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Group Three Julia, Louise, Oscar, Peggy, Kyra, Carol.

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1 Group Three Julia, Louise, Oscar, Peggy, Kyra, Carol

2 Product Beer -Love Beer

3 Logo

4 Slogans Love Beer, Love you more Only you~, Love Beer Because love, Love Beer

5 Sales Strategies Product: Beer Price: 40 NT dollars Place: focus on Asia market

6 Promotion: –Mass medias: TV spot, Radio –Internet –Special-sell on Valentine’s Day. –Extra discount of the one who buys beer on her/ his birthday. Package: Glass bottle, Pop-top, and Keg beer.

7 Market Segment Female Young people (age: 20~30) Women Young People

8 trengths We are able to provide Low-Cal, healthy beer, and keep the flavor as the original. Our beer has Smooth and Silky taste, mild not strong or bitter, which is acceptable of most people. Our price is reasonable with higher quality than the others.

9 trengths Our beer is easy to buy and has big selling in female market. We provide a personal design bottle, each customer can ask for a special bottle if they want. Our bottle and capsule have many different picture and design, which could be collected.

10 eaknesses We want of a bigger range of customers and want to expend our beer market to US & Europe. We need more automate technology to raise the productivity.

11 pportunities Our beer are now popular in Taiwan’s female market, and our sector is expending successfully in Asian countries. Our flavor may be the most special and we may be the first to produce. Our personal-design idea is leading the head and our package image catches young people’s heart.

12 We have a stable market and customers. We have good reputation and have great potential of development. We already have investment and building our subsidiary over seas and there’s a chance to expend our over-sea market. pportunities

13 hreats Will developments in variety of flavors change this market beyond our ability to adapt? Will our flavor still be popular in our big market after the new competition shows up? The other stronger competitions threat us, e.g. Heineken, Budweiser, etc Export cabotage and conditioned requires.

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