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Los Angeles County Office of Education Head Start – State Preschool Division.

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1 Los Angeles County Office of Education Head Start – State Preschool Division

2 A National Perspective Accountability Shared Decision Making Language and Landscape of State System Building Congressional Appropriations Navigating Beyond Head Start to Community Partnerships

3 Enrollment - 100% Budget Management - allowable and allocable Expending Funds before 3 rd Quarter – no last minute spending ARRA Funds – tightly monitored. Must expend all by September 30 th

4  Parents are the cornerstone of the Head Start program  How do you involve parents ? – Policy Committees, Reports, Self Assessment, Refunding, etc.  Old fashion discussions – relationship and partnerships

5  Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC)  Policy Roundtable  Re-competition  Partnership with Department of Education

6  Non federal share  Congressional appropriations


8 Triennial Review Conducted every three years Federal Fiscal Year (October – September) Unannounced or Announced Collecting data to determine program strengths and weaknesses Typical Review (1 week) LACOE will not be a typical review 2008 – 2 weeks

9 Team Composition Consultants contracted by Danya International. Typical 7 member team 1. Team Leader (Federal or Non-Federal) 2. Report Coordinator 3. PDM Reviewer (Program Design and Management Systems and ERSEA) 4. Fiscal Reviewer 5. ISR-1 (Integrated Service Reviewer –Mental Health/Disabilities/Family and Community Services) 6. ISR-2 (Integrated Service Reviewer – Health/Nutrition/Safe Environments/Transportation) 7. ECD Reviewer (Early Childhood Education)

10 1. Health Services 2. Nutritional Services 3. Safe Environments 4. Transportation Services 5. Disabilities Services 6. Mental Health Services 7. Family and Community Services (FCS) 8. Education and Early Childhood Development Services (ECD) 9. Fiscal Management 10. Program Design and Management (PDM) 11. Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance (ERSEA)

11 Key to Understand Annual Report to the Public (Grantee only) ◦ Specific criteria required per Head Start Act Board Minutes (pg 147) Governing Body Roster (pg 148) o Specific background (attorney, fiscal, ECD) Governing Body By-laws Organizational Chart - Segregation of duties / fiscal Code of Conduct (pg. 149)

12 Protocol Questions

13 Program Design & Management Document Review

14 Governing Body Interview

15 Evidence that the Board is involved in shared decision- making with the Policy Council / Committee regarding the program Evidence that Board members understand their roles and responsibilities in the oversight of the program Evidence that the Board has incorporated new requirements of the Reauthorization of the Head Start Act

16 Head Start Director Board of Education / Directors Policy Council / Committee Program & Students


18 Determine the purpose of the organization Select and review the performance of the executive director Ensure effective organizational planning occurs Resolve community complaints Assess the performance of the governing body Determine new services and monitor ongoing programs and services Act as a Liaison between the organization and the community Safeguard the organization’s assets Provide accountability to members

19 Fiscal Detection of fraud, misuse, or falsification of fiscal records Health Animals and / or droppings in food preparation areas, facilities, playgrounds Mold Unsanitary conditions (staff not washing hands) Significant medical issues with no follow-up Safety No criminal background checks Imminent danger of electrical shock (bare wire, no plates) Situations creating the possibility of injury (unsupervised activities) Observation of corporal punishment, emotional or physical abuse, or humiliation

20 Expertise in Fiscal Management or Accounting Expertise in Early Childhood Education and Development Licensed attorney familiar with issues that come before the Board Parents of children who are currently, or were formally enrolled in Head Start programs Individuals with expertise in education, business administration, or community affairs

21 Having a financial conflict of interest with the Head Start agency Receiving compensation for serving on the Board or providing services to the Head Start agency Being employed by the Head Start agency

22 Observe other governing bodies and policy groups Organize a staff presentation for the governing body Visit different aspects of the program Visit the Early Childhood Knowledge and Learning Center Review protocol questions and review with Board members and staff


24 Discussion Guidelines Governing Body Members and Table Group Select and read out loud one of the Governing Body Member Interview questions Share your answers Table Recorder Record the group’s answers

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