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September 25, 2014.  Introduction of new members  Good news report.

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1 September 25, 2014

2  Introduction of new members  Good news report

3 The purpose for Region 4 sponsored advisory committees is to receive current national, state, regional, and local information on issues related to student evaluation, identify trends and issues affecting your district/campus, provide feedback on services, and network with other professionals.

4  Advisory members employed by their Local Education Agencies (LEA) and are designated by their Superintendent or Special Education Director  LEA’s are represented by one staff member with experience in the assigned advisory focus and purpose for special education and related services  Due to limited space and resource availability, we ask that only the designated representative from the district or charter attend these meetings

5  Provide recommendations and suggestions to Region 4 ESC staff regarding best practices in delivering special education services and providing professional development  Assist in facilitation of advisory committee projects and services  Attend scheduled meetings throughout the year  Share information with others in their LEAs and colleagues in other surrounding LEAs/regions  Provide support to Region 4 ESC staff in establishing linkages to educational resources, child serving agencies, and community organizations

6  Technical Assistance  Customized Services  Partner with districts to provide training  Create products to meet the needs of the customer

7  Kara Zwolinski, Educational Diagnostician  Gayla Lutz, SLP  Amy Doolan, LSSP  Clynita Grafenreed, LSSP  Linda Hall, Educational Diagnostician


9  Who is here today? ◦ LSSP-40%; Diag-27%; Sped Admin/Coord-33%  What test kits are districts/charters purchasing this year? ◦ WJ IV=94%; WISC-V=59%; KTEA-3=56%; ◦ BASC-3=38%  Is there a referral process in your district? ◦ Yes = 71%  Does a MDT assess ALL eligibilities? ◦ Yes = 79%

10  Does your district implement XBA-3? ◦ Yes = 91%  Does your district assess for Executive Functioning? ◦ Yes = 47% - utilizing D-REF, BREIF, NEPSY-II  How are initial timelines tracked? ◦ Predominantly by a log/spreadsheet/web-based FIE program  How is information from Advisory shared with staff? ◦ Staff meetings

11  What are your top concerns/pressing issues ? ◦ Interventions/Recommendations/RtI ◦ XBA-3/LD/high number of DNQ ◦ Behavior/PBIS/Crisis Intervention/Interventions ◦ Funding/Staffing ◦ New test kits (also a concern with funding)  What professional development would you/your staff benefit from? ◦ New Assessment Kits ◦ Specific Learning Disabilities ◦ Executive Functioning/Processing ◦ Emotional Behavioral Disorders ◦ Interventions/Recommendations ◦ Assessment Report Writing


13  Signed by the President on August 8, 2014  Section 3 ◦ Includes support for regional centers of excellence in ASD and other developmental disabilities epidemiology as purpose of grants or cooperative agreements.  Section 4 ◦ Requires information and education activities to be culturally competent


15  The Dyslexia Handbook, revised 2014  State Assessment  PPCD Location Codes  SPP12


17  Proposed Effective Date: September 1, 2014  Actual Effective Date: ??

18  An ACT relating to training for public school teachers in the detection and education of students at risk for suicide or with other mental or emotional disorders and the inclusion of mental health concerns in coordinated school health efforts.

19  Project offered beginning with the school year  Information related to the project may be found at  The FIEP request form may also be found on the same page.

20  Impact evaluation of VI students  O&M evaluation must be part of the Full and Individual Initial Evaluation for a student suspected of a visual impairment  O&M specialist must be part of the MDT for reevals  Applies beginning with the school year

21  Evaluation and instruction of the ECC is to be included in the student’s IEP  ECC consists of nine areas: compensatory skills, orientation and mobility, interaction skills, career planning, assistive technology including optical devices, independent living skills, recreation and leisure enjoyment, self-determination, and sensory efficiency  To download the ECC flyer in English, go to  To download the ECC flyer in Spanish, go to flyer-spanish flyer-spanish   2014 Educating Students with Visual Impairments in Texas: Guidelines and Standards is a good resource, if you want to provide it to your group:  cle&id=3288:articles-and-papers-vi-and-db&catid=5%20 cle&id=3288:articles-and-papers-vi-and-db&catid=5%20

22  Each LEA must designate at least one employee to serve as the designee for transition and employment services for students served through special education  TEA Guidance Document may be found at

23  School districts must: ◦ Post the guide on the district’s website ◦ Assist parents in accessing document ◦ Provide the document at the first ARD meeting when transition is discussed ◦ If transition has already been discussed, provide document at the next meeting


25  Woodcock Johnson IV  WISC-V  KTEA-3  BASC-3 (Spring 2015) ◦ Would You Like to Participate in Field Research of the NEW BASC-3? ◦ Go to: ◦ il4/510-clinical-assessments/510F /index.html?utm_campaign= &cmpid = &WT.mc_id= &WT.dcsvid= &RMID=phd &RIID= il4/510-clinical-assessments/510F /index.html?utm_campaign= &cmpid = &WT.mc_id= &WT.dcsvid= &RMID=phd &RIID=

26  Multidisciplinary Approach to Dyslexia Identification – October 22 nd – Session ID  Introduction to the Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF) w/ Dr. Delis – October 23 rd - Session ID  NEPSY-II Overview: From Assessment to Interpretation w/ Dr. Miller – October 30 th – Session ID  Application of XBA-3 w/ Dr. Cheramie – October 31 st – Session ID (am); Session ID (pm)

27  NEW!!!! - Issues in Cultural Diversity – November 7 th – Session ID  NEW!!! - Ethics for LSSPs – November 7 th – Session ID  HouMet Conference – November 11 th -12 th – Session ID  KTEA-3 and WISC-V Update – December 9 th – Session ID  Cross Battery-3 Assessment w/ Dr. Flanagan – December 11 th – 12 th – Session ID (Basic); Session ID (Advanced)

28  November 20, 2014– Session ID  February 12, 2015 – Session ID

29  TASP 22nd Annual Professional Development Conference October 16-18, 2014 in Las Colinas  School Psychology Awareness Week Strive. Grow. THRIVE! November 10-14, 2014

30  Leiter-3 ◦ Replace Appendix D.1 and Appendix L tables

31  The Dyslexia Handbook, revised 2014  Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement – Form A test kit (1 per district)  Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement-3 – Form A kit (1 per district)  Delis Rating of Executive Function Starter Kit (3 per district)  Essentials of Executive Functions Assessment book (1 per district)

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