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College of Sciences and Arts Fall Faculty Meeting, September 11, 2013 AGENDA 1.Welcome new faculty 2.CSA in 2013-14 Enrollment & External Funding Budget.

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1 College of Sciences and Arts Fall Faculty Meeting, September 11, 2013 AGENDA 1.Welcome new faculty 2.CSA in 2013-14 Enrollment & External Funding Budget Picture 3.Strategic Priorities for 2013-14 4.High Points 5.Questions from the Floor

2 Welcome New Faculty Army ROTC: Major Adam Melnitsky, department chair and Professor of Military Science Biological Sciences Chandreshekhar Joshi – department chair Brigitte Morin, lecturer in Medical Laboratory Sciences Chemistry Cary Chabalowski – department chair and professor of practice Marina Tanasova – assistant professor Andew Galarneau - lecturer

3 Welcome New Faculty Computer Science Leo Urell, lecturer Cognitive and Learning Sciences Adam Feltz, assistant professor Kelly Steelman, assistant professor Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology Zhiying (Jenny) Shan, assistant professor Tejin Yoon, assistant professor

4 Welcome New Faculty Humanities Abraham Romney, assistant professor Stephanie Carpenter, lecturer in creative writing and American literature Marcelino Viera-Ramos, visiting assistant professor of Spanish Leyre Alegre-Figuaroa, instructor in Spanish Will Adams, instructor in ESL Heather Deering, instructor in ESL

5 Welcome New Faculty Mathematical Sciences William Keith, assistant professor Min Wang, assistant professor Yang Yang, assistant professor Jason Gregerson, lecturer Ray Molzon, visiting assistant professor Physics Ramy El-Ganainy, assistant professor Visual And Performing Arts Anne Beffel, department chair and professor Josh Loar, professor of practice

6 Welcome New Faculty Social Sciences Melissa Baird, assistant professor Ryan Cook, lecturer Rebecca Graff, assistant professor Nancy Langston, professor Chelsea Schelly, assistant professor College John Jaszczak, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Sylvia Matthews, Advisor for Exploring Students Chad Norman, Science and Technology Outreach Specialist, Center for Science & Environmental Outreach

7 Enrollment, Fall 2012 (9/10/12) Total:6,955 (+48)(6,945/ 2012; 7,031/2011; 6,957/2010) UG5,610 (-2)(5,623/2012; 5,728/2011; 5,720/2010) Credit hrs:90,447 (+2,393, 2.7%) CSA1,597 (-20) Female1,806 -- 26% (1790 – 25.8%; 1,837 -- 26.1%) 399 first year, up from 349 New 1 st yr.1,255 (+100)(1,153/ 2012; 1,161/2011; 1,115/2010) Retention: 81.9% (-1.3%) Transfer195 (-63) (257/2012; 221/2011; 230/2010) GRAD1,345 (+50)(1,322/2012; 1,303/2011; 1,256/2010) 1 st time MS311 (+57); 1 st time PhD 96 (-1)

8 External Funding/Expenditures $ in thousands Props. FY 2011 Award FY 2011 $ FY 2011 Extern. Expend. FY 2011 F&A $ FY2011 Props. FY 2012 Award FY 2012 $ FY 2012 Extern. Expend. FY 2012 F&A $ FY 2012 Props. FY 2012 Award FY 2012 $ FY 2012 Extern. Expend. FY 2013 F&A $ FY 2013 BL5022$1,290$1,042$2123716$1,252$934$189269$197 $696$143 CH175$408$534$85238$1,224$486$97264$205$675 $179 CLS82$125$168$47116$824$237$5577$355$193 $41 CS165$376$333$62187$606$401$871910$514$505 $93 KIP43$481$331$9272$50$222$54144$167$81 $11 HU33$83$102$3443$90$97$3541$18$69 $25 Math144$152$118$4173$151$77$28207$365$163 $58 PHY3021$3,576$2,032$4852316$1,736$1,939$4094022$1,419$1,738 $427 SS68$72k$176$271610$167$228$352012$1,081$495 $87 VPA30$0 00 00 ARMY ROTC01$1 00$0 Dean01$38 1$35 01 TOTAL15175$6,601$4,837$1,08714672$6,135$4,621$98917677$4,355$4,617 $1,065

9 ProposalsAward$ Extern. Res. Expend.F&A $ BL3816$913$891$181 CH226$612$565$120 CLS95$435$199$48 CS187$499$413$81 KIP83$233$211$52 HU42$64$90$31 Math145$223$119$42 PHY3120$2,244$1,903$441 SS1410$624$300$50 VPA100 ARMY ROTC01$1 Dean01$36 TOTAL15875$5,697$4,692$1,047 External Awards/Expenditures Three-year average

10 CSA GRAD STUDENT EXPENDITURES Internal and External sources ($ in thousands) Bio ext Bio Int Che ext Che int CLS ext CLS Int CS ext CS int HU ext Hu int KIP ext KIP int MA ext MA int PHY ext PHY int SS ext SS int CSA extern. CSA intern. 2009-10 $111$272$48$603$2$11$105$515$33$669$21$55$28$807$333$541$21$314 $702$3,786 2010-11 $245 $326$62$632$49$54$106$614$25$758$27$90$18$876$298$592$73$311 $904$4,254 2011-12 $293 $292$42$681$103$75$105$531$4$792$14$72$5$815$291$530 $14 8$300 $1,005$4,090 2012-13 3-year average $217$297$51$638$51$47$105$553$21$740$21$73$17$833$307$554$81$308 $870$4,043

11 CSA GTA ALLOCATIONS 2009-10 to 2013-14 2009-102010-112011-122012-132013-14 Biology 10 8.5 Chemistry 26.525.523.5 22.5 CLS 12.5443 CS 16 141312.5 Kinesiology 22222 Humanities 2725 Mathematics 27.526.525.525.2524.75 Physics 19.518.517.517.25 Social Science 1314.51413.5 TOTAL 142.5140.5134132129

12 CUMULATIVE CSA BUDGET ADJUSTMENTS, FY 2011-2013 Total, 2010 Total, 2011Total, 2012 Total 1-time cuts, 2013 Total base cuts, 2013 Internal base realign. 2013 Actual base reduction to Provost4-year S&W 4-years SS&E BL41,475$56,989$11,200$30,000 $71,222$11,200 CH51,153$56,222$18,200$10,000 $14,000 $80,667$15,200 CLS5,494$21,613$2,400 $4,979 $16,741$13,246 CS14,028$48,039$23,436 $24,713 $57,514$7,200 KIP3,355$6,760$11,207$23,100 $12,682 $12,747$6,400 HU71,316$76,657$11,189 $105,996 $216,846$7,372 MA76,038$81,444$26,400 $62,936 $176,847$26,400 PH16,225$10,919$29,044 $37,862$5,245 SS44,378$39,247$43,403$9,500 $85,271$26,344 VPA22,847$45,436$10,894 $53,885$6,400 Dean0$19,600$2,936 $516 ROTC S&W0 AF SS&E0 AR SS&E0 TOTALS$346,308$462,927$190,309$96,000$173,911$51,911$122,000$809,602$125,007 NOTE: Figures do not show associated reductions in fringe benefits.

13 CSA Budget, 2013-14 Salary & Wages SS&ECSA TOTALGTAs (Grad School) BL$1,641,252 $58,100$230,645 CH$1,727,959 $56,000$637,667 CLS1,001,933 $53,754$108,539 CS$1,810,132 $32,000$371,732 KIP$619,073 $23,062$54,270 HU$2,375,547 $61,432$678,369 ESL$254,913 $15,000$0 MATH$2,755,972 $67,170$685,153 PHY$1,878,643 $40,864$468,075 SS$1,604,413 $34,000$366,319 VPA$853,574 $58,000$0 Dean$372,815 $86,642$0 ROTC$62,653 $15,480$0 TOTALS 2013$16,975,392 $601,504$17,756,895 TOTALS 2012$16,643,694 $601,504$17,245,198$3,600,769 TOTALS 2011$15,902,152$700,703$16,602,855$3,364,776 TOTALS 2010$16,246,740 $736,466$16,973,210

14 The To-Do List, 2013-14 Budget Stability (we hope) w/salary increase in January. Computer Science chair and 12-15 faculty searches. Assessment Activities: 8 University Learning Goals: Disciplinary Knowledge, Global Literacy & Knowledge of Human Cultures, Communications, Critical & Creative Thinking, Information Literacy, Technology, Values & Civic Engagement. Reviews in 2013-14: Communications + 1 more. John Jaszczak, new Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, key contact for this effort.

15 Strategic Priorities, 2013-14 CSA Strategic Priorities: Department-level updates; Insuring the success and retention of CSA faculty, especially those hired over the past 6 years; Expansion of graduate programs, with focus on creation & implementation of course-work & accelerated (4+1) MS programs where appropriate; Diversity: Recruitment of faculty & students; Spousal Opportunities; Training required for ALL members of Search committees and PT&R committees. Unit-level Targets: Health Programs (DPT and Health- related research Center development); Statistics; GIS; Continue inter-department review of computing & information science and engineering teaching and research.

16 Visual & Performing Arts: Stealing Fire – flying technology, original music & sound with original choreography. Social Sciences: Faculty success in grad. education, research and funding in EP, especially new hires (Norman, Winkler, Wellstead, Rouleau). Physics: Will Cantrell recipient of Michigan Distinguished Teaching Award; Claudio Mazzoleni’s research group publication in Nature Communications (7/2013): wildfire smoke & climate change. Math: NSF-funded MAA study, combined with improvements in success rates in Calculus II signal the department is strengthening foundational teaching while continuing to improve undergraduate degree programs and graduate education. CSA Department Accomplishments!

17 Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology: emerging Doctor of Physical Therapy program with ATDC renovations to start in January. Humanities: six books published within two years and 2 more on the way in 2013-14; hosted 40th Annual Meeting of the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC). CLS: Two NSF CAREER winners - Edward Cokely in 2013, and year Shari Stockero in 2012; also first first Ph.D. student in Applied Cognitive Science & Human Factors graduated in May Chemistry: Paul Charlesworth recipient of the 2013 Faculty Distinguished Service award; Sarah Green spending 2013-14 as prestigious State Department Jefferson Fellow.

18 CSA Department Accomplishments! Biological Sciences: Charles Kerfoot recipient of 2013 Research Award; Thomas Werner recipient of 2013 assistant professor teaching award. Army ROTC: Marybeth Spoehr and 8 other cadets attended a Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, Washington, and Cadet Spoehr finished in the top 5 percentile of 6,000 cadets nationwide. Air Force ROTC: Team of the quarter (April-June 2013); Right of Line” award for top detachment in North West Region and competing for recognition as best detachment in the country. Computer Science: Nilufer Onder recipient of 2013 Distinguished Teaching Award. CLOSING NOTE: Recollection from John Lowther.


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