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2 Two References CommCom Homepage Information Center nat/tools/byname.cgi

3 CommCom Homepage Your gateway to a host of information and resources Take time to familiarize yourself with all aspects Be sure to examine resources available through dropdown menus from upper menu bar

4 Information Center Use to determine if website can be reviewed – Far right column Website – click on “Website” for district or squadron website. – Far right column NonConf – website does not conform to USPS standards. Our policy is that we do NOT review these websites since they do not satisfy USPS standards. – Far right column is blank – indicates no website exists that is recognized by ITCom. Can be used to confirm current year officers – Use District Jobs by District (OD-1) or Squadron Jobs by Squadron (OD-2) OD-1 or OD-2 will also identify who IT Contact is. This is person to contact when webmaster not known.

5 SOMETHING IMPORTANT Websites are marked NonConf because – There is no IT Contact on OD-1 or OD-2 – There is a URL issue – website likely moved without USPS coordination Easy to correct – Correct IT Contact issue using DB2000 or Information Center’s online forms for OD-1 or OD-2. Forms also available on CommCom website under Resources dropdown menu – For URL issue email ITCom’s Bill Miller to advise of change and request records be updated. Miller’s email is ITCom will review website to assure it meets USPS standards. No? ITCom will work with webmaster to correct problem. Yes? Records will be updated and USPS link reactivated.

6 USE MOST CURRENT EVAL FORM Place cursor over menu item and select form for websites from dropdown menu

7 FORM IS INTERACTIVE PDF Complete review of website as observed. Include comments at bottom so that webmasters understand basis of your review. Save PDF document using a unique file name. Email copy of each review to webmaster.

8 WHAT’S NEXT? Evaluate all assigned squadron and district websites marked in conformance. Evaluate all websites at least 2 times during year. First review February-March, final in November. Consider additional review(s) for websites where changes recommended to qualify for DCA. Purpose is to ascertain webmaster’s progress.

9 WHAT’S NEXT? (Cont) Include Yes or No recommendation for Distinctive Communicator Award in November review. Copy to webmaster & commander. Copy of recommendation summary for all assigned websites and review copy of ALL “NO” recommendations to Awards Chair. All “NO” recommendations for DCA reviewed by Awards Chair to assure equal application of standards. Most recommendations not changed but on occasion, a few are reversed.

10 END-OF-YEAR REVIEW SUMMARY A simple list that can be emailed: District # for Sqdns A, B, C – Y (Yes, website recommended for Distinctive Communicator Award or DCA) – Squadron A – Y – Squadron B – Y – Squadron C – N (forward copy of this review to Awards Chair) District # for Sqdns D,E – N (forward copy of this review to Awards Chair) – Squadron D – Y – Squadron E – Y

11 Social Media & Websites Part of USPS since June 2011 - FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We want to encourage integration of Social Media into websites We have PPT presentations on CommCom’s website to learn more. Tom Kemp & Terri Flagg can answer all your questions and help webmasters get started.

12 SOCIAL NETWORKING Or, how to reach new members in the 21 st Century Tom Kemp Check out this PowerPoint presentation on CommCom’s website

13 Social Media is fun... We ’ ll show you how! Terri Flagg Check out this PowerPoint presentation on CommCom’s website

14 WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Information that may be of value to webmasters – particularly those who appear to be struggling – newly assigned, for example. This is a PPT presentation that will hopefully provide useful information

15 Prepared by P/C Debra Allen, AP Lake Murray Power Squadron, D/26 Updated September 2011 Website Development An Overview for USPS Webmasters Check out this updated PowerPoint presentation on CommCom’s website

16 AND FINALLY -- Questions about websites? Webmaster issues or questions? Need help or other assistance? Comments or suggestions? Forward to Asst Chair for Websites


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