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District Collaboration Implementation Grant Requirements November 21, 2013.

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1 District Collaboration Implementation Grant Requirements November 21, 2013

2 Systems Integration—an Overarching Consideration Where are your schools in implementing CCSS and EE? What are all the intiatives currently occurring in your districts? (School Improvement, RTI, Collaboration Grant, Data Project, Etc., Etc.) How can you support integration of these efforts?

3 Important Dates April 11, 2014—Implementation Grant interim report due September 30, 2014—Last day to expend funds October 15, 2015—End of grant report due November 15, 2014—Last day to draw funds

4 Important Dates—ESEA Waiver Our report due to the USDOE outlining our model for including Student Learning and Growth in educator evaluation is due May 1, 2014

5 Grant Requirements Participate in a community of learners Share lessons learned with your peers Participate in statewide and regional meetings Participate in Data Collection Participate in the ESEA Waiver

6 Implementation Grant Requirements Identify two teacher leaders to attend up to six days of meetings between their peers Grantees must re-apply for another year, if they meet eligibility requirements (application Spring 2014) These grants will become increasingly competitive; it is important that a district be able to clearly document their progress

7 Contractor Support Contract being finalized to support data collection and analysis Contractor, coaches, and ODE will determine an amount of evaluations to be completed April 2014 by pilot sites to fulfill the ESEA waiver Contractor will identify specific numbers of deliverable items

8 Deliverables Grant sites are expected to provide: SEE OUR SLG GUIDANCE – Student Learning and Growth Goals for their teachers and administrators – Scored goals and the methodology for scoring – School meeting schedules of SLG group or individual planning sessions

9 Deliverables – Minutes and agendas of DCG meetings – Progress reports on design (blueprints/principles) and implementation work – School formative and summative observation logs – Teacher and administrator surveys

10 Deliverables Complete a specific number of evaluations for the ESEA pilot by April 2014

11 Sustainability As districts work on implementing their models, it is important to continual ask, “How can we sustain this after the grant dollars are gone?”

12 Questions?

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