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Chapter 5 Test Prep Game. 1)A 50 kg skater slows down from 2.0 m/s to 1.0 m/s. What is his change in Kinetic Energy? a)25 J b)100 J c)75 J d)150 J.

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Presentation on theme: "Chapter 5 Test Prep Game. 1)A 50 kg skater slows down from 2.0 m/s to 1.0 m/s. What is his change in Kinetic Energy? a)25 J b)100 J c)75 J d)150 J."— Presentation transcript:

1 Chapter 5 Test Prep Game

2 1)A 50 kg skater slows down from 2.0 m/s to 1.0 m/s. What is his change in Kinetic Energy? a)25 J b)100 J c)75 J d)150 J

3 2)How much work is required for a 60 kg woman to walk up a 2 m ramp to a height of 1 m above the ground, carrying a 40 kg box? a)980 J b)588 J c)1960 J d)1176 J

4 3)A stationary 4-N soccer ball is kicked with a force of 5 N for a distance of 0.1 m before it rolls an additional 10 m. How much kinetic energy does the ball gain from the kick? a)9 J b)0.5 J c)0.9 J d)50 J

5 4)In which of the following cases is no work done? a)A weightlifter lifts a barbell. b)A weightlifter holds a barbell overhead. c)A weightlifter slowly lowers a barbell. d)A weightlifter drops a barbell and the barbell falls to the ground.

6 5)You lift a 4.5-kg box from the floor and put it on a shelf 1.5 m above the ground. How much energy did you use? a)9.0 J b)49 J c)11 J d)66 J

7 6)Which is the equation used to calculate the work done on an object by a force at an angle to the displacement? a)W = Fd b)W = Fdcosθ c)W = Fdsinθ d)W = mgsin θ

8 7)A Joule is equivalent to: a)N b)N/m c)Nm d)Kgm/s 2

9 8)Energy that is due to motion of an object is: a)Potential Energy b)Gravitational Potential Energy c)Kinetic Energy d)Elastic Potential Energy

10 9)What do you divide work by to calculate power? a)Time b)Distance c)Force d)Weight

11 10) Lifting a stone block 146 m to the top of the Great Pyramid required 146,000 J of work. How much work was done to lift it halfway to the top? a)36,500 J b)146,000 J c)73,000 J d)292,000 J

12 11) A motor applies a 5000-N force to raise an elevator 10 stories. If each story is 4 m tall, how much work does the elevator do? a)200,000 J b)50,000 J c)20,000 J d)5,000 J

13 12) Calculate the power, in watts, needed to mow a lawn in 50 minutes if the work required is 500,000 J. a)10,000 W b)2,500 kW c)5,000 W d)167 W

14 13) Which of the following is transferred when work is done? a)Distance b)Energy c)Force d)Power

15 14) Which does more work on an object? a)Pushing a 50-N object a distance of 2 m b)Pushing a 120-N object a distance of 7 m c)Pushing a 150-N object a distance of 5 m d)Pushing a 300-N object a distance of 1 m

16 15) How does the Kinetic Energy of an object change if the object’s speed doubles? a)Decreases by half the original value b)Quadruples c)Doubles d)Decreases by ¼ of the original value

17 16) Which of the following does not affect potential energy? a)An object’s mass b)An object’s height c)An object’s speed d)Free-fall acceleration

18 17) Which of the following is true of the conservation of energy in a closed system? a)Kinetic Energy is always conserved. b)Potential Energy is always conserved. c)Mechanical Energy is always conserved. d)Total Energy is always conserved.

19 18) Which of the following is not a form of Mechanical Energy? a)Kinetic Energy b)Chemical Energy c)Gravitational Potential Energy d)Elastic Potential Energy

20 19) A 0.07 kg egg suspended above the ground has 2.0 J of potential energy. If it is dropped, what is the velocity of the egg right before impact? a)28.6 m/s b)2.9 m/s c)0.76 m/s d)7.6 m/s

21 20) Which of the following is the rate at which energy is transferred? a)Power b)Work c)Mechanical Energy d)Kinetic Energy

22 21) How much work can a motor with a power output of 25 W do in 1 second? a)1/25 J b)1 J c)25 J d)25 W

23 22) A man pushes a 10-kg box with a 33 N force a velocity of 2 m/s. What is the power? a)3.3 W b)66 W c)330 W d)16.7 W

24 23) How much Kinetic Energy does an 82-kg hockey player skating 10 m/s have? a)820 J b)8200J c)410 J d)4100 J

25 24) A car transported by ship is raised 7.3 m above the dock giving it a Potential Energy of 66,375 J. What is the car’s mass? a)9092 kg b)484,537 kg c)928 kg d)49443 kg

26 25) Through what height could a 1000-N object be lifted to expend the same amount of power of a 60-W bulb for 6 hours? a)650 m b)1300 m c)430 m d)360 m

27 26) 4.0 J of work is performed to stretch a spring with k=2500 N/m. How much is the spring stretched? a)5.7 cm b)0.3 cm c)5.7 m d)3.2 m

28 27) Which of the following is not an example of an exchange between Kinetic and Potential Energy? a)A ball being thrown in the air b)Water from a drinking fountain c)Flipping a pancake d)Running around an oval track

29 28) How large a force is needed to accelerate a 1600 kg car from rest to a speed of 25 m/s in a distance of 200 m? a)1600 N b)200 N c)2500 N d)400 N

30 29) What is the power generated by a hydroelectric power plant with a 8900 kg/s water source that involves a 30-m drop? a)7.2 kW b)2.6 MW c)2.6 kW d)7.2 MW

31 30) In a bicep curl, a weightlifter lifts a mass of 15 kg a vertical distance of 66 cm. How much work is done on the mass? a)990 J b)97 J c)101 J d)43 J

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