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ARL Position Description Bank Contact Information: Bonnie Smith or Brian Keith Phone: 352-273-2595.

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1 ARL Position Description Bank Contact Information: Bonnie Smith or Brian Keith Email: Phone: 352-273-2595 June 2012

2 Agenda Background Development Timeline Design Elements Functionality Review of the User Interface Survey Invitation

3 ARL PD Bank ARL has sponsored the development of a system to establish a national bank of job descriptions and help institutions manage position descriptions (PDs). It will be developed by a UF team, with broad input from other institutions, and hosted in perpetuity by UF Libraries. This is an ongoing resource – not simply a one time effort to collect documents.

4 Basic Concepts Position descriptions are an important element of HRM if they are: MaintainedOrganized Accessible Our institutions expend effort managing PDs. For example: ArchivingLocating/Retrieving MonitoringDistributing Institutions frequently solicit example PDs from other institutions and the sharing this information has value.

5 Premise An effective, free system developed in partnership could enhance or ease the management of these documents and improve their usefulness to institutions. This institutional value will lead to adoption and use of the system, resulting in an industry level collection of current and evolving description of duties and the work of libraries. If searchable, this collection will improve the sharing of information about our industry and benefit libraries.

6 ARL PD Bank Development Timeline Planning Phase (April – June 2012) Implementation Phase (June 2012-January 2013) Launch Phase (January-March 2013)

7 ARL PD Bank Development Timeline Planning Phase (April – June 2012) Assess user needs Develop and vet systems specifications

8 Implementation Phase (June 2012-January 2013) Develop system and support documentation Beta test Evaluation of feedback Finalize system and documentation ARL PD Bank Development Timeline

9 Launch Phase (January-March 2013) System becomes available for all institutions Marketing User Support Evaluation ARL PD Bank Development Timeline

10 After Launch Institution level value is provided by improved document findability, access, and archiving which enhances their use and maintenance. The adoption of the system by institutions to manage their PDs will result in the maintenance of the data and materials over time.

11 Design Elements Web application A simple, intuitive, easy to use interface Ability to customize at the institutional level based on specific needs Metadata submitted and maintained by institution combination of externally viewable and for institution’s eyes only Keyword searchable

12 Design Elements Documents uploaded and updated by institutions Files can be text, PDF, or Word documents PDs and/or vacancy announcements and/or activity/assignment reports Secure digital preservation

13 (Minimal) Required Metadata Externally Viewable – Supports Searching 1Working title 2% FTE 3Position type (select one) Professional librarian Other professional Support or paraprofessional (exempt only) Support or paraprofessional (non-exempt) None of the above 4Appointment type Tenure accruing or permanent status eligible Regular Temporary/time limited Residency/Fellowship/Internship

14 (Minimal) Required Metadata Externally Viewable – Supports Searching 5 Library type Law Library Medical Library All Other 6Functional areas

15 Metadata – Functional Areas Select ALL that apply Branch/Unit/Department ManagementDigital User ServicesOff-Site Storage Senior ManagementDocument DeliveryOutreach Services Access ServicesExhibitsPreservation/Conservation AcquisitionsFacilities/SecurityReference/Research Archiving/Curatorial/Rare BooksFinance/Budget/AccountingScholarly Communication/Copyright AssessmentGovernment DocumentsShared Collections CatalogingGrants ManagementStaff Development/Training CirculationHuman ResourcesSubject Specialist Collection Development/ManagementInstructionSystems/Information Technology Communications/Public InformationIntegrated Library SystemPublic Services Not Listed Above Data CurationInterLibrary LoanTechnical Services Not Listed Above Development/FundraisingLiaison Administration/Support Services Not Listed Above Digital ServicesMedia/Multi-Media Specialist

16 Optional Metadata Institution’s Eyes Only – Supports PD Management Pre-Programmed fields Employee name Supervisor name Reports to (alpha numeric field) Rank/classification Hire date Termination date Position number Department/branch/unit Review cycle (next date for review) Notes 10 customizable alpha/numeric fields

17 Functionality Ability to upload other, institution-level files Archives and access to previous versions of documents for a position System will track submission and modification dates, and user information Document forwarding option Support for the establishment of review schedules Ability to differentiate between vacant and filled positions

18 Functionality Basic or Advanced search options will afford the ability to effectively search the collection for positions of interest maximizing its use for our industry

19 User Interface

20 Add New Position (Tab 1)

21 Add New Position (Tab 2)

22 Add New Position (Tab 3)

23 Single Record View

24 Basic Search

25 Advanced Search - Institution Fields used by this institution

26 Advanced Search - Global

27 Advanced Search - EXAMPLE

28 Advanced Search - Results

29 Summary The ARL PD Bank will enhance the management of these documents and improve their usefulness. The use of the system, will result in an industry level collection of job descriptions. Effective searchability of the collection informs us about our industry and benefits libraries.

30 ARL Position Description Bank Thank you! Please contribute to the design of this system by completing the brief survey at: Contact Information: Brian Keith or Bonnie Smith Email: Phone: 352-273-2595

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