards Association | 6

7 Governor’s FY14 Proposed Budget Data System $7 million to complete the Statewide Longitudinal Data System School Safety $3.6 million to establish a 1:1 state-matching grant to the Public School Safety Program (in addition to the $7.8 million provided in Prop. 301) Continues phase-out of Career Ladder : $7.2 million reduction Now leaves the program at 2% state/local funding for SY14-15; program will be completely eliminated in school year 2015-2016. Arizona School Boards Association | 7

8 KEY LEGISLATION The Waning Days of Bill Work … Arizona School Boards Association | www.azsba.org8

9 ASBA Bill HB 2500 (schools; teacher evaluations; dismissals) Trailer bill to last year’s HB 2823 to ensure proper implementation Arizona School Boards Association | 9

10 Election Issues HB 2156 (elections; public resources prohibited) Prohibits the state and all its political subdivisions from spending or using public resources to influence an election HB 2581 (overrides; RCL; kindergarten pupils) Phases out over five years, the counting of fractional kindergarten students from the calculation of overrides approved before January 1, 2014 HB 2170 (stopped school buses; lights) Arizona School Boards Association | 10

11 Mandates Become Voluntary SB 1337 (schools; CPR training) Allows students in grades 7-12 are provided instruction on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, allows an opt-out, and allows districts to receive in-kind donations of materials, equipment, and services Implementation delayed until the 2015-16 school year SB 1421 (school personnel; emergency epinephrine administration) Requires districts and charters to stock auto-injectable epinephrine at each school and training of staff Requirement to stock auto-injectable epinephrine and training is voluntary and if an appropriation isn’t provided Arizona School Boards Association | 11

12 Mandates (cont.) SB 1450 (school districts; FERPA violations; penalty) Establishes a notification and penalty process regarding violations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) HB 2042 (schools; pupils with diabetes) Allows voluntary diabetes care assistants to administer insulin in addition to glucagon, assist the pupil with self-administration of insulin in an emergency situation Arizona School Boards Association | 12

13 Local Control HB 2318 (schools without federal funding; exemptions) Exempts charters and district schools that do not accept federal funding from certain federal and state regulations Clarifies that the State Board can still require state standards and assessments HB 2476 (schools; isolation rooms; restrictions) Requires that a process for prior written parental consent for confinement as a disciplinary measure be established HB 2488 (200-day school calendar; funding.) Allows individual schools and charter schools to offer 200- day calendars and increases funding from 5% to 8% Arizona School Boards Association | 13

14 Student Tuition Organizations (STOs) HB 2617 (school tuition organizations; preapproval; entities) Requires the Department of Revenue to establish a website for processing requests for preapproval of STO contributions Allows a limited liability company or a small business corporation to the entities eligible for STO corporate tax credits Arizona School Boards Association | 14

15 Joint Technical Education Districts (JTEDs) HB 2499 (JTEDs; per pupil funding calculation) Requires ADM for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students enrolled at a centralized campus that is leased by a JTED to be calculated at no more than.75 if they meet certain requirements Allows a student enrolled at an accommodation school to be considered a student of the school district in which they physically reside for the purposes of enrolling in a JTED Arizona School Boards Association | 15

16 Referendums to Watch HCR 2021 (state expenditure limit) Would put on the November 2014 General Election Ballot to modify the constitutional state appropriations limit by adjusting defined base year revenues by population and cost of living growth. HCR 2033 (funding ballot measures; reauthorization) Would put on the November 2014 General Election Ballot to limit an initiative’s or referendum’s authorization to expend state monies to 8 years, with reauthorization every 8 years thereafter Applies to those previously approved Require the Auditor General to evaluate the cost of voter protected measures Arizona School Boards Association | 16

17 THANK YOU Copyright © 2012 Arizona School Boards Association | Private and Confidential | Questions? or

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