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1 A Brief Overview of TOEFL iBT Deny A. Kwary, S.S., M.Hum

2 Paper-Based TOEFLTOEFL iBT Testing Points Listening Structure Reading Listening Reading Speaking Writing Test Duration 2 hours4 hours Score range 220 – 6670 – 120 UsageUntil June 1998From July 2006

3 Why is the TOEFL Test Changing? To measure the ability to communicate successfully in an academic setting; To reflect how language is really used; To keep up with the best practices in language learning and teaching (integrated skills).

4 TOEFL Reading Question Types Basic Information and Inferencing Questions: 1.Factual information questions 2.Negative factual information questions 3.Inference question questions 4.Rhetorical purpose questions 5.Vocabulary questions 6.Reference questions 7.Sentence simplification questions 8.Insert text questions Reading to Learn questions: 9. Prose summary 10. Fill in a table

5 Vocabulary Question (iBT) Growth, reproduction, and daily metabolism all require an organism to expend energy. The expenditure of energy is essentially a process of budgeting, just as finances are budgeted. If all of one's money is spent on clothes, there may be none left to buy food or go to the movies. Similarly, a plant or animal cannot squander all its energy on growing a big body if none would be left over for reproduction, for this is the surest way to extinction. The word squander in the passage is closest in meaning to: a. extend b. transform c. activate d. waste Taken from ETS Website

6 TOEFL iBT Listening Materials Conversations:  Office Hours  Service Encounters Lectures:  Arts  Life Science  Physical Science  Social Science These conversations and talks are typical of those that occur on North American university campuses

7 Speaking Question Types Independent: 1.Question about a person, place, object, or event. 2.Question about preference from two possible actions, situations, or opinions Integrated Listening/Reading/Speaking (questions #3 & #4) Integrated Listening/Speaking (questions #5 & #6)

8 Examples of speaking questions 1.Choose a teacher you admire and explain why you admire him or her. Please include specific examples and details in your explanation. 2.Some students study for classes individually. Others study in groups. Which method of studying do you think is better for students and why?

9 Writing Section of the TOEFL iBT The Integrated Writing Task 1.Read a passage about an academic topic 2.Listen to a lecture related to the topic 3.Write a summary of the main points The Independent Writing Task Write an essay about your opinion on an issue

10 Example of Writing Question Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

11 TOEFL iBT Number of Questions Time Reading45 – 70 Qs60 – 100 min Listening35 – 50 Qs60 – 90 min Speaking6 tasks20 – 30 min Writing2 tasks50 min

12 THANK YOU Deny A. Kwary, S.S., M.Hum

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