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開創航空維修產業鏈之新紀元 – 論航空維修之國際合作 引言人:袁曉峰 / 國立成功大學民航研究所 103.07.18.

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Presentation on theme: "開創航空維修產業鏈之新紀元 – 論航空維修之國際合作 引言人:袁曉峰 / 國立成功大學民航研究所 103.07.18."— Presentation transcript:

1 開創航空維修產業鏈之新紀元 – 論航空維修之國際合作 引言人:袁曉峰 / 國立成功大學民航研究所 103.07.18

2 Present Status Source : ICF, Boeing


4 27,000

5 (Asia / Pacific) Source : ICF, Boeing 2,400

6 Single Aisle Aircraft Continue to dominate the world’s fleet, including the new 737 MAX and A320neo airplanes. Boeing predicts that “Asia Pacific” will receive 36 percent of the new single-aisle airplanes. Low-cost carriers (LCC) in Asia will further expend the outsourcing market. Source : Boeing

7 The 6850 aircraft in 2013 generate an MRO market of $16.4B which accounts for 28% of global MRO spend ( $59B ), and will raise to $26.5B by 2022. (Asia) Asia Pacific has the highest MRO market growth by 2023 Source : ICF, Boeing

8 Rolls-Royce is strong in aftermarketing, with 48% of their fleet covered by their TotalCare or CorporateCare service offerings. Pratt & Whitney provides engine maintenance, material supply management, and line maintenance services on a broad range of engine models. GE/EVA service center for GE-nx Source : ICF, Boeing Manufacturer dominance !! Engine MRO’s Developing Trend

9 Source : Lufthansa Technik

10 The small and medium widebody airplane accounts for 45% of the total world airplane over the next 20 years, including Boeing 787 and 777 and Airbus A350 and A330. Source : Boeing Technology in new aircraft gives OEMs an opportunity to penetrate market from high licensing fees charging by the manufacturer. Component

11 Source : Boeing

12 Where is the niche? Single-aisle passenger airplane maintenance Engine repair and maintenance Component OEM Key: International Collaboration

13 What do we have? Excellent Geographic Position Strong technical capacity Relatively low labor cost Governmental support? (official proclaimation; preference on land acquisition,land tax, loan, landing fee, etc.) Create a value proposition around flexibility and speed, providing the same quality of service at a lower price. Thank you for listening!

14 桃園國際機場園區設施規劃與土地使用配置

15 AMECO 北京飛機修護工程 國航、德航 STAECO 山東太古飛機工程 山東航空、 TAECO 、 HAECO STARCO 上海科技宇航 東航、新加坡科技宇航 (ST) TAECO 廈門太古飛機工程 港機工程、波音、國泰、日航、新航 GAMECO 廣州飛機工程 南航、香港航空 HAECO 香港飛機工程 國泰、港龍

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