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NameSoo Ching Ting Matrix NumberA146939 FacultyPharmacy CoursePharmacy Name of ProgrammeProgram Gema Amal Insan (GAIN) 2013/2014 No. kelulusanDN00011/2014.

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1 NameSoo Ching Ting Matrix NumberA146939 FacultyPharmacy CoursePharmacy Name of ProgrammeProgram Gema Amal Insan (GAIN) 2013/2014 No. kelulusanDN00011/2014 ProposalPersatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Farmasi (PMFFar) Date1 Mac 2014 – 29 Mac 2014 Place 1.Tasik Titiwangsa 2.Dewan Serbaguna Kolej Tun Syed Nasir UKMKL (DSBG KTSN) 3.Rumah Kasih Nurul Hasanah, No 1Jalan Pimping Kanan, Ukay Height 68000 Ampang, Selangor Position hold in the programme Treasurer I



4 Penyelia Projek Name: Dr. Mohd. Hanif Zulfakar Phone number: 0122980652 Email:

5 Gema Amal Insan (GAIN) 2013/2014 was organised by Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Farmasi (PMFFar) 2013/2014, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM). GAIN involves three subprogrammes which were Run To Gain, Malam Citra Seni and Khidmat Masyarakat. This programme was to collect funds for Rumah Kasih Nurul Hasanah. Besides, this programme was to build personality of students so that they will become more responsible, have more leadership and cooperate in an organisation. This programme can also improve the communication skills and enhance the confidence of students. Finally, this programme can produce graduates who are thoughtful and concern about social welfare.

6 Logo of Gain 2013/2014

7 The theme of GAIN 2013/2014 is “To Give is To Gain”. The details of the three subprogrammes:

8 Subprogramme Run To Gain Run To Gain is a charity run. This run involved students of KTSN, lecturers, staffs and public. Medals were given to the winners of the categories of Open Men, Open Women, Children and Elders. Aerobic dance was warming up activity of the participants. This activity can make the participants healthier and strengthen the relationship among the participants.

9 Tentative of Run To Gain

10 Photos of Run To Gain

11 Subprogramme Malam Citra Seni Malam Citra Seni was an entertainment performance to find new talent and show the variety of culture in Malaysia. This programme was a cooperation between GAIN and Kelab Seni Warisan UKM. This programme involves performance of singing, dancing and musical instrument.

12 Tentative of Malam Citra Seni

13 Performances of Malam Citra Seni


15 Subprogramme Khidmat Masyarakat Khidmat Masyarakat aimed to help the orphans at Rumah Kasih Nurul Hasanah. This programme involved the excos of this subprogramme and Majlis Tertinggi. This activity can train students to be closer to the society and concern to the orphans.

16 Tentative of Khidmat Masyarakat

17 Photos of Kidmat Masyarakat

18 Certification of Participation of GAIN 2013/2014

19 I learn leadership and team work by being a treasure in GAIN 2013/2014.

20 1.I learn team work From GAIN, I have the chance to work with a range of people from different backgrounds and experiences and attitudes. I am closer with the excos of GAIN. Excos of Gain formed by different races of my course mates. This programme fosters our relationship and gives me a chance to cooperate with other excos. Besides, I have an opportunity to communicate effectively with other excos, Dr. Mohd. Hanif Zulfakar (monitor of GAIN 2013/2014), monitors of PMFFar, staffs of faculty office and staffs of Bahagian Kewangan. Furthermore, from Khidmat Masyarakat, I learned to interact with the orphans from the orphanage home.

21 2.I learned team work I learn to complete my individual tasks. As treasurer, I have to prepare budget, financial report, formal letters and apply advancement from PMFFar and JPPel. I learn to cooperate with the excos. I always remind them to keep the receipts so that I can record the expenses in the financial report and also help them claim back their money. I also cooperate with treasurer II, Jasmin to complete the tasks of treasurer. Meeting attendance is also a responsibility. I always attend meeting to discuss the progress of the programme with other excos.

22 3.I learned team work I learn to behave respectfully toward others excos. I always listen to others’ opinions and ideas. For example, I listen to the monitors of PMFFar to cut down the expected expenses in budget so that our real expenses will not exceed the income to prevent loss. I also communicate my ideas with others. For example, I make suggestion to Jasmin that we record the expenses in Buku Tunai which has the column debit and credit then only record in the financial report so that we can make sure the expenses will not exceed the income.

23 4.I learned leadership. I always make planning to set goals. For example, I make the budget so that I can always remind the excos to expend within the limit. I affect the thoughts and behaviours of other excos. I convince them to expend within the limit to prevent loss. I motivate the excos toward a common goal that is expending within the budget.

24 5.I learned leadership. I monitor the progress of the expenses. I keep asking the excos the amount of expenses to make sure that they do not expend at their will.

25 6.I learned leadership. I command others involves giving instructions to carry out their tasks. I command Jasmin to open a CIMB account with an ATM card so that the sponsorship can be banked in to the account. Besides, the participants of Run To Gain can bank in the participant fees into the account. Furthermore, I ask the excos to prepare the expected expenses to me so that I can make the budget. I also ordered the excos to give the receipts that they buy stuffs for the use of the programme so that I can record in the financial report and claim back their money.

26 7.I learned leadership. I show initiative. For example, I take initiative to ask from the treasurer of PMFFar 2013/2014, Sim Cai Hong about the format of formal letters to be prepared. I show enthusiasm in doing my work as a treasurer. I ask from monitos of PMFFar, Hanafi about preparing the budget. I pay full commitment to my role. I attend all the meetings and complete my task.

27 8.I learned leadership. I am organised in doing my work. I prepare the financial report perfectly. I make sure the amount recorded in the financial report is tally with the cash. I also honest in preparing the account. I prepare for the presentation of financial report during the post-mortem meeting with Dr. Hanif.

28 Conclusion As a treasurer in GAIN 2013/2014, I learned team work and leadership. I cooperate with the excos and motivate them toward a common goal that is expending within the budget. I am organised in preparing the financial report. I respect others’ ideas and communicate my ideas. I interact and communicate effectively with people from different background. I pay my commitment by doing my work perfectly and meeting attendance.

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